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Prayer of the Imperfect Believer

By Paula R. Stiles

For Lent

Dear Lord,

Help me to remember that I am not perfect.
That I don’t need to plan everything right, before I do anything.
That a stumble still moves me forward.
That late is better than never.
That to be organized is human, to fix divine.

Help me to choose the most important thing, not the most popular.
To remember that cats and kids must always eat,
But dishes and dust bunnies can hang fire for another day.
That we all need a roof overheard even if it leaks sometimes.
And that my credit rating is not as important as keeping the lights on.

Help me to remember compassion and charity, for others and myself.
That fleas, too, shall pass.
And that the dog will forgive me for shouting at other drivers.

And most of all, remind me that after the darkest and most fearful night,
A dawn always comes.