Merry Christmas!

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My collected recaps and reviews of season one, which first appeared on Innsmouth Free Press, are now up (with a few extras) on Kindle. The Kindle version is available through Amazon and is on sale through this Friday. The print version is also up. If you buy the print version, you get a Kindle copy thrown in for free. I also get paid if you get it on Kindle Unlimited (for free), read the Kindle version, or lend it to a friend via the Kindle Owners Lending Library. Reviews also help with sales. Just FYI.

Hey, guys. So, I’m currently working on getting together pages on here with links to my old Innsmouth Free Press recaps and reviews from previous seasons. This is in preparation to doing some catch-up on seasons I haven’t yet reviewed (most of seasons nine and ten, up through halfway through season twelve). Eventually, I’ll put out Codex collections of them all.

As I do so, I’m cooking a pot roast and rewatching season three’s “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” as I do every year. Check out my old recap and review of that episode here.

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