The Official “Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes” (12.20) Live Recap Thread

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Starting now with a recap of Recap of Dean talking about John being on a hunting trip in the Pilot, and some other older stuff, plus a recap of last week that makes it pretty clear nobody lately has bothered to watch any of the older episodes.

Cut to an African American woman named Tasha Banes who is at a B&B run by a racist old woman and her too-friendly son. In her room, Tasha makes a finding spell and goes down into a shed that’s very smelly. And full of witch fetishes. Then she gets stabbed and falls.

Cue title cards.

Cue sneak peek with Dean brooding over Castiel obviously having been brainwashed–again–and asking Sam if he can fix the Colt. Which is completely out of character for both of them. Dean is the guy who fixes things. Hell, he was the one who was cleaning the Colt before Sam went off and used it. This is NOT IN CHARACTER for Sam.

They hear a phone vibrate. It’s Mary’s. Sam answers (because apparently, all Dean can do now is brood over Castiel). It’s Alicia and her brother, asking for help find her mother in Wyoming.

Sam volunteers him and Dean to help, using Dean’s old “Dad’s on a hunting trip” line. I roll my eyes. Hard.

Dean calls Mary and leaves a message. Retch is torturing a shapeshifter that takes first Mary’s and then Retch’s form. Mary looks uneasy about it.

Oh, Alicia’s bro bonds with Dean over the car, while Alicia and Sam bond over not being part of their family. Ugh. Move on, show.

At the B&B, some creepy dude is hanging about. When they enter the B&B, their mother (Doomed Teaser Gal) greets them, looking fine and not at as if she got stabbed. More shapeshifters?

Tasha is all chirpy and dismissive of ignoring her calls. And as she has the Brothers pour some wine, while she turns her back and re-aligns a broken finger.

Sam goes to investigate…something, while urging Dean to get drunk. Dear Lord, show. Really?

Ah, but Dean gets to talking with “Tasha” and appears to sense something is off. Or not.

Meanwhile, Mary and Retch are having a spat over the morality of torture. Which makes me snicker. Remember when her eldest son was the best torturer ever?

Mary also eavesdrops on Retch. Poorly. And suspects Mitch is a goner. And Retch is…well, he’s quite dumb about being so smug.

Sam gets back with the food and says he found a Missing poster for the guy they saw when they first came in.

Upstairs, Racist Woman is making a wicker man.

Mary leaves a call for Dean apologizing for continuing to not be there. Dean (and Sam) is outside checking out the cellar, while the twins bond with Not-Mom. And the brother has a date with a cute (boy) bartender.

Sam uncovers Tasha. Dean notes her and the other bodies’ hearts have been ripped out. They wonder who is upstairs when everyone in the house is down dead in the basement. Alicia’s brother comes down and they don’t stop him from seeing his mom’s body in time. They let him grieve.

So, shapeshifters of some kind, but what are they up to?

Mary, meanwhile, is skulking around and finds Mick’s body. Then she tries to leave quietly. Which goes not so well because her access has been denied in everything, by Retch.

I sure hope we lose him this week.

Oh, and she gets locked into a room where she sees info on every Hunter she knows. And realizes the Bunker is being bugged. She tries to call Dean and opens a door to find Retch.

They have another spat. He lies about Mick’s death. She’s not fooled.

Mick brags incessantly about how efficient the LoL are. I roll my eyes.

Mary beats him up some and gets beaten a bit, too. He brags about all the people he’s killed the Brothers don’t know about, how he can keep Mary “safe” and that the American Hunters are going to all be killed. I roll my eyes some more because the logistics are just too stupid.

Mary beats Retch a lot then tries to leave and gets TASERed. Never mind. She’s not gonna die this week and Retch is monologuing too much to live.

Alicia’s brother confronts the Mother Thing in the house, but when he forces her to reveal where the center of the magic is, the Racist Woman activates her minions. Dean and the brother go to confront her while the Sam and Alicia get beaten up by her things.

Turns out RW is a powerful witch who is old and dying. She wanted to transfer her magic (and blood guilt) to Tasha and avoid going to Hell, but Tasha refused. So, she killed Tasha and created a twig doll that does what she wants.

So, the brother is confronting the old with while Dean is stuck in a chair. The witch says that if he kills her, the Mother Thing dies. She offers the same deal to him. Oh, and Dean is mostly playing the voice of reason. That gets choked off.

While Sam and Alicia get beaten a lot.

Oh, and Alicia gets stabbed.

Ugh, so over Dean being useless. We do see him straining toward his pistol, though. He finally reaches it and shoots the witch, while the brother is reaching for the ring.

The witch dies and all the dolls turn to dust. Max is upset, but Dean warns him that making the deal would have meant making a deal with a demon.

Oh, and Alicia dies. So, that sucks. Dean finally gets a kill and it’s a “bad” one.

The Brothers try to comfort Max, who is heartbroken and blames himself. He asks them to leave so he can burn the bodies himself. Yeah, he’s probably going to make a deal.

In the car, Sam tries to say that Dean did the right thing. Dean doesn’t believe it. As we see a montage of Max using the bad magic ring to save Alicia by making a wicker version of her and burning the body of his real sister, Dean makes it pretty clear he knows what Max did.

Dean finally sees Mary’s message–both messages. And he’s off to the rescue with Sam.

Cut to Mary being awakened in the torture chair by Retch. [sigh]

Oh, and Toni the Twat shows up. So, we’re gonna be stuck with these two until at least next week.

Promo for next week.

I’ll also be simul-recapping on Wayward Children.

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47 thoughts on “The Official “Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes” (12.20) Live Recap Thread”

  1. Well, the wicker man portion of this week’s episode was pleasingly creepy. The old witch was stupid, but it seemed like a stupidity born of desperation so I bought it. She didn’t appear to have been at this particular scheme all that long, as the bodies were pretty fresh, although obviously long enough for Tasha to go hunting. The idea of transferring the deal is interesting, but I strongly suspect there was no way to escape the consequences of the original deal. The murders alone placed her in mortal sin territory, and she was plainly experienced at creating wicker people.

    Watching Dean mope was irritating and out of character. Even at his most depressed, Dean has never been the type to mope. There have been little things all season long that have seemed out of character for him, some of them played for laughs. While it is unlikely that the writers could wreck a character that is so well established and nuanced, it does seem disrespectful to both the actors and the audience.

    The bit with Ketch was pretty unbelievable. If he is such a great assasin, why didn’t he dispose of Mick’s body? If he had a taser on him, why didn’t he just use that on Mary in the first place. It would have been more efficient. Why was the information about the targeted hunters so visible, even if the door was locked. Did he want Mary to figure this out?

    Also, why were there so few hunters posted as targets. Plenty of other hunters have been shown, and I doubt the BMOL have gotten to them all, unless these were the ones he was personally assigned. It did make sense to show Garth among them, as that was a reasonable consequence of outing him a few episodes ago. Mick had probably included Garth in his report.

      1. A complaint I’ve had about the LoL all season is that the show pretty clearly wants us to believe they are a credible threat–and they certainly talk a good game–but they have no follow-through. We’ve seen, over and over again, that their goals are vast, but their worldview is small and parochial. They have a little anti-angel magic, but basically nothing against demons and they just lalaed right past the revelation that Lucifer was back topside and had a baby on the way as if they couldn’t even wrap their tiny little minds around it. They show little knowledge of how the SPNverse and its various realms work. They show zero knowledge about fairies (which is downright bizarre, considering most of the fairy lore on the show comes from the freakin’ British Isles). Even though they seem most effective against monsters, they were practically useless against one alpha. Crowley could probably take them all out in a single attack.

        And that’s not even getting into how ludicrously vicious, hypocritical and downright inefficient their methods of recruitment and training are.

        Compare them against the Thule (who were unabashedly evil and avaricious, and quite dangerous) or the Stynes (who were corrupt and arrogant, but also dangerous and at least had a reason for coming after Charlie), and it’s pretty embarrassing. No wonder Abaddon kicked their asses.

        1. The lot of them are puffed up and vain. Even Henry was. He only gave his own grandsons a chance because Dean forced him to consider the outcome of his actions on their lives. Henry may have come up with the bullets they used on Abad don’t. I have no doubt thir success was in the planning which screamed Dean.
          The lol needs their toys to be successful. Without the Colt and Mick’s background and street smarts which enabled him to see something valuable in Mary and,Sam, the Alpha vamp would havexpect obliterated the entire operation.
          As to the weird Dean vibe, I think that it’s because they have rebooted him and Sam to season 1 personas and Mary being alive as well as their rebooted mytharc plots really aren’t enough to justify the personality changes.

          Sam worked through all of his odd man out baggage over too many seasons and after racing to Lucifer last season and his I’ll fated quest to remove the mark, both against Dean’s wishes, he seemed to fall into place finally as the loyal younger brother. Yet this season he admonishes Dean right and left, is all tsk tsk, and joins up with the lol after the vampire debacle when he knows that Dean hates them and doesn’t trust them. And he does it behnd Dean’s back with lies.

          It doesn’t make sense.

          As for Dean he is back on edgy, devil may care Dean. He’s too old for this behavior and he damn well has seen too much. I maintain he should be freaking the hell out that Mary is with the lol especially after seeing her partner Letch in action, and likewise he should be freaking out about Cas. Dean in freak mode is obsessive. Obsessive eating, Obsessive hunting, Obsessive everything. Well he was pretty Obsessive about the Colt I guess and he name drops Mary and Cas. Where is Dean’s up all night whiskey and research Montage. I guess the twins may be the reason the writing has been weak for Dean.

          I find Sam’s behavior more inexplicablexpensive than Dean’s because Jared needs good writing to play Sam whereas Jensen created Dean.

          1. They certainly have reset things to season 1, which is a little odd considering their ages. You’re right that Dean is obsessive, which is why I did not like seeing the mopey passive behavior in this past episode. An all night research and drinking Montage would have been more in character, and a lot more fun to watch. Dean is a man of action.

            Sam did lie to Dean about joining the BMOL, but at least he came clean after one or two episodes. As I interpret it, he lied because Dean was so vocal about disliking them and it was difficult to go against this. But Sam is a grown man and has the right to join them if he sees fit (even if his judgement is poor.) It’s just a pity he wasn’t up front. It took Mary a lot longer to be honest. The only part of his joining that didn’t make sense to me was the fact that one of their members tortured him first. That should have clued him in to their motivations. But Sam always sees what he wants to see.

            As far as the tsking behavior, that is sadly in character. Sam has always been embarrassed of his not quite housebroken older brother. It was one of the first things I noticed in the pilot, and it has been present ever since, although sometimes he hides it better. I suspect this would still be in their dynamic even if they were in their nineties.

          2. Evavie I have a newish phone with the most persnickity spellchecker. If I am focused on conveying my rapid fire thoughts I miss the fact that my spellchecker is creating chaos and mayhem. I do not know where it gets its information because it will challenge actual words and substitute weirdness. Abaddon fell victim. Anytime my prose seems very weird you know who to blame.

            1. Ha. I figured that since, as I recall, you quite liked Abaddon. But I agree with Eva that it was still a cute malapropism.

          3. Yes. Abaddon’t was bad ass and acted very much like great demon should. My next Halloween costume will be Abbadean… not a typo.

            I don’t have a problem with Mary’s behavior, mostly because I think she went undercover against an organization that targeted her boys… and also because I think she is like Sam in her need to run when emotional and like Dean in her need to obsessively hunt when emotional. Also, having her actually look to her own needs first rather than cater to the needs of her grown sons is refreshing. She has it way harder than Dean because she was the one that was yanked from her heavenly family life of John plus kids and thrown into this messy world in which her sons are being hunted because they were raised as hunters by her husband to hunt in the fall out from her deal with Azazel. Add to that Dean’s childish hero worship of her and Sam’s shy joy at having his mommy, both of which must be salt to her guilty wounds.. yikes. I freak out just thinking about it. She’s trying to get herself right and make herself right. It’s just so poignantly Winchester y’all.

            I get Mary. I will never get Stanford Sammy.

      2. I assume that everyone the Winchesters ‘ had information on is a target however we only saw what was opened at that moment on the screen.

        I agree that he needed Mary to choose. He’s in love with her and jealous of Dean, the latter of which tells me that despite Mary wanting out of hunting and taking a runner when she feels emotional, both Sam traits, she is a super hunter like Dean in every way. Letch sees the commonality between mother and son and hates Dean because of their bond and the insecurity he feels in his own bond with her.

        Dabb is awful and the writing has been full of holes and pedestrian at best.

        1. They could show the BMOL show up at Casa Jody and getting their heads handed to them. I want Jody to fuck them UP (Paula, I am not feeling well: if typing that is offensive to guideline, PLEASE let me know here or privately and I will never cuss here again…but I ‘want’ to see Jody protecting ‘her girls’ with extreme prejudice).

        2. As if a mature actress will turn down a paying gig.
          I reckon we recently name dropped Garth to Mick and Claire was hunting in front of Mick and both are Dean’s favs and Mick dutifully reported this and Letch wants to hurt Dean so he plans to take the out and monologue this to Dean before he kills him.
          Silly willy Letch.

    1. The people shown might’ve just been the ‘top of the list’ because when Ketch got his Kill Files they were pretty thick.

      Why Claire though? I would think they would want to kidnap her to ‘study’ why Sam’s tweaking their ‘mixture’ worked and none of their super-spellcasters were able to work the Werewolf cure work even on mice.

  2. Oh, are Jesse and Cesar in danger too? If we are going to bring back hunters, bring them back.

    OR if there has to be cannon fodder let them bring back Roy and Walt and maybe have Dean try to SAVE them?

    It had not occurred to me that Bitchy Witch was just muddled in her thinking and could never save herself anyway.

    Oh, the writer was YOCKEY not Perez; I thought it was She and He at first. Yockey wrote the Asa Fox script and Max and Alicia were ‘his’ characters and I thought he wrote them well. I really really REALLY liked Max and Alicia and the actors were just ‘shiny’ in their parts.

  3. OK I ‘know’ this is outside everybody’s wheelhouse, but I read Today’s Spoilers every damn day on and they hardly ‘ever’ have Supernatural. TODAY they had izombie, Flash, Supergirl and Arrow. Now following the ratings it appears Arrow is behind SPN, and izombie has ‘always’ been behind Spn, and Flash and Supergirl are both relatively tied with Spn (I believe they all are approximately at .5).

    Is this the result of CW not promoting SPN or is it the result of not caring about SPN?

    They had a pretty big discussion of Riverdale’s big reveal last night (which I did not mind, I enjoy that wackadoodle show). But nothing on SPN. (Or Reign or The Originals or Jane the Virgin or The 100 but I don’t care about them at all.)

    But on the PLUS side TNT is running 10hr of SPN today and I did not know that was coming so I am happy for that.

    1. Io9 doesn’t really like genre television. They ridicule almost every show that I think is good and tend to pander to superhero fans. Also since Gizmodo assumed oversight they have cut way back on reviews and have lost their most talented reviewers, all ladies that could produce loving snark.
      Rob Bricken is a terrible reviewer. He lost me with his awful reviews of Zero Hour in which he seemed unaware of the history and differences between Catholism and occult Christian brotherhoods and therefore was clueless in respect to the show’started plotline.
      I think he only reviews Gotham and the Walking Dead now and the commenters appear to mock his reviews as much as they discuss the shows.

      I love Gotham but then I am not a comic person. That said considering how much comics reboot their universes I don’t understand why the fans hate when a television show forges new ground.

      I think the Walking Dead is entertaining sometimes but no great shakes. It’s better than Grimm.

      A commenter used to review the show for io9 however I think she died sadly. Most commenters on her reviews were Sam Stanish in my opinion.
      Ironically all of the commenters on the former Gawker sites luv using Dean gifs. Go figure.

  4. I ‘knew’ I recognized the Racist Witch woman: she was Ezra Moore on Time after Time after Time which was part of TNT’s bloc yesterday!

    I liked that character a lot.

    I love how they use the same actors again and again.

    1. Oh. I loved Ezra. It’s rare to see a confident mature women to hold her own with young studs on television and even rarer for her no to look like Heather Locklear.

  5. Paula, CC, ANYBODY: it has always struck me as odd when I look at Jensen Ackles in Pilot (and it jumped out at me again): Jensen appears to have an overbite or ‘something’ done with his jaw/mouth in a dental manner. DID he have surgery around the time of Pilot and everything was finished by the time of Wendigo? Because he looked like he looks now. On Days of Our Lives he had the same look as now (facially); it is just in Pilot that his mouth looks different to me.

    Am I a wackadoodle? If anybody knows anything I will be grateful.

    1. I think it’s just the way Jensen Ackles holds his expression. He used to let his lower lip hang down and he stopped doing that fairly early on in Supernatural.

      1. Oh, that makes sense. It just ‘looks’ like his mouth is wonky because of a conscious decision how he ‘holds’ it. It is really evident to me in the Pilot scene where he actually says, Dad is on a hunting trip and hasn’t been home in a few days. Just really stands out to me.

        GLAD to see I was right about Garth and the Wisconsin Werewolves making an appearance.

        WHY would the BMOL want to kill Claire? Was it that she is an American Hunter or was she somehow tainted by being a Werewolf for a hot minute in her last episode? I ‘get’ going after Garth (Werewolf) and Eileen (She killed Kenny! the bitch!) but not Claire. Is it that they are going after ‘friends’ of The Winchesters?

        Lots of questions after this episode.

        I think the deal with Max is that the ‘knowledge’ of how to raise the dead or heal the sick thru ‘deals’ is dangerous. For instance, what parent would not sell their soul in the aftermath of a child’s death (or loved one?) I wonder why Max did not also raise his Mama up? A demon deal is what you make it, he ‘could’ have asked for both right?

        1. I think Max, in his grief, was only thinking of the method the witch used in creating simulations of his loved ones, and Tasha’s heart, which would have been necessary for the spell, had been destroyed when the wicker creature turned to dust.
          Evidently witches contracts are different than the standard 10 year contract sold by Crowley et al. Possibly this because of the potential for witches to cause evil and mayhem on earth, if their time is extended. At any rate, if he had brokered the usual crossroads type deal, he could have had both mother and sister back for real.

          1. Except they kill all supernatural. They would only need her for Intel on Castiel and Castiel is easy to catch or was.

        2. The BMOL is killing ALL AMERICAN hunters because they cannot control them which makes them all sorts of evil. Most if not all of the motw this season have been humans that become monsters as a result of their choices. This mirrors the BMOL.
          That is why Claire was up there. Every hunter that the brother’s know will be killed or tortured for Intel and then killed.
          Letch and company surveiled the bunker to get the brothers’ Intel on the other hunters and now they will torture Mary for her intel.
          Letch was going to make the case that Mary was on board with the BMOL.
          The BMOL are authoritarian fascist monsters in the extreme which is why we also saw Hitler and the American president this season.

          1. I still think the BMOL should want to study Claire because A) HELLO “angel vessel” should they not want to study if there was any effect from being Castiel’s vessel for a hot minute, like look for any remnant angel grace; and B) cured werewolf (make sure she is cured — could happen next month or at least be sure). Claire would be important for those reasons as a LIVE subject.

            Yeah, fascist is a good word.

  6. I assume the human shells controlled by the witch mirrors what the nephilim is doing with cas and Kelly which makes me really scared for cash.
    Also references meatsuits in a way too.
    How hum. Yet another witch is dead.

  7. When Max wanted to be ‘alone’ with his mom and sister I turned to my husband and said THIS is where Dean should do what I thought Bobby should have done at the end of All Hell Breaks Lose Part 1 (or maybe the beginning of Part 2): I always said Bobby should’ve hit Dean over the head with a 2×4 and burned Sam’s body, he could SEE where Dean’s head was at. Dean, in the conversation at the end, seemed to say he KNEW that Max was going to make some kind of deal. He could’ve saved Max from that. It’s just he appeared to know. Unless I am reading too much into Dean’s little monologue to a semi-sleeping Sam at the end. I will rewatch to be sure.

    1. Dean knew. He just didn’t feel it was his right to stop Max. Not sure I agree, but that’s how Dean felt.

      Sam didn’t appear to have clued in on that.

      1. It pleases me you agree with me.

        It seemed like “Tasha” did not know she was not real, and I could not believe that Alicia did not look to the other side of the BED and notice her dead body.

        I did not get what the witch was doing for sure: by simply picking up the ring was Max becoming a demon’s witch? I thought he and mama were ‘real’ witches, not like bitchy old white lady, who got her power from a demon. Maybe Max did not have to deal with a demon? (Did we know from the Asa Fox episode that Max and Tasha were ‘natural’ witches (like Rowena) and then what was Alicia? A witch who could do spells but was not in thrall of a demon?)

        Yeah, it was a great day for Max until his whole family got wiped out. I wonder if Dean will contact him in a while and talk to “Alicia” but be cool with it? AND can’t ‘real’ witches live forever (I mean Rowena has never aged out of her body, right?) like the Dr Phil couple?

        This ‘is’ new ground for the canon, but not TOO much. Actually this is by She and He and it was not too bad in the canon department.

        1. I think the episode might have been okay if they had left out the LoL subplot and focused more on the MOTW. As it was, it felt rushed and that’s not okay, considering they reintroduced these two characters and killed one of them off almost immediately. I don’t even know if they’ll bring these two back now (and hell, I *liked* their mom).

          It was a bit unclear (and thinly explained) what the old witch really wanted. She apparently had this delusion that if she could transfer her magic to another witch, one with natural talent, she could avoid Hell. Pretty sure that’s not how it works.

          I can sort of see the age thing. We’ve seen witches at different apparent ages and we’ve seen some, of the demon-deal variety, who are up to several hundred years old. But at some point, I think their magic runs low and they run out of life (or the demon they made the deal with runs out of patience).

          There was also an off-hand comment in “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester” that the appearance of youth in witches is more a glamour than a real thing. So, eventually, they really do get old under the glamour. But who even knows how much this episode was in line with that, considering Perez never bothered to watch half the show?

          There was a rather odd conversation between Alicia and Sam about how she didn’t have the natural talent that her brother and mother had. Sam then came back with the tired old thing about how he always felt left out because Dean and John embraced hunting. It seemed more than a tad weird to make this comparison and seemed almost as though Sam were saying that Dean had a natural talent that Sam lacked. But since Perez has been so anti-Dean all season, I doubt he was trying to give Dean anything that big.

          1. Sam has a chip on his,shoulder regarding the family business which is why Ruby’s patter worked on him. To me it’s more trolling the Apocalypse tropes. I hope there’s a payoff.

            I like the witches but all were written as stupid. Everything in the house felt off. Mama witch should have been too smart to get off’d without a fight.

            The old witch seemed to think if she could transfer her magic it was transferring the deal too. This is a new concept and a bit lol although perhaps similar to the deal the wrestler guy had. He avoided the consequences of his deal by turning others didn’t he. It made no sense that the old witch was trying to turn natural witches though.

            Once again a weapon was key to defeating the note, not actual talent.

            I thought the young guy was a better actor than his sister so I am okay with her being a stepford sister.

            The lol plot is obvious and tired but it made sense to marry Mary being in danger with this storyline. Letch really loves her. I think Letch will kill Toni to save Mary and Mary will kill him… he is really jealous of Dean too.

            Jensen still hits great emotional beats however Jared really needs better scripts. Sam is so meh about it all.

          2. I think the witch thing was inspired by Angel Heart (the movie) where Harry tries to escape his deal by changing his identity with another soldier, by eating his heart if I remember correctly since he believes he will then get his soul, virgin of any deal. I’m honestly not feeling like rewatching the episode, but that’s probably where it came from.

  8. I’m just starting to watch and I agree that Old Bitchy Lady is probably a racist BUT she might’ve been nasty to anybody regardless of race color or creed. I am waiting to find out if she says other obvious racist stuff.

    Le me just say I’ve run into LOTS of unpleasant old white women and I am going to give her the whole episode to be a total bitch.

    1. Trust me, Eva. It’s no spoiler to say she gets far worse.

      And I know plenty of old white racist ladies just like her down here. But the way this show is, when something like that is lampshaded, it’s IMPORTANT FORESHADOWING.

  9. At least Dean got a kill.

    Hopefully, this season will end with the demise of the British Men of Letters.

    1. I’m hoping they will be this season’s Stynes–killed off in the 11th hour and never mentioned again.

  10. Ugh. Tonight the Twat. I thought perhaps Letch would
    Become Mary’s Collector; ie. He would hold her in secret for his amusement. It looks like it’s back to torture for Intel. Yawn.

    Some pointed subtext in this episode. Still thinking one of the core group is dying and the death will be used by an archangel to make a deal. Dean!Michael and/or Mary!Lucifer methinks. I think San could die. He’s really just along for the ride at this point.

    So hunters are dying, Mary’s bleeding, and Dean is angst Ingrid. It must be the end of the season.

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