The Official “The Future” (12.19) Live Recap Thread

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Starting now with a recap of Recap of Dean calling Castiel and the dumbass Demon Baby Mama Drama that just goes to show how godawful boring it is (and makes Kelly look like a total moron).

Oh, and more whining from the LoL about not having the Colt. Which wasn’t theirs in the first place.

Cut to Kelly being force-fed something by Dagon. I guess I’m supposed to give a rat’s ass about her, but I really don’t.

Dagon blathers on about how “He” is going to destroy everything. Eh. Not really feeling Dagon at this point. Hopefully, she’ll get killed off tonight.

Kelly is left to herself, and her chains, to whine and moan. Again, not feelin’ the Kelly pity. She had multiple ways to get out of this before. Not to mention birth control. This is totally on her.

So, she tries to kill herself in a convenient bathtub. With a convenient razor.

Cue title cards.

Cue montage of Sam doing research. Lord, so bored.

Cue sneak peek of Castiel returning and admitting he was in Heaven.

Sam is all “Everything’s fine. Glad you’re back.” Dean is not.

Dean yells at Castiel. Justifiably so. He walks out on them both.

Later, Dean is in his room, looking at his computer. Castiel comes back and gives Dean back a mixtape Dean had made for him. Dean insists he take it back.

Calmer, Dean tells him they were worried and that Castiel needs to stop going radio silence.

Castiel admits that he “keeps failing.” He says he “needed to come back here with a win for you.”

Dean isn’t impressed. He says they’ve been having a hard time, too.

Dean admits to Castiel’s question that he may not be able to kill an innocent (Sam’s already done it, so Castiel, that was a dumb question).

Dean tells Castiel they need to stay TFW-together. Apparently, Dean has not yet noticed his mother’s photo is missing.

Dagon finds the tub and the blood, but Kelly is in a corner, still alive. Kelly is all rapturous, “He wouldn’t let me die.”

I dunno, Dean. Kelly doesn’t strike me was very innocent at this point.

Sam decides to try tracking the Nephilim instead of Dagon.

Sam says a Nephilim is just a human soul with angelic grace (ugh, show, please, just stop with the retconning on the fly–that…no). If they can remove the grace, they can end up with just a human soul.

Dagon has a bucket of cold realism for Kelly, that the Nephilim just was saving itself, not her. Dagon, however, has her own delusions. She believes that she will rule by the Nephilim’s side. Demons. So stupid.

Oh, and yeah, Castiel stole the Colt. For the asshole angels. His delusion is that he’s doing it all for the Winchesters.

Castiel sets off with the angels, as he ignores a call from Dean.

I’m sure this will end well.

So, the angels do quite poorly against Dagon. The one surviving angel (the one who recruited him) sends Castiel downstairs to kill Kelly while he takes on Dagon. And, presumably, gets killed.

Sad that I’m actually happy to see a commercial break.

Dagon subdues the other angel, finds out Castiel has taken Kelly, and then has a conversation with Lucifer that doesn’t go well. Especially when he finds out it was Castiel. She then tortures the other angel for info. They monologue at each other. Dagon wins, of course. And he sends her right after…Sam and Dean.

Kelly has a car conversation with Castiel and they go on a boring road trip. Castiel wants to bring Kelly to Heaven. He says that a “human form” can’t survive a trip to Heaven, so they’ll be instantly killed and their souls sent to Heaven. He talks up the Nephilim as a new Big Bad. Kelly is all fantasizing that the kid could be good because the baby “saved” her when she tried to kill herself. Can we kill her now?

Meanwhile, the Brothers are arming up. Annnnd (wait for it) Castiel stole the Colt because it was under Dean’s pillow. I am so very, very, VERY over this “Dean is dumb” trope.

So, yeah, the upshot of the whole Kelly thing is that Kelly is on this whole “My son can be Good” kick, even though Castiel reminds her she’s gonna die, because she’s possessed. Because that’s not a misogynistic trope at all.

Oh, and the Winchesters finally show up. Dean is not happy with Castiel at all.

So, Castiel gives them his stupid reason for running off and Kelly is an idiot and Dean is the only one who notices. But the plot had Dean act *really* stupid and give Castiel the keys.


Kelly is driving to the Heaven sandbox. She says her unborn son (yes, she’s willing to follow a child who’s not even born yet. That’s how dumb she is) wants her to step through the portal.

Kelly and Castiel have a pointlessly dumb conversation about how they’re not actually the Heroes of the plot. You know…the two characters who got left behind in the parking lot.

I hate this season so much.

So, Rosencranz and Guildenstern arrive at the Heaven gate and (shocker, eh?) Dagon is waiting. She starts to kill Castiel when the Brothers show up (Dean hotwired a car).

Sam and Dean get knocked down. Dagon (who really is way overpowered) takes the Colt and destroys it. Castiel and Kelly hold hands. Kelly’s eyes glow again and the Nephilim possesses Castiel, who kills Dagon.

Well, at least she’s gone. One lame-o guest character down….

So, Castiel heals Dean and now he’s possessed, too (Castiel, not Dean). He puts the Brothers to sleep and walks off with Kelly. They drive off in the truck, Castiel declaring that the Nephilim showed him “the future.” Because, on top of destroying an iconic artifact, they decided to wreck Castiel as a character.

Fuck you, Dabb. Fuck you, Singer. Fuck you, whoever wrote this stupid episode. You all need to be fired. Bring on the writers strike so this show can have a major shakedown.

Looks like Retch is toast next week. Oh, and Dean gets pushed around some more:

Promo for next week.

In case anyone is wondering where the show got this “stellar” plot, remember that godawful Jasmine storyline from the show Angel?

That’s where they got it.

I’ll also be simul-recapping on Wayward Children.

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39 thoughts on “The Official “The Future” (12.19) Live Recap Thread”

  1. I just hope when it time to kill Asmodeus, that it makes sense within the story instead of being out of left field.

  2. Dean sleeping with the colt under his pillow seems reasonable enough. He has always slept with his weaponry. Him leaving it there once he was awake did not. I know he is home and all, but he knows the BMOL can get in and they want it. That was uncharacteristically stupid.

    Castiel and his shifting allegiances is nothing new. Given the aeons Castiel has been alive compared to Dean’s decades, I don’t think he grasps that being missing for months is a big deal. But sometimes he seems like a kid on a playground constantly jockeying for the attention of the most popular kid, rather than showing any special love for Dean. Yes the profound bond exists, but at this point it seems more like something Dean is stuck with.

    Sam’s obsession with research for this case probably reflects the fact that he started the ball rolling by returning to Hell and talking to Lucifer in season 11. He bears some responsibility for this situation.

    So Kelly tried to murder her kid. If you take a pro life stance, and then try to off yourself while pregnant, you have attempted murder. All of her raptures about its supposed goodness and her rekindled faith notwithstanding, she has attempted to kill an innocent. Because the Nephilim had not done anything , good or bad, at this point. And per the show’s own ethics, it’s ones actions which make one evil. Not that logic or consistency have been priorities this season.

    Is that talk about finding someone who can guide the child in what is right foreshadowing that the brothers are going to get saddled with the kid next season? (Or worse, Mary?) I like watching Dean interact with children as much as the next person, but this just seems wrong for the show. God forbid that Castiel be responsible for the kid. I wouldn’t trust him to care for a goldfish.

    Also, wouldn’t removing the grace from a being in whom it was intrinsic be kind of like a lobotomy? That doesn’t sound like a good idea.

    Finally, could someone help me out here? I always thought the word, Nephilim, was the plural for Nephil, like seraph / seraphim and cherub / cherubim. Have I been using it wrong all these years?

    1. I hear you. Supernatural uses nephilim as a singular.
      I thought castial was chosen as the protector and powered up accordingly. Although in his current state he appears to be a lobotomized bodyguard incapable of teaching the child anything.

      Crowley was actually a surprisingly good parental figure considering he is a demon.

      The Winchesters were spectators.

    2. According to this site (the commenters on it sound pretty aware of their Hebrew and lay it all out nicely), it’s actually “Naphil” not “Nephil.” Of course, the show is using “Nephilim” (just as they’re using “Seraphim” for the singular, but “Cherubs” and “Cherub”), the writers being lazy and dumb:

      You’re not wrong. You’re just smarter and more conscientious than the writers.

      I can’t even with Kelly, anymore. Abortion’s bad (when it was still early enough it was just a collection of cells), but suicide when you’re practically ready to pop’s okay? Alrighty-then. Not like she had a brain before her “son” co-opted it. Welp, that’s what you get when a bunch of sexist male writers decide to write a magical pregnancy storyline.

      According to Anna, losing your grace is like “cutting your kidney out with a butter knife.” If anything, getting grace back lowers an angel’s IQ rather than raising it.

  3. I got up early and watched again.

    I liked the interactions between Dean and Castiel. But after Castiel’s impassioned pleas about saving Sam and Dean from the consequences of Castiel’s actions (Lucifer would no have a Baby-Spawn if Casiel had not said YES) it appeared that Castiel shifted his ‘love’ from Dean to The Baby. That was jarring to me. I am not saying Castiel “loves” Dean I am saying as an angel Castiel was created to “love” and since God is not around he switched to TFW. I hope I have explained it without any of that Destiel crap. Heck, Castiel seemed so powered up he could’ve done the transport thing (him and Kelly OR sending Sam and Dean back to the Bunker).

    Now again I did not dislike it as much as you, but it glared to me that NEITHER Sam nor Dean were actually ‘in’ the episode. WHAT IS GOING ON with that?

    It felt like they wrote out The Profound Bond which has been one of my tent poles with the show for going on a DECADE now. (8 years anyway)

    I think it was reasonable for Dean to sleep with The Colt under his pillow. That has been established (Dean and weaponry under the pillow) since Season 1. ALSO they were HOME I don’t see ‘why’ he could not have it under his pillow. (They don’t know that the BMOL come and go as they please.)

    I thought about Hunters some more: do NOT eff up Jesse and Cesar’s retirement. Do not kill Jesse and Cesar. Random Hunters (HEY, find Walt and Roy from Season 5 — they ‘deserve’ some crapola in their lives.) are OK; I liked Wally but I guess Wally was already an ‘offering’ on the pyre of the BMOL.

    I was unhappy they said Hi Joshua, BYE Joshua in less than one minute.

    This is turning into a season in which I don’t know how things lay until I see how they are shaking out (ie the end of the season).

    I guess I am mad. I will watch a 3rd time in case I see something I am not miffed at. (I don’t like Castiel switching allegiance from Dean to anybody else. Dean was so realistically a FRIEND to Castiel last night and Castiel just ‘dumped’ him and I told my husband last night: if it is a Castiel plan the dynamics of the show is that Castiel is about to be hit by a mack truck of evil baby. I don’t want that.)

    1. Cas betrayed him thrice last night.
      1. Ignoring calls.
      2. Playing him to steal the colt.
      3. Choosing the baby over Dean and punctuating it by knocking him out.

      Yes. Cas trod all over the profound bond last night which was painful to us and Dean.

      I too enjoyed Lucifer acting like the evil Dick he truly is. I am over his smarmy patter.

      It’s hard to anticipate bad writing however the nephilim is essentially Jesse. Lol are gung-ho hunters. And they keeping dropping Apocalypse references like they’re hot. Isn’t it time for Dean to do something desperate.

      That Sam research Montage ducked. Why does he always censure Dean for feeling.

      1. The Lucifer!Sam scene in The End, when Dean just LAID HIM OUT for all his bullshit is just the best. Lucifer did that the whole season: I am the One who ‘loved’ God the MOST. I love him SO MUCH I want to destroy all of his creations. Everything.

        Dean had his number (what I also liked about Jensen in that scene was I could ‘see’ how ‘scared’ Dean was but he STILL came thru to bitch out Lucifer. Oh, I want Dean to put him down again.

    1. I know, right? Like, how did Misha Collins even do this episode with a straight face?

      It makes me appreciate the Amara storyline all the more because this is where people *thought* that was going last season. And then Dabb went ahead and did his version this season, for our sins.

      Reminds of the baby redux plots on Grimm (which also had a major face-heel turn for a female character due to Super-Baby Brain).

      At least, it looks as though we’re losing Retch next week and Toni the week after (apparently, we are stuck with the LoL until 12.22).

      1. This is not where I thought the Amara storyline was going. It went exactly where I thought it was going except for the lame writing once Dabb took over.

        I hope there’s a nephilim twist. Why did it off Dagon for instance. Why did it choose Cas over her.

        No argument that the season sucks.

        I liked all of the Carver seasons.

        Even Gamble looks rosy compared to this dreck.

      2. I liked Grimm in the first year (Wu was MY MAN) but that whole thing with Bitsie Tulloch was just too much for me. On and ON and ON it went.

        1. Me too. They overdid the motw and most story arcs never went anywhere or had boring and/or stupid conclusions.

          Woo was my man too. And Renard until he became useless. Rosalie was consistently the smartest tool in the shed.

  4. I don’t have your negative feelings towards Kelly.

    Was Castiel ‘amped’ up to an archangel and so could kill Dagon?

    Can The Colt be fixed or is it like the Lance of Michael, breaking the runes breaks the spell?

    I liked Lucifer being hideous. Tired of the comic relief. Does Lucifer think his Nephilim will let him move into a ‘super vessel’?

    1. None of this would have happened if Kelly had used some friggin’ birth control and kept from sleeping with her boss.

      They’ve done a lot of vague hand-waving about how powerful the Nephilim will be (hey, remember how we were going to power down from last year and not have a mega-threat this year?). Supposedly, he will be more powerful than any angel, demon, or even archangel.

      Never mind that either Chuck or Amara could probably take him out with a snap of the fingers.

      The Colt got disintegrated, so I’m guessing this was Dabb’s lame way of getting his grubby little showrunner fingers all over the Colt and then disposing of it because it makes most hunts too easy.

      No idea about the Lance. The show is retconning pretty randomly from episode to episode, and even within episodes, so who even knows if they remember the Lance?

      I never saw Lucifer as anything but hideous, so…. And yeah, he probably figures he’s going to possess the Nephilim. Who is now pretty obviously EVOL.

    2. I think Michael could fix the Lance if he wanted to.

      Colt could make another colt. Dumb way to use it this season then destroy it. The only thing I got is that it emphasized how powerless they are against specific entities. Meaning unless the nephilim offs Lucifer, they will need Michael and his Lance to do it.
      How can they off the nephilim. The Lance may off him too.

      1. Well, the last Nephilim we saw was very powerful but easily killed.

        Sadly, Dabb seems to have a tin ear for things like writing a good villain. Dagon (like her brother) was ridiculously overpowered and unkillable until the plot decided she wasn’t. Then she was just dead.

        That wasn’t true of Azazel. Azazel was hard to kill because he was *smart*.

        Having Dean be so weak against Lucifer and his son is stupid after last season. The whole idea that the Nephilim is just a human soul with grace is even dumber. We saw Dean powered up with hundreds of thousands of souls last season and what it turned him into was a soul bomb. Take grace away from an angel and yeah, you turn the angel human (even though an angel doesn’t actually have a soul), but you can’t turn a human into an angel because a human soul and angel grace don’t co-exist well.

        So, the whole thing is stupid.

        1. Well nephilim are biblical.
          Angels use the power of human souls to super charge so I am guessing a nephilim is a supercharged angel all of the time. The dumb part was Sam’s plan in my opinion
          No argument that Dabb’s Supernatural is stupid.
          We have seen Dean being unafraid and the only one being able to last at all against supernatural strength. But at this point Dean doesn’t have physical super strength. His strength is his human qualities of loyalty, unerring moral compass and his ability to inspire others to behave heroically. And yes his smarts.
          He shouldn’t be able to defeat Lucifer, Ramiel or Dagon with acquiring a superhuman edge which takes planning on his part or the right weapon.

          Let’s say Dean becomes pivotal to defeating Lucifer or the nephilim antichrist. It makes him defacto Jesus. I think they are heading to this and yes I do wear thick Dean goggles.

          Castiel wanting to protect Dean from having to face Dagon was so Dean.

          Even whilst the episode trod on Destiall it emphasized Destial. Dean has been worried about Cas nearly to distraction. Dean will be all about saving Cas. The nephilim just made things personal. And I think Dean will also decide Lucifer is his responsibility because Mary and Sam need protecting (and have proven themselves to be disloyal dumbasses) and Crowley, who has been remarkably loyal to Dean lately, fell prey to pride allowing Lucifer to escape. Dean is the only one Dean can trust.

          Pretty awful way to off Joshua (although I swear they declared him dead from the fall in season 9.

          1. Dean is already the show’s de facto Jesus. He did the Passion part of the story end of season three-season four. He discovered his place in the Trinity at the end of last season.

            Dean has been portrayed as stronger and with faster reflexes than ordinary humans since he got back from Purgatory. Remember that he is no longer completely human. As Chuck bluntly put it last season, Dean is permanently “tainted” by the MoC.

        2. We don’t know what the taint means. It may mean reverting to demonic Dean upon death. Yes he is shown to be stronger by virtue that he can last longer than Sam, MaRy and even pre-nephilim Cas in a fight against powerful supernatural foe. However he can’t defeat said foe and in several cases this season alone we have seen that it takes a superweapon to defeat them or a supernaturally charged Cas. I think this hints at Dean Michael and a remagic’d Lance.
          I don’t think Dean can defeat Lucifer or the nephilim with smarts, strength and/or planning.

          1. Okay. I talk about Dean being unable to kill a high level supernatural perpetual without a Power up or special weapon because he is the only one that lasted at all with Ramiel and he is the only one that didn’t trust the lol, didn’t screw up in regards to Lucifer and who has a connection to Michael and his lance.

            If Michael and Lance is needed to defeat Lucifer Dean is the one that will get it done. And I agree it would be nice if Dean was more than a meats it. I thought Dean looking through the eyes of the empty goat meats it, Dean picking up the broken Lance which only Michael can fix, Dean lasting longest against Ramiel, Dean fixated on the colt (it’s his and no one else’s) and the Michael painting all hi there to Dean!Michael as does the season long trolling of the Apocalypse.

            Now Lucifer’s anger over Cas being with the nephilim and his subsequent powering up by the infernal fetus, presumably to Manchrean archangel, does change the board.

            The nephilim is a threat to daddy and all angels. Michael is a threat to daddy and
            The best shot to kill the nephilim. Michael’s Lance should also kill the nephilim because it apparently kills everything including grace.
            So all roads lead to Dean despite Cas’s new,role and power and Sam’s inate ability to pick up weapons when he isn’the tied to a chair or unconscions… or moping or eating salad or giving Dean those looks or fiercely researching.

            I just hope Mary was also too smart to fall for the lol and she has been angling to get inside the inner circle because they targeted her sons. She’s BAMF despite Dabb and should get a big lol kill. I guess Dean can get the I told you so and gets to give Sam one of his looks. It’s unclear if Dabb can write for 3 Winchesters in one episode so I expect Dean to be sidelined except for snarky dialogue peppered with pop culture bon mom’s.

            I expect Dean to be front and center with Lucifer and son. Crowley will call him when his plans go sideways. Dean is frantic about Cas.
            Crowley will suggest Michael. Dean says yes. And so forth.

        3. Yes I am away of the Jesus tropes surrounding Dean as well as your thorough discussion of them on IFP. Defeating Lucifer and the Antichrist would fall in line with those as would using Michael to do it.

          Remember we saw the Michael painting at Ramiel’s.

          1. We’ve seen the Michael painting before–and Singer & Co. basically admitted they put it in there because it looked cool. It’s difficult to say what they intend, but so far, they’ve done a terrible job of building it up.

            I disagree that Dean is too “weak” to beat power-mad figures like Lucifer without massive supernatural help. Dean talked down God’s *sister* last season. He’s the only non-angel (or Dagon) character besides Lily Sunder we’ve seen kill an angel face to face (and even she couldn’t take down Ishim at his full strength). A higher-level angel, no less. He wins by being sneaky and cunning. He even got the drop on Lucifer. If he’d had the right weapon rather than the Colt, Lucifer would have died in “Abandon All Hope.”

            The problem with Sam getting kills like the Alpha Vampire and Ramiel is that they make no sense in terms of what we’ve seen Sam do in the past and how he’s done it. And they’re not properly built up. YED was *never* shown as more powerful than even ordinary angels. He was shown as afraid of them. Even without wings, they should be a formidable foe to his brethren. Dagon was ridiculously overpowered and so was Ramiel.

            We may not know exactly what “taint” means (since the Nep Duo chose to be coy about that one thing), but it sure doesn’t mean he’s an ordinary human.

          2. Talking down Amara is a very different things than beating someone in a fight. The played to Dean’s strengths and to Dean’s bond with Amara via the Mark.

            He’s not going to be reasoning with Lucifer and the nephilim appears on manipulate people via posession.

            I am not dissing Dean or disregarding his considerable prowess on may fronts. They have given us several powerful entities the Dean couldn’t take down without a special toy or unusual power-up: Lucifer with the egg, Ramiel with the Lance, alpha vamp with the colt, Dagon with powered up Cas. Furthermore thy had Dean pick up the Lance fragments and Dean sleep with the colt and show proprietary ownership of it. Now it’s destroyed just like Michael’s Lance which was displayed in the painting.
            Seems like a lot of subtext to me

            1. That applies to other characters, too, though. Dean has always had a special something that allows him to use weapons effectively when other characters can’t. The show seems to have forgotten this.

        4. Not sure it was an easy kill but 2 on 1. The nephilim was written to stupidly monologue at Metatron so Cas could literally backstabbing her.
          She easily threw both angels around.
          Presuming Lucifer’s nephilim is more power than Lucifer but not necessarily more powerful than Dean!Michael plus special lance.

          1. When I read the Catholic Catechism a couple of years ago, I remember a line in which it stated that the angels were specifically Jesus’ own to command. Given the Jesus tropes that surround Dean as a character, it would seem that a partnership with Michael should place Dean firmly in command. To make Dean Michael’s vessel would be to move his character arc backwards. Since it is long established that Dean is something unique in the SPN verse, Michael was clearly wrong about Dean being his vessel. On the contrary, Dean should step into his rightful place as leader of the angels.

            1. Dean is well aware that a vessel can expel an angel (including an archangel) at any time that vessel chooses. So, even if he said yes to Michael, it would be, at the most, a co-share.

              Also, I think Michael would be anxious to get back up to Heaven, which has turned into quite the fixer-upper, so he wouldn’t stick around. They could make it a sort of MoC redux, where Dean could use his “partnership” with Michael in dealing with big problems, but it would come with a huge cost and be increasingly difficult to control. Especially if Michael really is as crazy as advertised.

              And yes, in Christianity, Jesus is in charge of the angels and also commands demons. If you look at it from that point of view, the character who is BFFs with God’s favorite angel and the King of Hell (and clearly leads them in team situations) is a fabulous candidate for the Christ character in the story.

        5. Honestly, the whole SPN version of a Nephilim (Naphil) has always seemed dumb to me. Since an angel must be in a human vessel to have sex anyway, they are reliant on human genetic material to conceive a baby. So what they get is actually just a human infant. I don’t recall any mechanism by which the grace is delivered ever being mentioned.

          The supposed evil of Lucifer’s kid would have seemed more believable if Kelly was the one Lucifer possessed instead of the father. That would have provided a months long interaction that could in fact have twisted the child’s soul. A missed opportunity in my opinion.

          1. It does seem pretty dumb, not least because a “virgin birth” was how they produced a cambion (Jesse) who was also supposed to be super-speshul and super-powerful, and we all saw how that didn’t work, either.

      2. Do you mean go back in time and get him to make another one?

        I was on another site and one commenter had a good idea for ‘why’ a nephil is more powerful than the angel ‘parent.’ The idea is that the nephil has a SOUL which on the show is the powerhouse of creation (I was watching Season 6 this week and everybody kept talking about ‘soul power’) and a being with a SOUL and GRACE was more powerful than an angel only. Anyway it made sense to me.

        1. Unfortunately, that doesn’t explain why the writers (when, you know, it was convenient) kept saying humans could never be angels and we had things like Lily Sunder using the power of her own soul rather than stealing the grace of the angels she killed.

          Strictly speaking, Dean should be exponentially more powerful than any other human (and probably just about any archangels or nephilim) were he to tap into the power of his own soul. Being an archangel vessel and the Michael Sword and all.

          I’m not going to get started on Joshua because…yeah. Not gonna get started. Apparently, Dabb figured that since he “created” Joshua and Jesse in episodes he co-wrote with Loflin, he could just do whatever he wanted with them. Oops. I got started.

          They should have written Juliette out after season one. Hell, they should have written Adalind out after season one. Want to keep that actress? Bring her back as a “good” twin.

  5. Lol. I smell the spinoff… and It smells better than Chicago Monster Mobs.
    Also another Apocalypse shout out (TFW).

    1. I don’t know what that smells like to you, CC, but I smell dead fish. This episode (and this season) stinks.

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