Whispers, Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 01/08/18: The New Year’s Edition

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Supernatural (Thursday nights, 8pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

Apologies for the delay, but there was basically nothing on the spoilers chart to report until late this past week. Now, with the new year, we’re cranking things back up.

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My reviews of “The Rising Son” (13.02) and “Patience” (13.03) are now up, with more to come. My live recap for episode 13.09 is also up.

The show will return from Christmas hiatus on January 18.

Season 13 titles so far: “Lost and Found” (13.01), synopsis and photos, promo, preview, sneak peeks, and Shaving People, Punting Things, as well as live recap and review; “The Rising Son” (13.02) synopsis and photos and promo; “Patience” (the first spinoff set-up episode) (13.03) synopsis; “The Big Empty” (13.04) synopsis, promo and official photos; “Advanced Thanatology” (13.05) synopsis, photos and promo; “Tombstone” (13.06) synopsis, promo and photos; “War of the Worlds” (13.07) synopsis photos, sneak peek and promo; “The Scorpion and the Frog” (13.08) synopsis, photos, promo and sneak peek; “The Bad Place” (13.09) (airing December 7) synopsis, photos, sneak peeks and promo; Christmas Break; “Wayward Sisters” (13.10, backdoor pilot for the spinoff, airs January 18), synopsis, photos, interviews and first promo, second promo and related tweets; “Breakdown” (13.11) synopsis, this is supposed to be Donna-heavy; “Various & Sundry Villains” (13.12) (previously called “The Midnight Train” and originally, the title was “Stakes on a Train”) Rowena returns; “Devil’s Bargain” (13.13), written by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming, introducing Danneel Ackles as a faith healer named Sister Jo who is blackmailed by Lucifer, set photos here; “Only the Best Intentions” (13.14) Jack, alt-Michael, alt-Bobby and Mary all return; “A Most Holy Man” (13.15); “ScoobyNatural” (13.16, cartoon episode, appears in March), “The Thing” (13.17); “Bring ’em Back Alive” (13.18).

The debate about what Donna-centric episode 13.11 will be called and what it’s about has been resolved. The synopsis is up:

“Breakdown” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV)

TIME TO RETURN THE FAVOR – Donna (guest star Briana Buckmaster) calls Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help after her niece, Wendy (guest star Sarah Dugdale), goes missing. The three hunters discover Wendy was kidnapped by a man who sells human parts to monsters in a grotesque online auction and race to save her before it is too late. Amyn Kaderali directed the episode written by Davy Perez (#1311). Original airdate 1/25/2018.

Alexander Calvert gave an interview to Elle in which he talked about the fandom’s reaction to him, convention life, and the Instagram account he and his girlfriend have up for his very fluffy and adorable cat, The Lord Tyrion.

Set info is coming out about episode 13.14 (“Only the Best Intentions”), which began filming on January 2. Christian Keys (alt-Michael) tweeted a photo of himself with Calvert as they went back to filming in the new year (Calvert also tweeted about filming in a forest). This indicates alt-Michael and Jack will be in 13.14 and interacting in the same scene. It appears that alt-Bobby will also be in this episode, since Jim Beaver tweeted a first-look selfie the next day and mentioned filming with Samantha Smith (Mary) in mud (reportedly in Belcarra Park in Port Moody). She responded in the same thread by showing her alt-verse costume on the floor. Hmmm, could it be our alt-world cast are now in the SPNverse as of 13.14? Or in the Bad Place? Or do they get back in this episode, since there’s filming in the quarry that’s the alt-verse set this week?

Danneel and her husband will be opening up their new brewery, The Family Business, for … uh … business in Dripping Springs, TX on my birthday. And I’ll be stuck up here. Oh, well.

CW head Mark Pedowitz has re-upped his contract with the network. He also issued his annual “This show isn’t going anywhere until the leads hang it up” announcement. While he was cagey in a recent interview about making it official (because they’re not ready to announce show renewals), it’s highly doubtful the show won’t get a 14th season – and a full one, at that – unless Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles don’t want to return.

Supernatural alumnus Sterling K. Brown (Gordon Walker) won a Golden Globe award this week for best actor in his latest role in series This Is Us. He’d previously won an Emmy last fall for the same role.

Richard Speight Jr. has a new interview out about directing the show.

Warner Bros has announced details about the upcoming Wayward Sisters spin-off. As we already know, it will star Kim Rhodes (Jody Mills) and the rumor that Briana Buckmaster (Donna Hanscum) is in it was confirmed. Also starring will be Kathryn Newton (Claire Novak) and Alex Jones (Katherine Ramdeen), as well as new lead character Patience Turner (played by Clark Backo). Another new character, Kaia (Yadira Guevar-Prip), has been added to the main cast list. Kaia’s “gift” will be the ability to spirit travel.

The spin-off premise and new characters will be introduced via several episodes in season 13. Patience will be introduced in “Patience” (13.03), which also brings back season one character Missouri Moseley (who is Patience’s estranged grandmother and from whom Patience has inherited her psychic gift). The actual backdoor pilot will be “Wayward Sisters” (13.10).

Star Kim Rhodes told EW that there’s a good in-SPNverse reason why the show will be set in a single location (Sioux Falls) instead of moving around. Rhymes with “Hellmouth,” I’ll bet. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion it’s to do with the rip between universes in that crappy old boat from 12.09.

There’s a new promo out for the spin-off that’s Claire-centric.

Season 12 is out on Amazon.

The count for Supernatural calendars for 2018 is now five: a charity calendar called If I Could Tell You: The Women of Supernatural that is sadly no longer available, two large calendars out on July 1, one mini calendar on September 1, and a Creation Entertainment calendar that came out on December 1 (also no longer available).

The show is currently averaging a 0.6 in the demo, putting it second on the network and even with last season. Between this and the resurgence of Riverdale, the CW is the only broadcast network that has not dropped in average demo since last season.

The show had a repeat last week that came in at 0.2/1 in the demo (0.246 in the unrounded overnights) and 1.03 million in audience in the overnights. It was preempted by holiday programming during Christmas week.

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13 thoughts on “Whispers, Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 01/08/18: The New Year’s Edition”

  1. He woke up car. He can wake up other angels
    He is stronger than an archangel.
    I really don’t think we need to know more unless he does it.

  2. We have been watching Season 7 on TNT this week and I ‘love’ the ‘crazy Cas’ story line. I hate ‘depowered’ Cas storylines, but having him powerful but have Dean need to convince him to do something, anything.

    Now I wish Erica Cera’s character somewhere along the line had explained WHY the angels needed Jack to reproduce in some fashion.

    Thank you for everything, Author Stiles, I love reading all your ideas about the show.

    1. I think the show is holding back on the angel creation storyline a bit as a card to use farther down the road. Frankly, I’m surprised they haven’t tried to replenish their numbers sooner. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t some permanent influx of angels from the alt-SPNverse, too.

      BTW, I have not forgotten your book. I ordered the second galley proof from Amazon on Jan 1, but they seem to take their sweet time making new KDP books. It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. If it looks okay (it should), I’ll send it along to you. The first galley isn’t doable because there was a problem with the cover. It didn’t entirely fit on the front page as it was.

  3. Oh hi. Flashback in which we see that she effectiveky unlocked the cage so that Michael is technically free just waiting for his derring do, 11:15 To strike.

    1. Spoilers would tend to indicate that alt-Michael is being played by the same actor as late as 13.14, even with Mary in the picture.

  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/peoples-choice-awards-2017-nominees-and-winners-list-w461702/amp/

    The results were announced in January last year. I guessvoting may have been in November. Without imbd I was completely unaware.

    Well if showsuddenly does not win or Jensen wasn’t nominated I hope Pedowski taskes the hint that Singer and Dabb suck balls. Move them to Wayward Sisters which they have already stunk up with lousy writing and lame lip service to superhero origin stories for Patience and Kaia.

    Have Carver resume shotgunning on Supernatural without Singer. He actually had great numbers compared to Gamble and Jensen was happy.

    It sucks regarding Mark and Rowena because both actors were able to give great performances that elevated sh$t writing, as also does Jensen, Sam and Misha… Alex too.

    I am so over Mark P. He has been down hill since his introduction and Dabb’s spoiled teenaged take ruined him forever. As for redemption… didn’t help Chuck. How much more can we expect from a self serving narcissist. Fatherhood won’t change a narcissist. He saw Jack as a tool last season and now I expect him to see Jack as a source of new grace.

    He will go against AU Michael for his own pride. Crowley sacrificed himself to help TFW. No comparison.

    As for Sam… yawn. Jared cannot deliver the pathos without good writing. I loved the 4 year arc Carved did for Sam that put a microscope to his flaws, had him really f up, treat Dean badly, and damn the world again all on his own and then had him acknowledge his mistakes, apologize, take responsibility and start to change and be better. Whilst Dabb hasn’t tossed it out Sam feels,like an afterthought sketched in with Singer’s character bullets. Sam is smart and sensitive.
    Sam hovers on periphery until knife lands in front of him and he picks it up and bumbles into a baddie.
    They coulkd not do the character more of a disservice if they tried.

    Kripke and Gamble may have had blinders on when writing for Dean however he was never so unimportant or an afterthought. Gamble made him the actual center of both of her seasonal arcs. He was Philip Marlowe in 6 and the person losing everything in season 7 and his performance anchored both seasons without the bells and whistles of being soulless or nuts.

    I don’t want these mediocre at best hacks ruining another dark Dean storyline.. and Dean!!Crazy!Michael is going to get dark, especially if he loses Mary permanently or she is in danger because big bad, mrdium bad or, lil bad has her.

    I am trying to write a review of the x-files. Lord. Now those writers know how to shelve objectively the most interesting character and the one driving the mytharc. Make her a damsel in distress x 3 and have all of the men hellbent on saving her. Eyeroll. Oh and make it clear that Mulder, Skinner and CSM all luv her. And he turned the season 10 reboot finale into a vision that may or may not pass so none of that
    happened yet.

    I really need s 3 of the Exorcist.

    1. Yeah, I can’t quite bring myself to watch the season premiere of The X-Files, yet. I heard about the Scully characters assassination.

      Rowena’s back in 13.12, though Dabb was cagey about what form she’d take.

        1. The Critics Choice Award was just on. People’s Choice Awards for 2017 were last year. The only thing new about it for this year so far is that they’re moving them to the E! channel.

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