The Official Supernatural: “Breakdown” (13.11) Live Recap Thread

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Starting now.

Then recap of Donna stuff and (weirdly enough) Dean’s very-ugly vampire cure from season six.

Cut to Now and a cellar lab with newspapers of missing people on the walls and jars full of nasty stuff on the shelves, where a man is screaming for mercy and a bone saw is a cutting away as a masked, aproned figure with rubber gloves strolls past torture instruments worthy of the Spanish Inquisition. There’s blood and what looks like a severed arm. And it’s all set to 50s girl group The Chantels singing “Look in the Eyes.”

Cut to Oshkosh, NE at Manny’s Truck Stop (missing an apostrophe as an injoke for singer/songwriter Jason Manns). A young woman is trying to get gas with her card, but the pump declines the card and tells her to go see the cashier. As she enters the gas station/diner, an assortment of late-night characters look up from their meals, including a preacher who has a van outside that says “Jesus Saves” on the back window.

A creepy young man is reading about aliens in a newspaper at the register. The girl goes up to him and says the machine won’t take her card. He takes that and demands her ID, as well, then hits on her bigtime. The creep is off the scale with this boy and she notices. Either he’s a red herring or heavily involved in what was going in with the previous scene. I’m hoping for the former because he is naaaaaasssty.

One thing we get from that scene is that her last name is “Hanscum,” so she appears to be related to Donna Hanscum in some way. We get stalkervision of the girl as she pumps her gas and then she’s accosted by one of the diner denizens (a long-haired, homeless-looking guy) who offers to wash her windows. She politely declines and flees in her car as he stares after her.

But later, she has a very flat tire on Route 88 and has to stop. She tries to flag down a truck, but it blows right past her. She then discovers something that looks like a shuriken or a caltrop in the tire. Then she’s attacked from behind by a guy in a mask, who beats her up some then drags her off, screaming. To her credit, she fights all the way.

Cue title cards.

Cue Sam moping in bed for a really long time. Dean pounds on the door, saying he’s making pancakes because Sam won’t come out. Then, at 10:00, Sam’s cell phone rings. It’s Donna.

Sam brings it out to Dean. Donna says her niece (Doomed Teaser Gal) is missing. She knows this isn’t the Brothers’ kind of thing (well, they have gone Hunting for less), but Dean immediately tells her to text them address and they will come over.

When the Brothers show up, Donna is distraught, blaming herself for her niece’s disappearance. The Brothers both reassure her it’s not her fault.

Dean goes inside to find Doug (who is apparently dating Donna now) and encounters a shirty FBI agent right after he discovers the caltrop/shuriken in the niece’s tire. Not even Doug intervening gets the guy to chill. Hmm.

Dean manages to lie his way out of it with the agent by saying he’s the niece’s family, but then has to tapdance out of lying to Doug about being Donna’s cousin.

The FBI agent gives a meeting where he says this fits the pattern of a serial abductor who goes south for the winter. None of the victims has turned up since disappearing. Oh, and this has been going on for 12 years.

Dean offers to help, while Sam gives him ample bitchface via side-eye. Later at their motel, Sam complains that this isn’t their kind of case and he’s worried they’ll get rousted by the “real” FBI. Plus, he thinks Dean’s attempt to recruit truckers via CB to find the niece is stupid. Sam, what is this? Season one? Grow up.

But it does give Dean the chance to turn Sam’s harsh pep talks from earlier in the season right back on his brother. Oh, sweet, sweet turnabout is fair play. Dean says they will power through as they always do. They’ll find Jack and their mom. But for now, Donna needs their help and they’re going to help her.

Go Dean.

Sam admits that he wants to help Donna, too, and Dean says he knows that.

Dean gets a call on the CB from a woman who says she wants to meet with him at a different diner than the one in the teaser at noon the next day. Dean goes off to talk to her and she tells him about the niece, Wendy’s, entry into the cafe the other night. It turns out the woman was the trucker who passed Wendy by. She had been in a huge hurry and didn’t feel she could stop. She said that needing to gas up was the only reason she even stopped at the truck stop because that place has always given her a creepy vibe. But now she feels bad about having passed Wendy by and wants to help.

As it turns out, she was the biracial woman with the mohawk who was sitting with the preacher. He’s now being brought in as a possible suspect for the “Butterfly” serial kidnapper. The FBI guy shows Donna a piece of clothing that was on the guy, that she identifies as Wendy’s.

When Sam and the FBI guy go into the interview room, the preacher insists he wants lawyer, even after the FBI guy roughs him up and Sam pulls the guy off.

But then Donna comes in. She starts off slow, talking about how lawyers aren’t well-respected in the Bible, so why would the preacher want one? Then she revs up a bit to talking about how it’s Friday and a small town and the preacher won’t even get a public defender until Monday. He’ll spend the weekend in a cell with some very rough types. Or he can answer her questions now and be out of there.

Meanwhile, Doug finds Dean and asks him about Donna (thinking Dean is her cousin). He says she’s been distant lately, not her usual sunny, chatty self. Dean tapdances some more, this time around Donna’s secret identity as a Hunter. You’re welcome, Donna.

The two of them go to the teaser diner (which Dean is casing). There, they meet window-washer guy. Dean and then Doug ask him about Wendy. He admits he saw her. Dean hands him some money. He talks a lot more.

He says that the creep at the register–Marlon–quite fancied Wendy. After she left, he got in his car and went after her. Dean mmm-hmms cynically about this, while Doug looks a bit sick.

Meanwhile, Donna gets the preacher talking  and mentions he flashed a young girl and picked up a young boy. He insists his wife knows and they’re working through it, that he’s weak, but not a bad person. When Donna pulls out the shirt, he gets scared and when she yells at him, “DON’T LIE TO GOD!” he breaks down in terror and insists, sobbing, it’s not him.

Outside the room, Donna and Sam agree that they believe him, while the FBI weakly protests about the evidence. Sam points out that the evidence could have been planted. Why would a criminal mastermind slip up like that after 12 years (well, Sam, you are a fan of serial killer narratives; they do get cocky and decompensate after a while)? Neither Sam nor Donna questions whether Mr. I’ve Been Chasing This Guy For 12 Years might have planted something in the preacher’s van and they’re a little too open about their theory in front of him for my comfort.

Meanwhile, Dean and Doug are “interviewing” Marlon. Marlon starts the interaction off by being his usual dick self. Dean cuts to the chase and smacks Marlon’s head on the counter a couple of times (“how we do things in the FBI”) until Marlon shows them a live feed of one Luis Fernando (the kidnapping victim before Wendy, according to FBI guy). There’s a dollar number at the bottom of the feed and users on the side are bidding. It’s a live auction.

As the guy cries and begs, the masked figure from the teaser starts to cut something off with the saw. Dean says, “They’re selling him off, piece by piece.” Unable to watch, Doug looks down and misses Marlon’s smirk, but Dean doesn’t. Dean recoils.

Dean and Doug call Sam and Donna, and have them watch the same bit of video. Sickened, Sam turns it off. Marlon snarks about Sam being “Vegan” and Doug smacks him upside the head.

“It’s how they do it in the FBI,” he comments and Donna glares sideways at Dean. She knows where Doug got that from.

The talk quickly turns to why this auction is happening. The comments on the side (“Yum!”) of the screen indicate the guy was being cut up for food. “For monsters,” Donna blurts out and then regrets it when Doug asks what she’s talking about (there’s a hilarious reaction cut to Dean, who is standing between them and doesn’t seem to know where to look). Donna tells Doug she’ll tell him later.

They interrogate Marlon, who shrugs and says he does it for the money. If he sees someone nobody will miss, he makes a call and gets some money. Well, Marlon, honey, you done screwed up this time.

Another live auction pops up. This time, it’s Wendy. Donna looks sick and leaves the room. When Doug follows her, she ends up giving him The Talk. She admits that Sam and Dean aren’t blood family but a different sort of fraternity altogether: “They kill monsters.” They’re Hunters and so is she.

Meanwhile, Dean is trying to get Sam to hack the cam, but Sam insists it’s “dark web” stuff. Um…what happened to what Frank taught Dean?

Anyhoo, Sam suggests they call FBI Guy, who comes up with a location while Marlon just chills and listens. I’m sure that since we are now near the end of the episode’s third act that absolutely nothing bad will come of this decision. [/sarcasm]

The Brothers rush off to the location (Wendy’s vivisection will start in an hour). Dean tells Sam to go in the back, while he, Donna, Doug and Marlon go in the front. Inside, Dean and Donna go on ahead, while Doug hangs back to guard Marlon. Donna promises Doug she will explain everything to him when she gets back.

Doug may not get that chance. As soon as they leave, Marlon attacks him, showing vampire teeth, and forces Doug to drink his blood. But not before being an asshat about Donna. Marlon really is too dumb to live. Or unlive, as the case may be.

In the back, Sam encounters the FBI guy and has him go in behind him. He gets clocked in the head by FBI Guy.

Meanwhile, as Dean and Donna close in, the clock starts to run out for Wendy. I’m just gonna interject here that I love it when these two hunt together. It’s like the Doctor and Donna, but it’s Supernatural and Dean has unresolved romantic longings for Donna.

The masked figure starts up some more R&B, but when Dean and Donna enter the room where it is, they find it empty with just a cassette player.

When they come back, they find Doug with fangs and Dean has to knock him out with dead man’s blood to get him off Donna. Marlon unwisely decides to return to the scene of the crime (told you he was stupid). Dean says great, that will make it easy to get the vamp blood they need to cure Doug (Dean must know that cure by heart by now). Before he can behead Marlon (who honestly thinks he can take Dean – ha), Donna blasts out one of Marlon’s knees and orders Dean to get the blood (Dean looks all tingly at Donna taking control like that). When Marlon bleats that she’ll kill him, she says that’s happening, anyway. The only choice is “fast or slow” and that depends on how fast he starts talking.

Sam wakes up strapped to a table in a very bloody room. FBI Guy (Clegg) is telling the guy in the mask to pull the camera back so they can get a full view of Sam. These MOTWs must be Sam stans.

So, Clegg says he recognized the Brothers from the Impala (really? And not the voluminous FBI files both brothers have?). He proceeds to supervillain monologue that there are hundreds of thousands of monsters out there (try tens of millions worldwide, as stated in season six, dumbass) and he’s providing an important service for those who “pass.” He says he serves them “people other people won’t miss.” If he didn’t, they would just go nuts and the Brothers couldn’t stop them. As if the Brothers were the only Hunters in the world or couldn’t take out monsters en masse (as they have, more than once).

But no matter. It’s an obvious bullshit excuse to mask the selfish desire to make pots of money off other people’s misery. Sam calls him on it and tells him to go to Hell. Clegg, being rather naive about the ways of Hell, says he’ll see Sam there and starts up the bidding for Sam, piece by piece. Clegg laughs at Sam’s attempts to stall, saying there’s no way Dean will get there in time to save him.

In the Impala, Dean is driving as they race toward where Sam and Wendy are (she’s had a temporary reprieve thanks to Sam’s auction). Donna is in the backseat, feeding Doug the vampire cure. When she asks Dean if it will work, he replies, “It worked on me.” They have to leave Doug unconscious in the car while they go in.

I’m assuming Marlon’s dead. Kinda sad we didn’t get to see that.

Dean and Donna enter the warehouse all X-Files-ish and split up. Donna finds Wendy alive, but lets her guard down in her relief. Masked Teaser Dude attacks her, kicking her in the back with his signature move. She loses her gun. But Donna’s a fighter. She grabs a pry bar and whacks him a few times. He loses his machete (might be a bolo). She picks it up and stabs him through the heart with it.

Meanwhile, Clegg, in a pig mask, is auctioning off Sam‘s heart to the tune of $500,000, while two werewolves avidly compete for it. He then says he normally cuts a heart out really slowly, to make sure it hurts, but with Dean out there (you know, the Really Dangerous Winchester as opposed to the Very Dangerous Winchester), he’s gotta make it quick. He pulls out a gun and aims it at Sam’s head. The camera angle strays and we hear a shot. Then we see blood coming out of a hole in Clegg’s shirt and he drops, shot through the heart by Dean, who has just entered the room. Sam’s look turns from horror to confusion to relief.

Later, Doug wakes up on a motel room couch, Donna by his side and the Brothers watching. Donna tells him Wendy is all right and in a hospital. Doug’s been cured, but he doesn’t feel better. Donna tries to reassure him and Dean tries to back her up, but Doug’s having none of it. Not everyone can handle finding out about the supernatural world and Doug’s part of that larger “blue pill” group. He leaves and Sam gives Donna Dean’s old speech about how you can’t let people get too close or they get hurt. Then he leaves.

Dean just puts his hand on Donna’s shoulder while she cries. I know it’s way too soon for her, five minutes after a big breakup like that, but damn, I am shipping Dean and Donna so hard right now. What is that, Deanna (yes, I know that was his grandmother’s name)?

In the car going back to the Bunker, Dean points out that Sam was a bit harsh to Donna. Sam retorts, “When has knowing us worked out  well for anyone?”

Oh, I dunno, Sam, you mean, besides the thousands of people you’ve saved over the years (and the billions who didn’t have to deal with an apocalypse or five)? Dean points this out, but Sam’s head is so firmly up his own ass that he actually brings up Kaia, of all people. Kaia? Really, Sam? You barely knew Kaia. And with those Bad Place creatures coming after her, she’d have died sooner than later on her own, anyway.

Sam then insists he’s not “in a dark place,” he’s just being “realistic”
and things really do suck. He starts whining about how things can only end “bloody” and “bad” for them both. Hate to break this to you, Sam, but it’s unlikely Death and Chuck will be allowing your brother to die any time soon.


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106 thoughts on “The Official Supernatural: “Breakdown” (13.11) Live Recap Thread”

  1. Did anyone else go wah! when Rowena called Desn lover. He did a weitd double take too.
    At first I thought is was a reference to the love spell.
    But then I remember how she acted with MoC Dean in the bar when he had her over the pool table… and then I remembered she was left alone with him when he was loosing his mind and left sticky notes for him and helped save him at her own risk.
    Folks are shipping Samena because of their talk but I think she is sweet on Dean.
    Also after the binding spell or whatever is undone she slits her throat per removing grace and witchy purple grace comes out to make hsr human,Then she says yes yes yes and her eyes go blue. I really think she has Michael in her now for a New York minute until Dean says yes.
    I think she is so afraid of Lucifer that she willing lost her natural magic.

  2. Finally got around to watching that one. Sam was actually kind of interesting. When he talked to Rowena, I got the feeling it was one of those rare times he was being honest. Though giving her the page might be due to the favor he owed her after her help in “Regarding Dean.”

    1. Oh yes. The Sam Rowena exchange was absolutely honest. He gave her the page because he totally understood the fear.

      We as viewers should have had more than an Jared ‘S acting to show us Sam’s fear in 11 which he did well in the cage and not at all during Team Kill Amara. Even if Sam refused to verbally acknowledge the fear it should have been visible. And it should have been visible in 12 yet he just seems snarky and cocky.

      I am pretty sure it is suddenly a thing because he will be saying yes to Lucifer to fight evil Michael.

      1. Usually when Sam does his “nice” act, because he can relate to whoever it is, he makes it all about himself. This time, it was more like pure relief to find someone who understood. I don’t get the Sam Rowena shipping. There was nothing sexy about it any more than it would be sexy to both be hostages to the same serial killer. Yes, he gave her the page because he gets her fear right now, though I still think he’s also returning the favor from Regarding Dean. Somehow, Rowena is going to come between the brothers. You could see it in that first conversation she had with them.

        Sam is drawn to Lucifer like a moth to a flame, eve if it destroys him . . .

        1. I noticed that too. I remember I began watching the show (first episode) was When the Levee Breaks. And I knew nothing except the junkie beat up Ellsworth from Deadwood and then tried to strangle the CUTE GUY from DOOL. So I went thru the whole show on TNT and then we got back to the beginning PILOT. And by episode TWO (Wendigo) he was doing the ‘sympathy’ thing with the kids going to look for their missing brother and THEN began to bitch at Dean about ‘babysitting the civilians’ and would have LEFT them on the mountain because they would not leave; Dean was right, HE would not leave while Sam was missing, why should Sam think THEY would leave? After that every time Sam talked to somebody I was watching for him to bitch about the ‘civilians.’ Now whether all that was just ‘bitching’ and if Dean said he was leaving too would Sam have left with him, would Sam have changed the argument around? I don’t know. But I ‘do’ know that Sam was always the one In Private bitching about the civilians. So I felt his ’empathy’ was all an outward thing.

          I am really curious about what Rowena did to herself at the end. Did she release the bonds the Grand Coven had put on her centuries before so she COULD protect herself? Did the blue eyes mean she had Angel Power (I think Lily Sunder had Soul Power but using it used up her Soul) of some type? It was pointed out here that Cas has the Blue Eyes when HE powers up but I don’t know what HER blue eyes meant. So ‘that’ is interesting to me.

  3. Poor Danneel – is it true the writers for her episode are the NepDuo? I hope they can pull one of their rare decent episodes out of their collective asses for her.

    I liked how they showed the bindings that were holding Rowena’s powers breaking one by one. If the Grand Coven saw fit to restrict her in that manner you have to think that there was a damn good reason. Perhaps in spite of Rowena being typically out for herself she will remember the solid Sam did for her and look out for them. A bit. Either that or not kill them too badly. 🙂

    I was thinking about the head witch that Rowena changed into a rat. With Fergus dead and the red head no longer near do you think there is a wee skeleton lying in a cage somewhere? No, scratch that. The NepDuo will probably have Asmodeus find her and have her lamely restored to her former witchy glory. Or do a rat restore and keep her as a pet. I’m sure he gets lonely too!

    Since Danneel is playing a faith healer do you think that is why Lucifer comes to her? And damn it. I can’t find the clip for next week anywhere…

    1. Who knows why Luci comes to her. I guess she is the real deal and he is desperate and uses her go ask Chuck for new grace and Chuck does it because now Luci has suffered and feel a the pain he usually ingkictd on others and Dean may need him to save the world.
      Who knows.
      How goes it with you.
      I am less sickly and hopefully on the mend towards being a real girl again.
      How is lil Alycat. She must be in college now…
      Speaking of dreams…
      I did have one where you. Your daughter, me and my husband went to a con dressed as an alt TFW.
      I was AbaDean, a mash-up of Dean and Abaddon because I didn’t want to buzzcut of lose the pink hsir completely; I just used manic panic to turn it red.
      My husband Browley…. a Benny Crowley mashup. I do love the idea of some Drowley or Denny action. I think you were Luci-Cas. I think your daughter went as Meg with an an angel and devil on her shoulders.
      I never saw you two in the dream because I have no idea what you look like. But we won the con and got to hang with everyone. I am not interested in Jensen so it did not end with me having sex against a wall.
      Glad you tracked me down.
      When we get Dean!Michael and everyone at WFB is shocked be sure go let them know that Cc has been saying it forever. I keep planning to write a Review but don’t really want to.

      1. I could see a fallen angel becoming a faith healed. Luci wants grace.
        The simplest explanation.
        But I am telling you… Rowena is now To Michael or rather Mowena… Michena.
        If blue eyes, yes, yes, yes and cutting her thtoughtvto release witch essence means anything…
        And it must because they wasted a helluva lot of their cgi budget on that.

    2. The rat… Well she is a witch rat so maybe she doesn’t need to eat. Hopefully Crowley made provisions since he committed suicide for Dean. It did have an effect. Dean mourned him.
      A boombox serenade might have been more effective though. Dean is way into Chick flicks in secret. Remember how he was hooked on the Mexican telenovas… that is a never-ending chick flick in Spanish.

  4. Paula, I hope you are OK because I don’t remember you saying you weren’t recapping tonight.

    It’s OK if I just have to keep checking, be back tomorrow.

      1. Sorry, guys. I’ve been busy all weekend and worked Friday night. I’m going to try for tomorrow after I get off work (after 5:30).

  5. For some reason I looked up Linda Tran (played by Lauren Tom) and boy has she been in/on a lot of shows!!

    What surprised me she was only in 3 episodes (in Season 7 the one time we saw Linda Tran it was a different actress. But in Season 8 it was just 3.

    Kind of reminds me how Christopher Heyerdahl was in three episodes as Alastair and Mark Roylston was in two episodes but most people think of Christopher Heyerdahl as the Alastair to remember.

    We were talking earlier about ‘one-off’ characters and both of these actors were recurring but they seemed to have a much larger impact on the show.

  6. Did Rowena just release her bonds and absorb Michael into herself. What was with those blue eyes.
    I do love Rowena. Maybe she will resurrect Ferrrrrrgus.

    1. Also… wow… we are so definitely getting Sam, Lucifer. Why else bring up his manpain.
      This episode was weird. The sisters were extremely annoying dumb Valley Girls, but also psychopathic effective witch. Sexist much!!! but I am sure that the bros thought they were writing strong women.
      Yes they got the better of the brothers initially. There is a reason that Dean hates witches.
      I enjoyed the brotherly fights. Now we know that Dean can take Sam. I also liked that Dean was as strong as a powered up witch.
      Rowena is scared of Lucifer and she is smart enough to know that he is not neutralized… but Sam is too easy a mark. Rowena is out for Rowena.
      Obviously she released the binding and became more powerful, possibly immortal. Aren’t blue eyes indicative of angel power.
      She is so scared of Lucifer… wouldn’t she want the power of his bigger and stronger brother? I am probably wrong on this point. It is out there.
      I don’t think I am wrong about AU Michael being the big bad and Sam being convinced to say yes to Lucifer. It might be as easy as promising Sam Mary.
      Dean usually has to clean up Sam’s messed and Mary is red hot trigger issue for him too.

      1. I cannot believe I forgot to mention the obvious mirroring of the sisters who lost their mom to the Winchesters. The sistersdid not get mom back.
        We should be wary of the Mary we get back.
        Doubling down on worry because of the continual theme of people hiding their identity behind masks or altering their appearance.
        Can seemed off of this episode. Misha is excellent at conveying nuance through voice. I get that Cas was deliberately provokinv Luci to get him angry. Luci seemed surprised that he was stronger. How did Cas know Luci was getting stronger.
        Still wondering whether goo man is a dark passenger.
        I think the stabbing was to show us Luci is now stronger than your average angel.

    2. Holy COW I had not thought of that. But do we KNOW that Michael has blue eyes? Did Apoca!Michael have blue eyes? I don’t remember Jake Abel ever flashing the azure.
      Oh could she have somehow brought over Apoca!Michael?

      Maybe she just gave herself archangel power?

      1. Pretty sure Cas has blue eyes when he powers up. I assume most angels do. Lucifer doesn’t cause he is evil.
        Gabriel does not make sense Lucifer defeated him easily.
        She knows how to open the cage.
        Wasn’t she screaming yes yes yes. They want you to assume she was excited about her spell working. I think she needed to unbind herself so she could say yes go Michael. She may have released him into temporary warded digs per what they did for Lucifer.
        Maybe I am wrong but if I was that terrified of Lucifer I would want the power of the only being that was known go be stronger.
        Of course he will leave her for Dean asap.
        My current prediction is Dean!Michael and Samifer against AU!Michael/Mary.

    1. I think the problem with Sam is Kripke and Gamble intended him to be the hero and wanted him to be cool and dark but were so terrible at plotting that he became the figural antichrist and a soulless unrepentant killer. I laughed out loud at the Jesse episode because if looked to me like Kripke suddenly reakized that his hero was the de facto antichrist and tried to fix it by calling a new character the antichrist.
      So very dumb.
      Anyhow they double down on everything by refusing to let Sam acknowledge culpability or guilt. It ruins the character for many fans who need more than bitchfaces and cute hair in their heroes.
      Carver corrected their mistake and then gave Dean several dark arcs where he remained heroic… almost as if he were showing them h ow it is done. Lol.
      Outing Chuck as God definitively is the icing on the cake. Regardless of the firewall scene this elevates Dean as the true hero who stopped both Apocalypse that Sam started and the only character thzt God ever answers or allows to change the story. It is a rather remarkable resume. Dean may not be the literal Jesys in tbe story but he is damn well the figurative Jesus and the only true demigod.

      1. We don’t actually know who the First Coming of Jesus was, or if he was a different person (with all the time-traveling Dean does, that’s a serious question). But Dean’s pretty indisputably the Second Coming. I mean, look at his intended role in the Apocalypse just as Michael’s Sword.

        1. Yep. And as you have pointed out in print previously, somebody was pushing that interpretation visually. There was some pretty potent shots establishing Dean as Jesus.
          The dichotomy between Kripke’s intent for Sam to be the BDH and what was on screen has always made me curious about the behind the scenes dynamic. Set people, direction and some writers seemed to want Dean to be the hero and certainly realized that the story was leading to Dean being Jesus and the BDH before Kripke and Gamble realized it. Introducing Jessie and never letting Sam atone were damage control when the story got away from them.
          Carver certainly pulled no punches as to who was the show’s big hero. And he had Sam Apologize to Dean and take responsibility for the second Apocalypse caused by setting the Darkness free.
          Please bring Carver back and push Dabb over to WS.

      2. Somewhat in Kripke and Gamble’s defense, once they realized the implications of putting Dean with the angels opposite Sam as a literal Antichrist, they may well have gotten a bit nervous and choked in the breach. But that may also be giving them too much credit, considering the number of Dean storylines they dropped over the years in favor of Dean holding Sam’s cape.

        1. Honestly Dean was always set up to say no in my opinion back then. He did not want to kill Sam. He did not want to risk any lives. He did not want to be told what to do. He wanted to be the master of his destiny. Go Team Free Will.
          So I do not have a problem with the way season 5 went down in regards to Dean. And even before Chuck = God, Chuck was still God’s voice so it was a huge deal that Dean going go Stull was not part of the story and pretty much indicates that Dean’s presence was the deciding factor. Dean stood up to Lucifer as a human unafraid because he would not let Sam face this alone. Dean was pummeled to near death and never backed down. Dean’s love and a green army man saved the world because somehow Lucifer became flummoxed by Dean’s strength and love which let Sam take control for a hot minute. Or the flash of light in Luci’s eyes was God’s intervention.
          I don’t know. The script sucked . However what is in script is that Dean did not do what was ordained and the Apocalypse did not come to pass.
          It wasn’t too dissimilar from how he stopped Sam’s second Apocalypse… substitute the garden for a green army man.
          Being the epitome of all that is best and noble in humanity is a pretty great superpower. So is being a masculine expression of the divine… lol.

          Now is different. Dean”s feelings about Mary trigger sometbing different and I have felt since last season he would say yes to save her. I am not
          Super happy that I am suspecting since last week that he will be saying yes to bad Michael. I really hope he says yes to crazy Michael. It is looking more likely that we will get Sam!Luci too.
          It made no sense for Sam to say yes in 5 if the goal was stopping the Apocalypse the best course would be to keep Luci as weak as possible. It damn well makes no sense for him go day yes now except he is in major mope mood and needs to feel like a hero or somesuch. There is no reason to ever trust Luci and Sam should have major PTSD.
          Hopefully both brothers x2 fight together against Bad Michael. It is just that Dean has never risked the life of an innocent before and to me it is a red flag that he does not care about anything except saving Mary. If anyone should feel bad about kaia’s death it would be him. He is Mr. Guilt whenever someone dies on his watch.
          I have a feeling he is straying to the uncool dark side. 🙁

          1. ‘Masculine expression of the divine’. Talk about a second coming. And a third, and a fourth, and a fifth, and a…. (Yes I know I misspelled it)

            Oh Dean!!!!


          2. Hmmmm. Actually in thinking more on it the bad act was opening the rift. That was a Sam action not something Dean does. He risks himself not others.
            I panicked a bit when I realized they were setting Sam up to heroically agree to be Lucifer’s vessel. The Deangirl in me panicked.
            It is looking to me like the story is heading towards the two pairs of brothers working together to stop AU!Michael who I suspect might be wearing Mary. That really up a the angst factor and I am guessing that Jack is his ticket out.
            Anywho loads of fans want to see Dean!Michael and loads would love seeing both brothers fighting as brothers against evil.
            Of course they could simply have Jack and Mary escape and the rift stays open… la la la…. here’s Michael.
            Opening the rift was a bad thing and selfish.
            Of course Dean!Michael may be very. Volatile and crazy if Luci is to be believed. The two Michael’s may get along.

          3. Last temptation… I am not familiar with the book or the movie really.
            Singer and Dabb do not strike me as the types capable of borrowing themes from complex philosophical literary sources.
            If Carver wrote a multi-year storyline that included bullets for mytharc and character arcs… maybe…
            I am amazed at how well they wrote Mary and Dean, Dean’s manic desperation about losing Mary and layered last season with Apocalyptic tropes that made it obvious we were heading for Apocalypse 2.0. They are still hinting this season too.
            And additionally this season they are trying go give a girl power vibe overall.
            I am amazed that they have continued to hit Dean’s special status too.
            But everything else is so meh and in general the writing is mediocre.
            I don’t see how they can pull it off.
            If they were going for the biblical temptation then Dean would be thd one stuck in AU world.
            Actually he would do very well there in my opinion . One could say they already explored this with Purgatory and Benny except Benny was the best bud a hunter could have.
            And they repeated it again Crowley in a way. Dean was in emotional pain and Crowley dangled the Nov.
            I suppose they could do a repeat of that. Dean loses Mary and really makes a bad decision out of desperation with the wrong guy. He is due for one of those.

        2. Did you watch that horrible show about no power. The guy is worse than Krige in regards go knowing what works and what doesn’t.
          As for Gamble,
          Apparently the Magicians is good. Zodiac was a mess.
          I confess I like her over all themes for season 6 and 7. She had some good ideas and some bad ideas. A number if the episodes were excellent.
          I think her hard-on for Sam got in the way.

        3. Masculine expression of the divine…
          I was trying remember the fortune he received in the Mentalists…
          The line is…
          You’re a virile manifestation of the divine

    1. Well, he’s a better actor than Momoa, that’s for sure.

      The funny thing is that Ackles would make a much better Conan than either of them, except he’s not quite tall enough and would never run around half-naked like that. Conan in the books is smart, fast, agile and lean-muscled. Except for the silly, long-haired wigs, he doesn’t look anything like the way he’s portrayed in the movies, comics, or Frazetta book covers. Ackles would probably be perfect for Bran Mak Morn, though.

      1. I was thinking the exact thing…lol. Jensen is too short sadly.
        Momoa is a thing of rare beauty. I enjoyed the beef cake immensely.
        As much as I adore Dean and Jensen, Momoa is a rare specimen that combines exquisite facial beauty and spectacular physique.

          1. I can’t watch those GOTG movies without thinking of Jensen playing Star Lord. Same thing with Jurassic World. I think he and Chris Pratt fill the same nitch. like Elias Koteas and Chris Meloni, and Chris Meloni ended up with the bigger career. Jensen is happy where he is what he is doing but CHRIST JESUS ON A STICK he was born to be Star Lord.

          2. Yes to Star Lord. Jensen in the role is a missed opportunity. No question that he wohjld have been better. He dodged a bullet with JW.
            Not a huge fan of Pratt myself.

            1. Not a huge Pratt fan. He seems bland. I enjoy the GotG films for the dippy, rather mindless spectacle they are (the opening fight in the second one is a hoot), but I can’t say I care enough about Star Lord to see him as a missed opportunity for Ackles.

  7. Okay. Ever since seeing Sam’s pissy mood I have the sick feeling he will be part of Lucifer’s redemption tour and it will be at Dean’s expense.
    They have set Dean up to save Mary no matter what. They have set Sam up as the caretaker who cares about others. Total role switch… and there is an Apocalypse.
    Bad Michael is the real danger. Lucifer is against Bad Michael.
    ALL of the bad men pretending to be other people and mask wearing… Bad Michael is wearing Mary. Dean agrees to be his vessel to save Mary… and it is Sam vs Dean in the Apocalypse except Sam is the good guy we want to win.
    This is what I have been thinking about since seeing pussy pissy Sam.

      1. I think Jason is not a particularly good actor but he has HELLA screen presence. I think if I saw Jared in that kind of a part I would like it a bunch.

        But I don’t ‘know’ if he could carry a movie all by his lonesome. I should probably see Conan (that one) just to ‘put’ Jared in the part.

  8. We are not bring hard on the character of Sam really but the writing.
    God kripke really sucked as a writer. He wrote a hero and wanted him tto be cool and dark. Instead he made him weak and petty, spoiled and selfish, willing to risk human life for personal gain, and he always finds someone else to blame for his choices.
    Besides his criticism of Dean, present since the pilot, which started in earnest in Bugs, this character started following the advice of a demon that flattered him and told him that he was better than the brother he both idolized and resented. Sam was perfectly okay with sacrificing a virgin to save himself because he believes he is too important to die. If I were Dean I would have started sharpening my knives right about then. Good people don’t decide human sacrifice is the way to go… ever.
    Then he started killing possessed prople because their blood made him feel good and powerful when he could easily exorcise them. He told himself he needed to be powerful to stop the Apocalypse by himself . Good people don’t kill for personal gain and no one person can stop the Apocalypse unless they are named Dean Winchester. Sorry Sam.
    The nurse is the tip of the iceberg.
    He purports to be friends with Jody who lost her family in the worst way because of Sam’s actions, because Sam needed to be special, Sam needed to be the chosen one.
    And every death related to the Apocalypse is on Sam. If he stayed loyal to Dean… no Apocalypse. If their mytharc roles were reversed… no Apocalypse. Flattery does not work on Dean. Dean has no need to be chosen or special. Even Demonic Dean lacked ego.
    A character that behaves this way that causes global suffering needs to acknowledge what they did and choose go be better. This never happened. Instead Gamble and Kriple decided to make Sam cooler than Dean by making him a soulless, oiled, killer sex machine.
    In season 7 there is a episode in which the victims are chosen because they feel guilty. Dean feels guilty because Jo died trying to stop Lucifer but not Sak who actually released him. We learn Sam feels he paid his dues because he suffered. F@#k no.
    Sam is the definition of self absorbed. He is okay with risking any number of lives if he can benefit. Any pain he mind endured makes the human loss he caused okay. He doesn’t waste much thought on the lives that were ruined.
    It was a big deal that he actually felt guilty when people dies because he released the Darkness; sure he felt like only he could fix it but this came out of guilt as much as the hubris that God would answer him and make him the chosen one.
    I liked what Carver did with Sam. He shined a bright light on Sam’s character flaws, then had the character recognize he was wrong, apology and try to do better.
    It was many years too late but it was a much needed redemption arc.
    Dabb has no idea what to do with Sam and Jared has never developed the character the way Jensen developed Dean using every inch and every attribute of his body. Sam often comes across as a petulant teen. He often seems to be the proverbial extra wheel too. In a show about hunting the supernatural in which one brother defines his life and it’s value through saving others and the other brother seems to hunt because he has nothing else going on and periodical whines about it… It is a problem. Sam never looks like he enjoys hunting either.
    One of the reason I liked Benny was that he and Dean looked great hunting together. I got the same vibe watching Dean and Donna. Sam always looks awkward and uncomfortable.
    They should have moved Sam into Bobby’s hunter scholar role and let him use his Stanford smarts. It would be better than tossing him the knife or thing him up.

    1. But I will say he was HOT in that Season 6 episode when he was ALL muscled up for the Tarzan role that Jason Momoa got (and boy, was THAT a craptard movie) and doing sit-ups or pull-ups when the prostitute offered an ‘on the house.’

      IF he was in MY cast (like Sera Gamble — and I am thoroughly enjoying The Magicians) I would’ve made him shirtless a LOT. (I think both actors do not like ‘cheesecake’ shots because Lawd a’mighty we do not get to see much of their bodies EVER.) Now Jensen said he was in a shower scene in his Demon Dean season and that he worked out bunches to be ready for it and THEN they steamed up the shower and all we saw were his eyes! They ‘said’ he would be in shorts for the ‘washing Baby’ scene and then decided not to show him! Oh I know I am an old woman who wants to see shapely male bodies, but dammit the show should’ve come thru if Jensen was willing to do the shots. Does anybody know if the guys sorta-kinda refuse to do the cheesecake shots?

      1. Jared just doesn’t rock my boat. I have had sex dreams about Dean. The best one…. my husband and I meet the Winchesters at a rest stop. Sam and my husband research whilst Dean and I go on an errand. We end up at a tacky hotel and he does me against the wall. Sigh.
        I even had a dream in which I make out with Garth. Ewww. But he does have pretty eyes.
        Never ever Sam.
        My husband is a bit jealous of Dean. I think he would freak if I bought the Dean body pillow.

    2. The Cole episodes were on TNT this week and I remembered reading that back in the day Cole read for Dean and Jensen read for Sam.

      DO you think that Jensen playing Sam would’ve helped us see Sam’s issues better? Jensen always seems to get some ‘blood’ into his characterization no matter the script. Just a look. Now would the camera have been on Jensen in times like that? In the Kim Manners years, YEAH.

      (I notice Dean always gets a reaction shot even if he is not part of the conversation at all. He just does a grin, or a scowl, or a WTF and it ends up in the episode.

      So if Kim ‘liked’ “Jensen as Sam” more than he did Jared as Sam (I have to agree, Sam gets almost NO reaction shots except a stolid face backing up Dean who is generally arguing with some monster JUST before he kills him.

        1. Kim Manners was there from the very beginning. He directed “Dead in the Water.” Also “Scarecrow.”

          BTW, Cyrus Yavneh just died.

    3. Ya got me. ;). Actually no, for the most part I’m not crazy about a ‘stache. Not just anyone looks good in them but they are usually the first to wear one. Kinda like beards. Call me crazy but I think Jensen looks great with scruff but a full beard? Not so much.

      The guys actually fairly attractive when he isn’t Doug-ing it up. :). But no. It’s Jensen/Dean or nothin. 😉

  9. I am a petty person sometimes. was down on Thursday so I went there today.

    The window washer was played by Jason Vaisilva who was also the ‘street preacher’ in Point of No Return.

    Anyway, somebody said he was the street preacher from The Edge and nah nah nah NAH na. I was right. He was in PONR NOT The Edge. So there, other anonymous commenter.

    1. Yeah, when you said he was in “The End” last night, I was like, “*That’s* where I remember him from!” Half the guest cast this week looked familiar.

      I liked that Dean was kind to the window washer and willingly paid him for information instead of a window wash. It contrasted nicely with his beating up Marlon a few minutes later. The window washer looked creepy at first glance, but was harmless (and helped save Wendy’s life). Marlon so wasn’t harmless.

      I liked the woman truck driver. If they don’t bring that character back, maybe they could recast the actress in a larger role.

      1. I agree about both characters. The lady truck driver was especially awesome.
        Other one note characters that rocked…
        Sushi chef from drunken Japanese demon episode.
        Sheriff from larp and the real girl.
        There are more.

        1. That sushi chef was AWESOME. “You not superstitious at all, right?”

          I love the Gas N Sip guy from Born Under A Bad Sign: am I speaking URDU?

          The waiter from Wishful Thinking with the blinking lights who kept trying to get them to buy MORE food is named Chad Krowchuk and I remembered him enough to recognize him in the awe-inspiring movie Chupacabra versus The Alamo in which he played an Alamo tour guide.

          The Gas n Sip kid who saw Demon!Dean kill a demon in the beginning of Black. He called Dean ‘porn guy’ and I loved him.

          That sheriff from LARP and the Real Girl was a stitch: I am going to take a bath in Purell. These young people with their texting and their murder. The witness was high as balls. What a bunch of lines they gave him!

          1. I think the girl on Swap Meat who got possessed by the demon was awesome, too. She did such a great job but I have never seen her mentioned in any list of well-done characters. Maybe because the episode is not a favorite. (I actually kind of liked it and the ghost was one of the best too.) The Librarians just did an episode that was a near copy of the swap part of Swap Meat.
            The Urdo guy was great. Love that line.

      2. No I checked the cast lists: the guy from Thursday was ALSO in PONR: when Dean walked up to him Dean said I am Dean Winchester and street preacher said OH MY GOD and Dean replied I guess you know who I am. I remembered the BEARD. THAT’s a good beard. Jason Vaisvila. The guy from The End was a different guy John Paul McGlynn (?). They both just had the ratty ‘street guy’ look.

        I checked on Brendan Taylor ‘Doug’ and he is mostly a set designer who acts a little on the side and worked SPN and got to be Doug.

        1. Brendan actually has been in a lot of different things. Commercials, comedy sketches, a few movies if I remember correctly. He was the farmer on the Doritos commercial “When Pigs Fly” that ran during the Super Bowl (2015?) which won 2nd Place. He was also the guy making out with his girl in that sexual enhancement(?) commercial where (in his mind) the baseball guys are standing around and he told them he was good and didn’t need them. I had to do a double take on that one because I never recognized him the many times I’ve seen it while watching tv. Clever ad. He did do set dec and I believe I read that he used to do set dec on Supernatural.

          1. He is in a mucinex commercial and a commercial in which he’s hooking up pre sex when his cat ties over his mind and stops mid French, pants down to feed him.
            The guy is Doug?!!! How did I not connect this.

          2. I think it is a commercial for something that numbs the penis so a guy last longer, hence he doesn’t need to recite baseball statistics in his head to reduce excitement.
            Silly men. Where a condom… always. It’s safe sex and you will last longer

          3. Brendan has a unique look which is why I know he is in all of these various commercials and the cat one is tots adorbs .
            He is cute in an normal nerdy way.

  10. No the last line should’ve been Dean walking over to the video camera saying This is Dean Winchester. See ya.

    And then turning off the video cam.

    1. I fell out of my chair laughing.
      Yeah I dated a teenager or two with Sam hair in the seventies. It is cute on a young man.

  11. I loved this episode. They brought back the creep. (Two other recent episodes that featured masks — Plush and Advanced Thanatology — prove to me they can ‘really’ bring out the ICK when they want to.

    I do not get Sam’s attitude. Was it that Mom is still off in Apocalypse World? They don’t think Castiel is in any trouble (waiting for some good dealing of THAT can of worms). They know nothing can hurt Jack and that now that he feel OK about things he will come back to them on his own. And they will try to get Mom again. I would give it just a little more time Sam, maybe TWO episodes.

    What would’ve made this episode perfect imo would have been Dean walking over the to camera/computer and saying, This is Dean Winchester and I will find you all of you. (I don’t know much about this webcam stuff but I ‘think’ Sam could find everybody who was in on at least the last auction by their IPs, right?)

    I recognized Window-Washer guy as the street preacher guy from Point of No Return. That is an impressive beard.

    One of the many things I like about Supernatural is that the death of Mr. Fernando was horrible and moving. Most police procedurals leave me cold, oh, yeah, people die but we stopped the serial killer. Mr. Fernando is still DEAD.

    I don’t blame Doug but I am surprised. On somebody said Donna has to be ‘single’ for Wayward Daughters. That’s probably true but it sucks.

    Like you, now that Doug is out of the way for a good reason, I also want Dean and Donna to spend some time together. He is his kind of WOMAN (imo).

    Good script, good acting (did ‘not’ see through Clegg until he knocked out Sam), interesting direction. Solid episode for me. And I loved that when Dean and Donna went to go find the ‘lair’ of the beast they were partnered up, Dean took lead but he had no physical doubts AT ALL that Donna could back him up. It made me happy to see Dean’s physical ‘ease’ at Donna’s abilities.

    1. The masks relate to the people hiding in other people’s skins I think. Both have been ongoing motifs and as I said previously Indicate that we are getting a twist where someone isn’t who we think they are.

      Since then we have gotten AU Kaia. I think there will be someone else in addition to Asmodeus’ strange power. My guess is Mary. Cas is also a possibility. Why else show us the too God.

    2. I love Dean and Donna together. This episode should convince any doubters that Donna rocks and is one badass hunter.
      I agree it had the creep factor and the hostel scenes were scary. Martin was too obviously over the top. He worked as a creepy man hitting on a,woman. He stopped working during the scene where he shows off the website and admits he gets money up for helping a,serial killer.
      Okay… He was told to give the Winchesters the scoop. It still made no sense. Somebody who is an accessory to kidnapping and murder is not going to confess.
      The FBI guy was off all along. He behaved less FBI than the Winchesters. And no way he could get the address that quickly. It appeared that he was human however the entire scenario makes little sense. How would two serial killers learn about monsters. How is a serial killer in the FBI. A 12 year serial killer would merit a squad not a,single agent.
      Very bad world building.
      Sam makes little sense in this episode. When Sam is upset he leaves. He doesn’t mope in bed and whine about the life. I don’t buy that he cares about Kaia except that they lost their door finderr to Mary.. and he only cares about Mary because he didn’t get to have a relationship with her. Gah is hebadly written.
      On the surface it seems similar to Dean’s angst but it isn’t. Dean feels depressed because he blames himself for every loss. His reckless, suicidal moves are about sacrificing himself to save others, a final grand gesture in which he goes out bloody doing some good.
      Sam is just pouty because he isn’t getting what he wants. He sees going out bloody as a failure. So again I have to ask why is Sam hunting.
      I would like to see Sam’s mood as feeling guilty that his desire go she Mary got Kaia killed and has Jack and Cas MIA. But because Sam comes across as a petulant teen and because he whines about what he wants it just doesn’t read as continued character growth.
      So now i wonder what dumbass move Sam will do for selfish reasons.

      1. Dean and Donna Hunt together well. If Padalecki ever left (yes, I hear the ESG screaming from here, too), I could see Donna and Dean partnering up.

        Sam was problematical this week. He barely interacted with Kaia and aside from reacting to Dean’s sudden turn to monomaniacal madness upon discovering what situation Mary was really in (after months of pushing Dean hard in that direction), showed no particular remorse for pushing her to use her powers to help find their mother. Once again, he makes it All About Him, totally ignoring the misery in front of him (like Donna’s) and I find myself thinking, “Dude, you’re 34. Grow up, already.” Are we even sure there was a heart to auction off? I sure wonder about Sam, sometimes.

        1. I want a spin off in which Dean and Donna are badass hunters and loving co-parents to a house of loveable supernatural scoundrels…
          Cas, Crowley. Benny…

      2. At this point, I suppose Sam is hunting because he has no legal identity, no other particular skill set, and no desire to do the work necessary to make a life for himself any other way

        Sam has always been spoiled. He also has a disconnect between his pride (thinking he’s better than everyone ), and his accomplishments. He’s not that great a hunter, as part of him must recognize whether he acknowledges or not. Too many of his plans have gone south, and he’s needed rescuing too many times. If he had finished at Stanford he would have had something, but he chose to leave no matter how many times he blames it on Dean.

        Dean, for all he has problems with his value as a person, never seems to question his own accomplishments or abilities. I actually could kind of get behind Sam not wanting to get on the FBIs radar again. With Dean, he doesn’t even worry about this. I think he just thinks they will figure something out like every other time.

        1. For all of the extreme Sam pimping that Kripke and Gamble pushed, tbey certainly did the character no favors. Just Compare him to Alex. Alex was culpable in people dying. Alex doesn’t want to hunt. This was problematic for me however they fixed the issue in WS. She helps people through nursing. She helps people by supporting Jody. And she was a badass medical examiner for dead monsters.
          Sam never got the arc where he is truly remorseful for everything and dedicated his life to helping people as a result. Yes Carver rehabilitated him by having him rebreak the world and blame/resent Dean for everything, followed by sam funally growing up, making amends, apologies, accepting responsibility. It is good and all but does not make up for the years of shoulder shrugging off the Apocalypse and bad brotherly behavior with the excuse that he suffered so he has paid his dues.

          Sam started the Apocalypse because he chose go follow a demon rather than Dean. He started the Apocalypse because he was jealous and resentful of Dean and wanted to be the stronger better brother. People died. Jody lost her entire family.
          He has never reacted to this fact. He has never apologized, showed remorse or let it change his life.
          So yeah. It is a probnlem that the character hunts because he has nothing better go do.
          Gah. Even someone as ill equipped as Garth dedicated his life to hunting once he kndw,what was out there.
          Sam needs to man up.

          I imagine this angst may lead Sam to be susceptible to luci who now that he has less power may need his perfect meatsuit to heal, get stronger… who knows. Lord knows there is no reason for Sam to ever say yes but the character is written like crap.

          1. I also think Sam ‘needs’ to have think Dean he is all that and a box of Milk Duds. Remember Garth introducing Sam to Bess, his werewolf wife: Sam bless his heart has reason for his feelings of inferiority (or however he put it — but bless his heart was there and THAT is a real southern put-down. From GARTH!)

            I remember when Hallucination!Lucifer told Sam that ‘saint Dean can’t save him’ and I thought to myself that MOST of Sam’s hallucinations would tell him that he was special and Dean could ‘never’ understand his ‘burden.’

            You know I would like to see an AU in which SAM was not joined at the hip with Dean. Remember Dean fighting to ‘be brothers’ with Sam in WIAWCNB? I don’t think Sam would. He views his life as ruined.

          2. The one thing I positively liked about WS was what they did with Alex. I was actually hoping that with Alex and her nursing degree that they would show that it is possible to have a character that is maybe not so badass as the others, but has different strengths and skills that are also valuable and beneficial. Now I like seeing a badass woman on screen as much as anyone, but realistically, not all women will be that way any more than all men will. Having all the characters portrayed as badass hunters would have been just another stereotype.

            Instead, they showed Alex more as a young woman who was caring, but who also knew herself and set herself realistic goals using her own strengths.
            And those nursing skills could come in handy.

            Besides, if the show is set entirely in Sioux Falls, having one character entrenched in the Sheriff’s department and another at the hospital can be very strategic in terms of plotting.

            It’s a pity they never went this direction with Sam, because it would surely have made for a more sympathetic character while acknowledging that hunting maybe wasn’t for him. But as a character, he had less self knowledge than anybody because he lies to himself even more than he lies to the others.

          3. Sam totally nerds Dean. Look at how crazy he gets whenever Dean has a new bestie… He goes postal. He has tried to kill two of them.
            Dean does very well in many environments because he is smart and adaptive and because he knows himself very well and enjoys the little pleasures of life. That is where one finds contentment.

            Sam always thinks he deserves better. That great life he had at Stanford was partly provided by demons. And it is long gone.

        2. I think you are a little harsh on Sam but whenever he is upset he handles things in a ‘bad’ way.

          For instance somebody above mentioned him signing on to BMOL and lying to Dean. I was unsure if it was just to back Mama’s play but now I think is that what Sam wants more than anything else is be out. Not that he wants to die, but if there was a spell of real forgetfulness that would also delete Dean and his family and the Family Business Curse from his memory he would take it. Sometimes I think Sam is in agony. I remember how broken he was when he realized that Ruby had bamboozled him. He ‘knows’ he deserves hell (and yes the problem for me is STILL Nurse Cindy from Lucifer Rising because he CHOSE to murder her). Sam ‘said’ he no longer feels guilt because of his 100+yr in hell but I don’t believe him. I think he lies to himself more than he lies to Dean.

          1. I agree with you, Evave, that Sam feels guilt, but his pride usually keeps him from admitting it. He has a lot of anger at himself, but unfortunately tends to direct it at others, especially Dean. Whether he feels guilt for any of his pre-hell sins I don’t know. But I definitely think he has post hell guilt, especially regarding his brother. Unfortunately, the only way through guilt is to acknowledge it and use it to learn and improve his future actions. Since his pride often doesn’t allow him to admit he is wrong, he doesn’t change, and he just ends up more guilty and more angry. It’s a vicious cycle really.

          2. He chose tgo sacrifice a virgin too to save his own skin before the demon blood. It didn’t happen because every other human in the room was against it.

    3. I loved Dean’s interaction with Donna, because it so amply backed up what he said to Jo in “No Exit,” that a woman can hunt just fine, but an amateur cannot. Donna may be relatively new to hunting, but she’s got what it takes and is no amateur.

      It’s a little sad that Doug couldn’t handle knowing about the supernatural world, but I think she sensed that about him already. Otherwise she would have told him. She strikes me as nomally being pretty forthright. And I know that as a couple, there are always little things you might keep to yourself, but that is a pretty big omission. In the long run, both of those two would be happier apart.

      1. You are right about Donna keeping her ‘secret’ from Doug. She ‘knew’ that it would end them. Wow. I had not seen that from the show, considered them a solid couple. But the whole thing was built on the slippery slopes of a ‘big’ lie.

  12. Those were some seriously stupid monsters in that one. I’m counting Clegg, though I think he was actually human. First, the checkout kid, who was so arrogant that he was willing to expose their whole operation.

    And if Clegg really recognized them as Winchesters, he should have known their reputation as well. Which means he should have known Dean would come after Sam, and he would be relentless.

    1. I think Marlon was there to ‘lead’ them to the abattoir. Marlon was part of the whole set-up.

      ONE thing Crowley said that was always and is still always true is that HE was the only one NOT to underestimate ‘those denim-legged nightmares.’ Clegg had kept the investigation (I mean, don’t you think the FBI might’ve sometime taken an unfruitful investigation from him for ‘new eyes’ like I do?) and nobody ever noticed what he was doing.

      I am unsure if ‘he’ set up the Butterfly or if he ‘found’ the Butterfly and offered him a sweet set-up. And because of Clegg’s access to FBI files he could have found the ‘monsters’ as his customers and begun to contact them. There must be records someplace, I hope Sam and Dean can access them and find all these monsters.

      So which came first, Clegg or The Butterfly?

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