The Official Supernatural: “The Scar” (14.03) Live Recap Thread

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Recap of events up to this point. Still no rock and the incidental music is frequently dull this season.

Cut to Now and Dean walking back into the Bunker with Sam. Dean is already back in shirtsleeves and talking about how he doesn’t remember anything from saying yes in the Bunker to waking up in front of TFW:TEP at the end of last week. This is almost certainly a lie, since Dean was fully awake and fighting when he went up against Lucifer in the season finale.

Dean is a little shocked to see the Bunker’s HQ turned into an actual HQ (and where the hell were all these people last week, when Castiel was pulling double duty, babysitting Jack and Nick?), and even more so that people are already calling Sam “Chief” after just a few weeks. Yeah, I know. Convenient writing. Just roll with it.

Dean is reunited with Jack and Castiel, who seem glad to see him again, especially Castiel. Then Dean makes the excuse that he needs to go shower and leaves. As the others ask Sam if Dean is all right (think that’s a big old NO, Ghost Rider), and Sam hedges, we see Dean enter his room, take off his outer shirt, and spot a ginormous scar on his right shoulder in the mirror.

Cue title cards.

So, Dean hides this and pretends nothing’s wrong – wait, that’s only half-right. He actually goes to tell Sam and Castiel. No secrets. Who are you and what have you done with Dean Winchester?!

Dean insists that Castiel do a mind-meld (i.e., soul read, which, as we know from season six’s “The Third Man,” is extremely painful) to dig up his memories. Castiel finds some fragments of already-filmed stuff of Michael and his experiments, and seems puzzled why a powerful archangel would be creating monsters (you and me both, dude). He then discovers a new memory – one of DeanMichael getting stabbed in the shoulder, creating the odd scar. There’s a lot of screaming, but no blood (of course) and also no angel light (whoops, continuity error or just plain being cheap about the FX).

Dean has no idea what Castiel just dug up, so they call Jody. Not sure why, but it’s what they do.

Jody is getting a text from Claire (I think) about Alex’s laundry. Claire asks if Jody is on a hunt and Jody says no. Then she gets a call from TFW 1.0.

So, the reason they called her is that Dean recognized the figure that stabbed him/Michael as the same hooded figure that casually murdered Kaia in the “Bad Place” last season. We know (though they don’t) that this was Bad Place!Kaia, so I want to reiterate that she murdered her own counterpart in this world, without an ounce of apparent remorse. I’m thinking that will be important later.

Anyhoo, it turns out the hunt Jody wasn’t telling Claire about involves headless bodies with the same scar.

Dean immediately packs. He, Sam and Castiel are heading out when Jack comes in and wants to help. Sam and Castiel hedge, but Dean’s the one who gets blamed for “hurting” Jack’s feelings by saying he’s not strong enough to go. Yeah, because that’s much worse than taking him along and letting him get beaten to a pulp by demons – oh, wait.

Roadblock number 2 is a female Hunter coming in (apparently Yet Another alt-SPNverse Denizen) with the only survivor of a witch. The witch is dead, but she apparently hexed the girl with an ageing spell. Castiel can’t immediately cure her, so he stays behind to work on it. Dean forges ahead with just Sam.

Oh, by the way, it was established earlier in the ep that Nick is still in the wind and TFW:TEP has no idea he’s turned into a murderer.

In the car, Dean is speeding a bit (75 doesn’t really seem very fast, but okay) and Sam decides it’s time to get pissy and have The Talk about how Dean’s not acknowledging his feelings. Because this has gone so well before, mainly due to Sam always using what info he worms out of Dean to hurt Dean later. Just sayin’, Sam.

Sam whines that time may not have passed for Dean, but it passed for him and he’s worried and he wants Dean to tell him stuff Dean claims he doesn’t remember. Dean is charitable enough not to throw in Sam’s face the times Sam took off on him and did things and told Dean they were none of his business (not to mention that whole “year off” when Dean was in Purgatory and Sam didn’t look for him).

BTW, Dean thinks Sam needs to lose the beard. I’m kinda with him on that.

They arrive at Jody’s, in a meeting at night in the woods. Jody and Dean enthusiastically hug, and Jody admits she’s been hiding the hunt from Claire. Alex is still working at the hospital. Patience is still in school. Jody likes the beard. Dean rolls his eyes at Sam behind her back. Then Dean suggests they go right off into the hunt, even as Sam suggests they wait until daylight. Uh, Sam, honey, Jody just met you at night in the woods and said she doesn’t want to go home until the hunt is done. Go hunt.

There are three bodies so far. Jody thought they were human, but if they’re headless, you can’t really check to see if they’re vampires. Since, like, now vampires can bleed, and all. LOL!canon. And they might be werewolves

Back at the Bunker, Jack decides to pack a bag and leaves note to “Sam,Dean,Castiel.” But as he’s about to go do the Little Orphan Annie shtick, he hears voices down the hall. It’s Castiel and the Hunter, trying to cure the Damsel in Distress in the infirmary. When Jack comes in, Castiel explains that he can’t heal the girl because “the spell is too knotted.” Whatever that means. Castiel got hold of Rowena, who told him to try a reversal spell, but it’s complicated.

Castiel notices the backpack and asks if Jack is leaving. Jack, with a new look of determination, says no and enters the infirmary, presumably to help the girl.

Is the Hunter this week being played by the actress who played the detective in the Warner Bros cartoon ep? She was fun.

It’s daylight in the woods and Dean wants to split up. Sam and Jody veto the idea, so Dean just strides ahead and they run to catch up. Dean finds a campfire (still smoking) with three heads – three vampire heads – on poles in front of it.

Jody and Sam debate over whether it’s just a really big coincidence, or whether these are her three John Does as Dean confirms that they are vampires. But Jody is confused by this. She says that she took their blood home and had Alex examine it. The blood didn’t react to silver or anything like that. Well, vamps wouldn’t.

Dean crouches by the fire and checks out how long it’s been since it was last tended. Then he looks up over his shoulder and is startled by a vivid and hallucinatory flashback of the hooded figure that stabbed him, with the spear in its hands. When he looks up again, though, the figure is actually there and poised to strike. It’s not a flashback. It’s a flashforward, a premonition sort of like Patience’s gift, except briefer and more shadowy. I’m reminded of Zachariah’s claim in “Point of No Return” that Michael foresaw the day Dean would say yes in great detail (except that Dean didn’t quite say yes that day). So, Dean may have a new power. Kewl.

And before anybody starts going on about Dean is fully human, folks, that ship has sailed, hit an iceberg, sunk, been rediscovered and brought up by deep sea submersibles, and set up in a museum. And besides, Nick sure as hell isn’t just an ordinary guy, anymore, either, and it took Sam a hell of a long time to become fully human again – about ten seasons, to be exact. So, no, Dean is not fully human anymore, if he ever truly was.

Anyhoo, the whateveritis gives a startled Dean just enough warning to dodge a strike from the spear. A fight ensues in which the refugee from Arrow gets all Kung-Fu genre on the three of them. Though Dean probably would have won if the hood hadn’t come off and the person he saw looked just like Kaia. EVOL!Kaia (sadly, the actress still only has about three expressions) knocks Dean over, tosses her spear to a mound nearby, swan-leaps over a fence, grabs it, and runs away. All of this is entirely unnecessary for a real fight and looks fake. I hate the way EVOL!Kaia fights.

Back at the Bunker, Jack sits with the young girl, who tells him her life story. As subtext anvils rain down, she asks of Castiel is his dad. Jack says, “One of them,” smiling fondly. When he asks her if there’s anyone they can call, she says her mother, but she fears Mom would hate her. She ran away from home out of rebellion (Jack looks guilty) and was taken in, along with two other girls, by the witch. She says the witch gave them gifts (Jack notices a big, honking necklace that Castiel and the Hunter apparently didn’t), but then the witch turned mean. She locked them up and the other girls withered away to husks. Now, she is withering away, too, but even faster, and she’s scared. Jack reassures her that Castiel will find a solution.

In the woods, Dean is still striding ahead and Sam still wants to chew the fat. This is basically just an excuse by the writers for some infodumping from Sam about how he thinks Michael sent his super-vampires (I guess he somehow found a way to perfect them?) to kill EVOL!Kaia for reasons as-yet unknown. Dean’s like, yeah, all right, but that doesn’t change the plan. Which is, obviously, to find and capture EVOL!Kaia. As Dean walks off, Jody pats Sam on the shoulder and follows Dean. Yay, Jody.

Thanks to Dean’s tracking skills (which are still excellent), they can follow EVOL!Kaia. And they do, as the day passes again toward night.

In the Bunker, Castiel and the Hunter do a Latin spell together, but it only speeds up the ageing process and DiD starts to choke as Jack looks on, distressed. I check my watch.

By the way, it was also infodumped at the beginning that Mary and Bobby stayed back at Michael’s laboratory to … uh … clean up his experiments.

Back in the woods, Jody skips a call from Claire. She tells Sam she promised Claire that she would cover all human-related cases but would let Claire know about “anything monster-y.” This, however, would be too much. It seems that Kaia was Claire’s “first love” (well, yeah, it would be rather awkward to continue much further with Claire’s weird puppy-dog hero worship thing for Dean, since he’s twice her age and totally not into it, or ever address again that whole Daddy Issues stuff she had going with her Fagin dude that Dean killed). So, Jody is not going to tell Claire. Or, at least, she’s going to put it off as long as she can.

Jody asks Sam about how he and Dean are doing (more infodumping about feels!). Sam says that Dean is “working something out – alone” (hey, man, you asked Dean to address what Michael did to him and he said he was by going on this hunt). Sam doesn’t think Dean is any more ready for this hunt than Claire would be. Jody points out that maybe Dean needs to be on this hunt. After all, hunts are how Dean works out dark and destructive feelings. Dean’s entirely barren field of fucks in “Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things” fairly leaps to mind here.

Boy, the woods are really nice and clean and open here in Vanco – I mean, Sioux Falls (and it was amusing to see Sam geek out once again about serial killers, to Jody’s consternation and Dean’s exasperation).

So, cut from Sam’s manly, brooding, bearded face to EVOL!Kaia dropping down into a crouch next to some cabin. She enters, briefly scans the interior, then goes to the sink for some water. After stealing some crackers, she comes back out. The creaking of wood warns her, but this turns out to be deliberate. She turns right into a gun butt from Dean, who was waiting on the porch. As she falls, Sam and Jody happen to be standing there (even though they weren’t when she walked out onto the porch. Continuity error, there).

Gotta say, that was pretty satisfying. I rewatched it a time or two. She’s a tad high on the Jerk Sue scale.

So, they tie her to a chair and interrogate her. After they confirm that she is the Kaia from the Bad Place, they ask her why she came through the rift. She refuses to say why, so Sam asks her why she’s (still) in Sioux Falls. She says it’s “because of him.” She means Michael and Dean confirms he’s no longer Michael. She snarks, “I know. You’re much weaker.” Because really, she wasn’t already obnoxious enough. Gotta say that seeing any version of Kaia ever again on this show was not high up on my wish list and this episode is not changing that opinion.

Anyhoo, Dean says, yeah, whatever, but “you’re still scared.” She claims she’s not scared of Dean (but she sure should be). She’s afraid of “them.” She means the monsters Michael has been sending after her. Every time she stops running, more come. As she speaks, we get a view of her camp, with three new super-vamps surveying the severed heads of their predecessors and snarling.

EVOL!Kaia claims she wasn’t trying to kill her double, with whom she claims to have had a Very Special Bond, but “the blonde” (Claire). Which is bullshit, of course, because if she’d actually cared about her double, and seen through her eyes, she would have known perfectly well not to try to kill Claire.

Jody says they need to get her back to the station for more security and protection. Dean says they have to “break her” right then and there. While Jody and Sam look a bit horrified, EVOL!Kaia smugly claims all Dean wants is the weapon she normally carries (but, for whatever reason, stashed someplace because Stuff to Keep the Plot Going). It does not seem to occur to her that these people who knew Kaia and “the blonde” might want to break her for less esoteric reasons – like revenge. For all her sparkly weapon and fancy martial arts, EVOL!Kaia is quite stupid.

By the way, back at the Bunker, DiD has died. As Castiel covers her face with a sheet, Jack weeps over her body, proclaiming that he could have saved her if he’d still had his own sparkly powers. Then he gets an idea (very belatedly). He pulls off the sheet, looks at the necklace, and asks the Hunter where she put the witch’s body. Um … excuse me? Didn’t the woman just salt and burn the witch on the spot? Nope, she brought her back to the morgue, where the witch is in the cooler. That was their first mistake. The second was not noticing the Big Honking Green Necklace On Her Neck that is identical to the one on DiD’s neck.

Some days, there just aren’t enough facepalms.

So, Jack explains in excruciating detail for Castiel, the Hunter and any of the slower members of the audience that the witch is still dead because the witch-killing bullet is still inside her. But the necklace drained DiD because it was trying to revive the witch, which it couldn’t do because the witch-killing bullet was still inside (really, it’s that spelled out). He yanks the necklace off her neck.

Back in the cabin, Dean is admitting that yes, he’s there for the weapon and is willing to torture EVOL!Kaia for it. He then tosses her around a bit, but EVOL!Kaia just smirks because sure, why would she be the least bit afraid of a guy who is wearing the face of the immensely powerful being that is sending monsters after her, 24/7? I’m not sure if the actress would be any better with more competent writing, but the script sure isn’t doing her any favors.

Meanwhile, Jody and Sam want to protect this puir widdle not-innocent who just bragged about killing her own double and trying to kill Claire. Pretty sure if Jody were actually in character in this scene, she’d be shoving Dean out of the way and cutting strips of skin off EVOL!Kaia.

Meanwhile, the vampires are coming. In case anybody still cares.

So, she claims that Dean is just like Michael, with his “threats” and “violence,” and she starts blathering on about how she “saw” Dean shove a gun in her double’s face (yet shows no fear because bad acting and awful writing make for a totally unrealistic character), and he’s afraid and “weak.” And this is the part where the script really crashes and burns for me.

Yeah, Dean forced Kaia to get into a car with him. And there’s been a lot of bashing of Dean (some fans really dig that) over the decision. Now, I’m okay with scenes where an antagonist calls Dean out on being so violent, but the ones that work (like, say, the interrogation scene in season one finale “Devil’s Trap”) involve much better writing and acting than this one.

The thing is that no other reaction from Dean in the scene where he threatens Kaia would have been in character. To Dean, Kaia was just shrugging off that she’d been helped out of a bad situation (the clinic) and refusing to help him, Sam and Jack rescue their mother, who was being tortured by Michael, right at that moment.

It wasn’t just that Kaia was afraid to help. It was that Kaia made it abundantly clear that she just didn’t give a shit. Too bad, so sad, getting on a bus now. If she hadn’t been afraid, she just wouldn’t have been bothered.

And just as an in-character Jody would have been ripping EVOL!Kaia apart rather than standing weakly by and mouthing platitudes about how torture is wrong (because Jody is a mama bear when it comes to Claire), an in-character Dean would have been bashed just as cheerfully by the same parts of fandom if he had not gone full-on Mad Max in 13.09 to save his mother, once he found out she was actually alive and – oh, yeah – being tortured by the archangel he was once supposed to say yes to, on anyone who got in his way.

But even this is rather beside the point because the very person who is calling Dean out on threatening Kaia is the one who murdered her. And excuse me, but murder (“accidental” for being the “wrong victim” or not) is far worse than a threat that isn’t actually carried out. So, screw you, EVOL!Kaia, you hypocritical little Psycho Sue, and get off my damned screen.

By the way, back at the Bunker, Jack brings the witch’s necklace back to the infirmary, smashes it, and DiD is instantly revived. So, there goes that B-plot.

In the cabin, more painful infodumping as we get a flashback to Michael appearing to EVOL!Kaia and offering her a place in his army if she gives him the spear. She attacks him (because, well, she’s stupid) and he easily evades her attacks (some nice stuntwork from Ackles, which unfortunately shows up the Kaia stuntwork in all its flaws) until she somehow manages to knock his feet out from under him and stab him in the shoulder. Not the heart, not the neck, not the eye, not anything that might have been, you know, effective. Just the shoulder.

Also, it’s pretty sad when the writers forget that full-power angels have wings and can easily outmaneuver a human using them, not to mention, smite them. Remember Anna against Mary in “The Song Remains the Same”? Like that. So, this fight is just straight-up lame.

Anyhoo, all is interrupted by the arrival (finally) of the super-vamps, who proceed to beat the crap out of Sam, Dean and Jody. A plot hole bubbles to the surface when one of the vamps insists he’s only there for EVOL!Kaia and they proceed to beat the crap out of Dean. Because I’m pretty sure that Michael’s vessel is still every bit as important as a spear that could kill him. If not more so.

The vamps are so dumb that when Dean frees Kaia by shooting her chair leg and she jumps out the window, they don’t follow her. So, it’s not a real shocker that she stabs one of them from behind, and then the other two conveniently turn around so she can whirl her big stick a few times and lop off their heads. She then pauses for a bit and Jody says hey, you came back instead of leaving us to die. EVOL!Kaia sullenly insists she came back to kill the monsters (because that totally makes sense – not) and then she bails.

Oh, please, Show, can’t you just kill her off offscreen? I’m begging you.

Afterward, Jody has a broken arm, but insists on driving herself home, after telling Dean not to blame himself (which is a bit like telling Dean not to breathe, but I appreciate her effort).

Back at the Bunker, Castiel visits Jack in his room and tells him he’s proud of him. The Hunter (who now has a name, Jules) is taking DiD back home to her mother. Can we keep Jules? She’s about the only decent thing about this trainwreck of an episode.

After Castiel leaves, Jack coughs up blood, but doesn’t tell anybody. Because it wouldn’t be a Supernatural episode without Secreth and Lieth.

In the car, Dean feels guilty for having said yes to Michael and says Sam was right (well … not really. About a lot of things). He just wanted to skip to the end where he got the weapon and killed the Big Bad. He says he never should have said yes (Sam, who would not be alive, and who knows full well what Lucifer was planning to do to the universe, had Dean not showed up at that church, says nothing to contradict him).

Dean then admits that he actually does remember all of being possessed. He doesn’t remember most of what Michael was doing, but he remembers the possession mostly as a kind of drowning and being too weak to overcome it. Which makes Sam’s whinging earlier in the ep about how he had to deal without Dean around, while Dean got to not remember the past few weeks, look pretty damned bad.


This was a pretty inept script, full of endless, momentum-stopping, intelligence-insulting infodump, characters acting stupid or out of character simply to advance the plot, simplistic and linear plot turns (we still don’t even know why Michael left Dean, just how Dean got the scar), an unnecessary B plot, bad acting and some not-so-hot stuntwork, especially from the main guest star. Not what I would have liked to see from a Jody return or a Dean possession aftermath ep.

It’s probably therefore no big surprise the show got a fairly low rating of 0.4/2 in the demo and 1.39 million watching. in part due to audience bailing in the second half (though it seems that Legacies‘ unloved series premiere also dragged it down). Let’s hope next week has at least a tighter MOTW script because Show, you can do better than this.

Promo for next week.

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12 thoughts on “The Official Supernatural: “The Scar” (14.03) Live Recap Thread”

  1. Well, I finally got around to watching that one, and I’ve got to say, that was boring. Usually the show holds my interest, but I kind of dozed off for a minute in that one.

    Jack’s storyline was a bit too on the nose. Sure, he’d probably grieve the loss of his grace. But letting him learn he can still use his remaining human skills, like problem solving, requires a problem that takes more than five minutes of screen time to solve.

    I’m hoping that Michael sending his monsters after the Kaia double was just a distraction for TFW while he conducts his real business. It’s sad to see a good character wasted. If Michael really just wanted that spear, he’d simply have to wait until she was asleep or distracted to take it, then fly off. I mean, she’s clearly human despite the mad spear swinging skills, and it’s not like she has anyone watching her back. Just wait till she pauses to take a crap. Handling the long black skirt looks like a two hands job to me.

    I was sorry to see Sam the spoiled child resurface. I felt like I was back in season 3-4 watching him interact with his brother.

    Dean was the only interesting one on the episode. Watching his intense concentration while Sam and Jody stroll behind him shows who the real professional here. Also watching him shoot the leg off the Kaia double’s chair. Always thinking under pressure. I’ll bet that even when he was drowning, he was scanning for the first chance to retake control. I’ll bet Michael had to go deeper just to avoid being thrown out.

    1. Or wait till she’s engrossed in another warm can of beans. Or eating her stale crackers.

      So Kaia hides the spear but Michael said it (like she and he) put off a new world energy. The energy Michael said he could sense. Too bad he wasn’t around when she hid it from Sam, Dean and Jody. Easy pickins.

      Loved all of Deans expressions during the hunt. So focused. My heart broke for him a tiny bit at the end when he was staring down Kaia. I think he was hope against hope that in an effort to take out Michael (and consequently the monsters chasing her) she would hand over the spear. When she didn’t you see a flash of disappointment and pain because this was his chance, his solution and he had to watch as she just walked out the door with it. I wonder if then he wished he hadn’t let Sam and Jody talk him out of breaking her.

    2. They need to explain why Michael could get messed up like that so easily, after tons of Show *and* Tell demonstrating that no one person, or even small group, can currently take him down. Just crappy writing all round.

      The show needs to address the fact that Dean has an excellent reason for not sharing his feelings with Sam – Sam *invariably* finds a way to use that information against Dean, in the most humiliating and damaging way. Until Sam figures this out and stops doing it, the pattern won’t stop. The show will always find a way to force Dean to go against his own best instincts and open up to Sam once more, even though it’s always been a really bad idea. Sam is the character who needs to change, not Dean, on this topic.

  2. Witch-killing Hunter is also now a Mayor in the Town of Many Murders that Aurora Teegarden has to solve. You’re right, she’s good; I ‘like’ it when she is around.

    I finally watched the first three episodes. I also don’t ‘get’ what is going on.

    IF Nick killed his family why did the guy cover for him? And then, as the only witness, pour him some tea? Dumb. Just plain dumb.

    I found Jody’s ‘concern’ for EVOL!Kaia (I have ‘got’ to figure out another name for her, it is just too damn long) nuts because she KNOWS E!Kaia killed Kaia, whom she has deduced is her ‘daughter’ Claire’s first love. Oh it was a MISTAKE was it? IF they were bonded she should’ve known all the WS were there to save S/D and THEY WERE LEAVING her benighted little paradise.

    My speculation: the spear is the Michael SPEAR of another dimension. As that powerful of a weapon, it ‘could’ injure an archangel I suppose.

    Oh are the vamps impervious to angel-blade bullets? Was that what that was all about?

    I ‘hated’ the fight scene in Stranger in a Strange Land; the ‘hep’ music they played in the background and the slow-mo scenes made me think a Keystone Cops melee was developing; the fight in Gods and Monsters was a little better. But not much IMO.

    USUALLY I can find something I really like in an episode (like in BUGS, I ‘love’ the scene where Dean comes out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his head, makes me smile). I ‘hate’ the ‘chiefing’ of Sam; Sam should’ve mentioned they have 20+ people living in the LoL, just should’ve. YES though Dean was mean to Jack. HE DOES NOT WANT THE KID TO GET HURT. Sheesh.

  3. I’m a bit hesitant to say this but I really dislike the intrusion of Wayward into Supernatural. I love Jody and Donna; Alex is fine too. But to me, Claire is just too abrasive and immature and Patience & Kaia fit too much into the “magically special teen” trope. And whenever the latter 3 are in the script, the brothers seem to be written as out of character and bordering on incompetent. It happened in the backdoor pilot and again, in this episode. Magical spear or not, the idea that whisp of a human girl could singlehandedly defeat all those grace modified monsters, experienced hunters and a powerful archangel in his true vessel was just laughable. It just reminded me of how Robbie T. became laser-focused on his creation and turned Charlie into a raging Sue character. It’s just terrible writing. I would have been fine with just Jody joining the brothers in the episode sans Kaia.

    Jensen continues to impress with his portrayal of Dean. Despite a thematic callback to his return from hell, it’s clear that Dean has grown since then. Jensen showed us a traumatized Dean with much more self-awareness and insight. Lovely stuff. I’m stumped as to why everyone on the show was suddenly stricken with amnesia and neither countered Kaia’s accusations nor thanked Dean for saving them from Lucifer. No wonder the poor guy has such low self esteem and a huge guilt complex.

    Jack continues to suck oxygen out of the episode. Lordy, so much expostion, yammering, and moping. Someone needs to slap that boy and tell him to get a grip. I know Dabb wants more of an ensemble show to give the Js time off. But the writing should still be interesting. The only Jack scene that I even remember this season was his insistence that Dean didn’t matter. Pissed me off but at least it made an impression. If the writers planned to follow that up and explore his relationship with Dean, that would be interesting. Unfortunately, I suspect they’re going to focus on Consumption Jack, swooning on his divan.

    I’m hoping the next episode wows me more than the previous ones. With Jensen’s talents, Michael!Dean had so much freaking potential – i’m still not over how Dabb managed to mangle a sure-fire storyline like that.

    1. I don’t think Wayward is the problem. People would probably be fine with it if the focus were on Jody and Donna. Those two are popular and well-integrated into the SPNverse. Alex seems well-integrated. Patience would probably be okay if they bothered to give her a storyline that didn’t involve sparkly powers. Claire was fine when the focus of the idea wasn’t so overwhelmingly on her.

      It’s the attempt to distort the original franchise idea with incompatible elements from incompatible genre shows that’s the problem. A female-lead show can easily fit into the SPNverse. A pseudo-feminist show about Mary Sues with sparky powers who aren’t strong enough to stand on their own without every other character around them being dumbed down does not. This has been obvious since season three. Why are they still pulling this shit?

      I like Jack, but I, too, am tiring of the whining. The least interesting thing about this character was always his sparkly powers. Find something else for him to do, Show, quick.

  4. I miss the rock too. They called Jody because Dean recognized the figure in black as the one or identical to the one that kidnapped him and Sam in the Bad Place; ergo something got through the rift with a weapon that could potentially kill Michael.
    Dean wants the weapon.
    If he is simply damaged,guilt ridden Dean, then he wants the weapon to take out Michael to make up a little for the damage that he has caused by saying YES to him.
    If he is still Michael!Dean or under his control then he wants the weapon because it can hurt Michael and he wants it under his control.
    Jensen’s performance to me indicated more than guilt or angst. After my first watch I am leaning towards he is still under Michael’s control/harboring Michael.
    Yep. I am happy they are not giving up on Wayward Sisters.
    I liked Kaia. I understood her perspective. I thought Dean was out of control in his handling of her. Dean pulling a gun on her and forcing her to come with them at gunpoint was kidnapping. It was patently wrong, heroic and a Clear sign he was off of the rails in his need to save family. Along with his reckless suicide in AT this was the clear precursor to his reckless world breaking decision to say yes to a psychopathic archangel who stated clearly his desire to end humanity one soul at a time and that this Earth was his chance to do things right… meaning do a more efficient job of killing humans one presumes.
    The THEN replays have reiterated why Dean said yes: because Lucifer had Sam (and Jack). He made a reckless, desperate wrong decision to save family just like he did in The Bad Place and in Advanced Thanatology. Of course he only risked himself in AT and the life of one girl who he never seemed to care about last season in TBP. I am amazed that the writing is so consistent in regards to Dean’s arc, now in its third season.

    I do not have an issue with Faux Kaia calling him out on kidnapping kaia at gunpoint,especially since she epathically felt kaia’s terror, and it explains her adversarial behavior. Why would she see them as anything other than aggressive adversaries. I do not understand her needing to kill Claire though… maybe it was Claire’s connection to Dean?
    Happy for a limp Wayward Sisters shoutout, especially without rubber suit monsters.

    1. I hated all versions of Kaia. I thought she was fucking annoying. I am quite tired of these cookie-cutter “feminist” teenage Mary Sues the CW keeps inserting into every show that it can–stroppy with a side order of entitled bitch. It’s sexist and bordering on misogynistic. Also, with a whopping load of ageism. Supernatural and some other CW shows have some female characters that are quite good and well-acted, but because they’re over the age of thirty, the network treats them like dirt. Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster have commented on this repeatedly.

      The racial stereotypes, since the only reason Kaia’s in the narrative is as a Magical Indian who helps or hurts the actual protagonists, aren’t so hot, either. Just a poorly constructed character all the way round that is probably best dropped and forgotten.

      EVOL!Kaia’s motivations are all…well…evil. She attacked Sam and Dean basically just because (or, even less sympathetic, to get to the rift). Then she murdered someone from this world before entering this world. It would be stupid (or, at least, psychopathic) for her to assume they would be friendly toward her, considering she acted toward them in an extremely hostile manner, completely unprovoked from their point of view. And I’ll believe she cared at all about her double when the actress actually shows an ounce of concern, let alone guilt. The impression I got last night was that EVOL!Kaia couldn’t possibly have cared less about “our” Kaia, so that makes any such motivation on her part really weak, if not totally speculative. I get she made that claim in the dialogue, but the subtext didn’t support it at all.

      Dean’s decision was not wrong because it saved the universe. That’s how we know it wasn’t wrong. Let’s drop this now, please. Like, right now. We’re not going to agree on it, ever. Seriously, I’m gonna mod out any future answers you make with this argument in them.

      Nick’s storyline makes what’s happening to Dean pretty unclear. Michael may or may not still be inside Dean (though why, or what trap he sprang in 14.02, I don’t know), but Lucifer’s pretty definitely dead and Nick is now crazy. So, Dean just may be crazy post-possession, too. We never got to see Sam post-possession because he was in the Cage for over a year. And Raphael’s vessel ended up catatonic. Michael didn’t leave John crazy (that we know of), but he did wipe John’s memories of him. So, the only baseline we have is present day Nick and present day Nick is off the rails.

    2. I forgot to add that the other obvious parallel to Dean this season is both soulless Sam and season 6 Dean.

      Season 13 was a season 5 reboot with Apocalypse 2.0 and Dean saying yes th o the AU Michael to save Sam (and Jack) and kill Lucifer.

      Now we are in season 6 2 0 with uber monsters a brother who cannot remember things, Sam in with a hunting gang while Dean feels like an outsider, BObby!. However instead of grappling with what’s wrong with Sam… hey ge is soulless!!!! We have what is wrong with Dean? I am banking on there being something extra rather than something hiking missing too. Dean 2.0. And we even have a conspiracy I think which will probably involve Dean as the twist, or rather Michael!Dean. And Michael creating monster hybrids.
      What is missing is Crowley. I actually liked the actor that played Kipling even though I found the idea of a Mongol that rode with Ghengis Khan pretending to be a mommie’s boy ponce very weird, and very insulting to Criwley and Mark Sheppard.

  5. Well I for one am so excited to have the Wayward remnants back. Jody is fine she fits in rather seamlessly because she has such a long history with the brothers. It seems inevitable that Claire and Company will grace our screens again. Pray that it is kept to a bare minimum. And must we have a Claire revenge angle? All because of her knowing Kaia 2.5 minutes, realizing that she is not only a lesbian (which show never alluded to) and that she fell madly in love with her in that (very brief) time. So okay, we’re stuck with DKaia for now. Fine. But do they have to MarySue her as well? She’s so badass she gets a hit in on THE WARRIOR ARCHANGEL OF HEAVEN. Please. If she didn’t have her pointy stick she would have been toast. Granted he did hit his punkinhead on that rock but still… The question then is why hasn’t Michael himself pursued her, instead choosing to send his minion monsters to kill her and retrieve said weapon? He snuck up on her the first time when she was so taken by her can of beans or whatever. You would think he would zap in, do the glowy eyes and leave with the goods. So you have to think was this why he had to release his hold on Dean because he was so damaged by the spear (or poisoned ala Deans AU bullet wound) that he was too weak to continue with his possession? So either he’s holed up somewhere healing or taking a lovely trip to Purgatory or the Empty.

    It seemed as if Dean held himself back from going full on Michael a few times. Is this Michaels remaining influence? Ala Lucifer/Nick? Or just Dean having no more fucks to give? Dean also demonstrated a few interesting fight moves I don’t remember every seeing before. That flip over Kaia’s head? Awesome. Plus I have to say I am loving Michaels fighting style. Very sexy.

    Please Show DO something with a Jack other than this mopey, whining, woe is me. I love the way Alex plays him but he’s becoming one note and boring. Add him to the now perpetually boring Cas and you have got a finger lingering over the pulling up the channel guide to see what else might be on. You had an interesting relationship with Sam and Jack and then just handed it off.

    Once more Dabb gives the finger to the fans who were promised a new character for Jensen. Two episodes. There was so much to explore with Sam and Dean being separated. Sam didn’t even meet Michael face to face since he took Deans vessel for a stroll. This makes me think, hope? that Michael will repossess Dean down the road and we will have that confrontation but I’m not holding my breath.

    Here’s hoping they wrap up the Kaia situation mostly off screen. Here’s hoping we won’t have to see Claire and her revenge fest. Here’s hoping this season gets interesting fast cause they have a Hell of a lot less episodes at their disposal.

    I think I know who the true Big Bad is this year. Dabb.

    1. I love the idea of Wayward Sisters, and I’d happily watch a show with Jody, Donna, Alex and Patience (and Claire, as long as they didn’t make her the MC Sue). But I get very impatient with both Kaia and EVOL!Kaia. Whenever an episode bores me, I get restless, and you know what they say about the Devil’s work and idle hands.

      I hate to beat on actors, but not only did the actress fail to distinguish particularly well between the two characters (just look at the actress playing the witch-killing Hunter, for contrast in talent), but it was damned hard to care in the least about EVOL!Kaia calling Dean out on threatening her doppelganger when 1. she’s the one who killed her in the first place and 2. she failed to act at all broken up about it, despite claiming to have known her and seen through her eyes all her life.

      Dean has my sympathy because Ackles shows Dean’s pain and confusion after having been rode hard and put away wet by Michael, with or without the help of the script. I get that it’s a tough job to come in as a guest star and nail a character in one go, especially if you’re at the beginning of your career, but you also don’t have all that history and canon that you have to remember for the character, either.

      Whenever any version of Kaia is on my screen not being irritating, it’s because she’s boring the hell out of me.

      I am especially and completely over lame-ass, oatmeal antagonists calling Dean “weak.” Dean is a lot of things, most of them not very nice or tame or civilized, but “weak” will never be one of them. Ackles always plays him as a (literal, at this point) force of nature, where it can be difficult even for those close to him to get through to him. It’s probably where this trope arose in the first place. Sometimes, he only listens to antagonists.

      But when they’re poorly written and poorly acted antagonists, it’s just annoying as hell. Here’s this weak and uninteresting one-shot (or two or three) character with a poorly-thought-out conflict and arc, calling the most vivid and in-verse-powerful character on the show “weak.” Not a good look for the show whenever the writers pull that crap.

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