The Official Family Feud (Ep. 12.13) Recap Discussion Thread

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I’ll also be simul-recapping on Wayward Children.

Starting now:

Unnecessary recap of Mick’s speech about monsters to Mary. More necessary recap of Gavin, since it’s been years since we saw him. Recap of last week’s ep that shows how much it sucked.

Cut to six months ago in Andover, MA (hi Great-something Grandpa Francis!). Really creepy intro as a Doomed Teaser Gal is brushing her teeth and going to bed. She then gets grabbed from underneath by electrifying hands and we get blood spatter on a nearby family portrait.

Cut to Now(?) and Dean recapping that Demon Baby Mama is still MIA (can she stay that way?). Sam mentions a new victim in the teaser case whose tongue was ripped out. Dean suggests the call Mary.

Mary is killing monsters with a taser as a test in front of Mr. Retch. She gets a call from Dean (who senses something is up) and makes excuses. As she hangs up, Retch very unwisely mentions she’s a great liar. Mary growls that she hasn’t told her sons about her working with the LoL. They don’t trust the LoL. this may have something to do with their “rogue operative” having tortured her kids. Hmm. Trouble in Paradise?

Cut to Crowley, who infodumps the plothole from the crappy “LOTUS” episode, has been mighty stupid, it seems. He diverted the spell to send Lucifer back to the Cage. Blahblah, really stupid retcon, blahblah Lucifer found his old vessel again (which, btw, was actually turned to dust when Lucifer left it), blahblahblah, we’ve got Nickifer again, new and improved. Oh, well. After all the Chuckawful “vessels” Lucifer has had to this point, if we’re stuck with him, we might as well have Mark P. I wasn’t *that* wedded to losing Castiel for Casifer.

In the obligatory night time car chat, Sam mentions Doomed Teaser Gal and muses about Mary not making it. Dean admits he’s suspicious. Sam makes excuses. So, business as usual.

The Brothers visit a museum with a shipwreck and Dean discovers lots of EMF. Sam mentions that museums have lots of objects, so lots of ghosts.

Ugh. Kelly just showed up. In a diner. Feeling whiny about motherhood. Well, hon, you always could’ve used birth control or gotten that abortion.

So, that happened.

Nickifer is laughing at Crowley thinking this will end well for him. I agree with Nickifer for once. Crowley giving in to his desire for revenge is a new low in dumb. Though Nickifer is happy to blab all about his new love child Nephilim.

In the museum, the Brothers find out the wreck exhibit is from Andover and about the Star, which Dean recognizes as the one on which Gavin was supposed to sink.

Dean happens to call just when Nickifer is claiming the Brothers lied to Crowley, so Crowley refuses to cooperate. Because this episode writing Crowley as really, really dumb.

At a bus outside the museum, something unseen slips a locket into the guide’s coat pocket.

The Brothers go to Plan B and recruit Rowena.

Meanwhile, two angels stalk Kelly, but she’s saved by Dagon.  Who can kill demons. Hmm, seem to recall that if Lilith could have killed angels, she would have, and YED stayed away from them entirely.

Kelly somewhat halfway intelligently is suspicious of Dagon’s story about how awesome her baby daddy is and how evil the angels and Brothers are. Kelly sorta buys this through a combination of “Pregnancy makes you stupid” and genre episode stupidity.

Cue the sneak peek. First one, anyway, where the Brothers meet Gavin at the bus stop and introduce him to his grandmother.

They take Gavin to the museum and have him go through who he remembers went on board and the ship’s manifest. He finds his fiancee’s locket and it appears she went on the ship. Brief recap of Abaddon (we miss you, girlfriend!).

Gavin is as clueless as ever.

Dean immediately notices that the locket is no longer in the exhibit.

Cut to Mary and Mr. Retch. Can he die sooner than later? He’s quite boring. He (really) unwisely suggests Mary “disengage” from her sons. When she says nothing comes before her family, he stupidly pushes it, claiming that she’s “softer” and “weaker” with her sons. Then he tries to flatter her as a mighty Hunter who doesn’t need anyone else. After all, the LoL are his family. Saddo.

Shut up, Retch, or you’re gonna get spiked.

The Brothers consult with the curator about the “theft” of the locket and Dean asks about the latest school groups who came through (because he and Sam suspect the killer is a schoolteacher, since those have been the latest victims). One came through from the Pembroke School of Girls.

Note that this week, Dean is the only one with a brain.

At said school, two teachers are grading late when a hooded figure shows up and murders one of them. Thunder and lightning and rain, and the Brothers show up just in time to save the second teacher.

The Brothers set up a trap where Gavin sits in a chair summons the ghost. To determine if it was Fiona.

The ghost shows up, in a hooded green clock, then transforms into Gavin’s fiancee. She seems glad at first and then says he abandoned her. She’s mad, even when he tries to explain that he was “sent away.” Seems the crew found her and gang-raped her, and their teacher, who was also on board, mocked her. So, she’s now fixated on killing teachers.

Gavin is upset about Fiona’s kills. The Brothers suggest that if he goes back, he could make history right again and “save” Fiona from becoming a vengeful spirit. Rowena is upset, but Gavin says he agrees with them.

Crowley, who is still very, very stupid, shows up suddenly and rages at the plan. It turns out Gavin called him. Crowley asks why Gavin called him if he didn’t want to be saved. Gavin says it was to say goodbye.

Rowena is now on board with the plan, understanding, perhaps, that Gavin will end up in Heaven with his girl. She freezes Crowley with a spell, though he can still speak. Lemme guess–this is the very, very stupid reason why Crowley will now work with Nickifer.

The Brothers leave with Gavin for the Bunker. They do the time spell Henry had used, “tweaked” by Rowena, who has stayed back at the school.

The Brothers give Gavin a pep talk about how he’s doing the right thing. Though teary-eyed, Gavin sees it through. Sam says the spell. Gavin doesn’t actually go back in time. Instead, Fiona appears beside him, they both turn into ghosts, and they disappear in a bright glow that usually signifies the ghost is going to Heaven (coughThe Veilcoughcough).

So, the Brothers remember everything, but the timeline is back to normal. Um…okay.

Mary shows up. Dean calls Mary on having been gone so long. Sam tries to say Dean was being “dramatic.”

Mary has a peace offering–beer and burgers–and Dean immediately forgives her.

Well, until Mary drops the other shoe and admits she’s been working with the LoL. She tries the spiel on them. Dean is very quiet, while Sam looks really hurt. Mary tries to put it back on Dean about his giving her “the face” (Dean refuses to take it). Sam expresses his pain about her working with people who tortured him (yay, Sam! Totally appropriate response!) and also points out that how he and Dean do things has worked very well so far.

Mary asks them to let her explain.

In a bus shelter, Crowley confronts Rowena about Gavin. Rowena says she loved Gavin as much as she loved Oskar. She says she wanted Crowley to suffer for making her kill Oskar, though she allows that it was also the right decision for Gavin. Then she walks away.

Oh, my! A little Rolling Stones (“Playing with Fire”) as we see Nickifer and a montage of Mary trying to explain her position to the Brothers. Also, Dagon with Kelly as Nickifer calls out to Dagon. Zero interest in Kelly, but I kinda like the actress playing Dagon. Sadly, it seems she’ll be thrown under the Lucifer melodrama bus.

Still no promo, dammit. Will go look for it.

Here we go. We’ve got both Mick and Retch next week (hope at least one of them bites the dust). Their ambitious plan is to kill every vampire in the U.S. Good luck with that, boys, especially since the Alpha Vamp (Rick Worthy’s back! Yay!) is still around.

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4 thoughts on “The Official Family Feud (Ep. 12.13) Recap Discussion Thread”

  1. My goodness, but Crowley is mind bogglingly stupid in this one. Not only getting derailed by revenge, but allowing that entire phone conversation to take place in Lucifer’s presence. I know that Lucifer is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier himself, but does Crowley not realize that Lucifer would absolutely try to make use of that information if he gets free. And this from the demon who just called himself a genius.

    I expect that Rowena would not have performed the spell for Gavin, if Gavin had not chosen it. She seemed to really care about him. That it tortured Crowley was just a perk.

    Could they possibly make Kelly seem more pathetic? I could maybe feel sorry for her if I did not suspect she was already trying to get pregnant. There is just no other reason for a professional woman with access to health care to go off her contraception, at least not if she still plans on having sex. Trying to entrap the president maybe? If so, she got more than she bargained for. And Mary was badass when she was pregnant.

    And finally, it was so nice to see Sam respond in a mature manner to Mary’s announcement. Naturally, he is going to have issues with this, but he handled himself with grace. After all the seasons of his immaturity, that was refreshing.

    1. I thought he was really stunned that Mary was working with people who had tortured him. I’ll rewatch and see if I just read it wrong.

      Why do you think Dean was more visibly p-o’d than Sam then?

  2. Oh, I was thinking about ‘language’ and what is permissible now.

    We have discussed The Magicians and Timeless. Timeless is an NBC show (run by Kripke — and I will say in all honestly I could watch the Rufus character all week long, I love Rufus, I love Rufus and Jiya) and The Magicians is a SYFY show (run by Gamble — and I love Eliot NOT Quentin the lead) and I noticed that on The Magicians they are cussing up a BLUE streak. Now earlier I noticed they were bleeping out F*ck; this week they had a character say Fuck(ing) they bleeped out the ING not the FUCK. Are things getting easier or is Gamble’s production company inexpert at the bleeping? SPN says ‘frigging’ a lot of the time. (I remember with a smile the Ghostfacers episode in which the naughty words were bleeped out but you could see that Sam said ‘assholes’ and Dean said ‘fuck’ just a funny mark in front of their mouths.

  3. I agree with your comments re Mary the ‘great hunter’ and I think she knows it is shining on her. I saw a comment on the brain-melter ray she used on the rugarou, called it barbaric. Eh, not really any worse than burning alive.

    I just think Retch wants to get laid, OR he was ordered to form a ‘personal relationship’ with her. I doubt he thinks for himself outside of what the BMOL want.

    I liked how pissed Dean got immediately when Mary spilled the beans. Sam was ‘hurt’ Dean was ‘pissed’ it looked to me. AND I think ‘even’ after listening to Mary’s spiel, Sam ‘might’ say, let’s see their methods, Dean ‘will’ say. NO they hurt Sammy they are lucky I have not found a way to drive to Europe and stab every single one of those mf-ers in the THROAT. Dean will never work with people who hurt Sammy. I mean, if you think about it it took CASTIEL a whole season of being dead and taking on Sam’s crazy brain for Dean to forgive him. People who torched Sam’s FEET (and they ‘are’ comely feet, I remember thinking he had nice well-formed feet at the time) are never going to be able to do anything like take on Sam’s crazy brain.

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