The Official “War of the Worlds” (13.07) Live Recap Thread

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I’ll also be simul-recapping on Wayward Children.

So, let’s get started. Keeping my expectations low, since it’s the Nepotism Duo, we’ve got Colonel Sanders again, and the episode got a series low of 0.3/1 and 1.21 million. And yeah, Arrow did even worse, and it was Thanksgiving, and they were also up against football, but still. It’s not as though fandom is identifying this as a lost masterpiece, either.

Recap of Lucifer getting owned by Mary and alt-Michael, Asmodeus’ extremely tedious search for Jack, and Jack’s stupid decision at the end of last week.

Cut to Lucifer in prison, whinging a lot more (this time to alt-Michael) about Chuck. Turns out alt-Michael can interrogate Lucifer and also torture him. Which he does. Whatever. This show sure loves its torture scenes.

Cue title cards.

Cue the sneak peek, where Dean asks Sam about his search for Jack and Sam infodumps that Jack has vanished. Castiel comes in and says he must go find him and he’s got a contact to see if Jack has been captured by anyone naughty. When Dean offers to come along, Castiel basically admits his contact is an angel, so that’s a no-go. Dean then tells Castiel not to do anything stupid, which pretty much guarantees Castiel will end up doing something spectacularly stupid. It’s almost as if I’ve been watching this show for over a decade now.

In the midst of this, Dean decides to check out a case of witches being ritually murdered. Because reasons.

Cut to Asmodeus. All I can say is I hope this scene will be very short.

Anyhoo, Colonel Sanders is calling psychically to Jack, with no success. A demon interrupts him to say they can’t find Jack, either, and they have a “Hunter on the payroll” (really? Only one? The Nep Duo sure forget canon awful fast), who says the Brothers don’t have him, either. CS whines a bit about how Jack can hide when he has so much power (it’s because he’s a walking plot device, dummy). Lots of whining in this episode.

Cut to the alt-world, where alt-Michael is apparently dissatisfied with the barren rock he’s turned Earth into, even though that was the whole plan in the first place. Welp, color me confused on that one.

So, he interrogates Lucifer a bit about our “nicer” planet, which he wants to visit and rule (and, presumably, ruin, too) and then he calls in alt-Kevin (yes, Kevin’s alive in this reality). Kevin has found a spell in the Angel Tablets (there was only one Angel Tablet, you morons) to cross over to other realities, but it requires archangel grace. So, of course Michael takes some of Lucifer’s. Because that’s  a thing now.

Not at all impressed by alt-Michael so far and this entire alternate realities storyline continues to be a hot, hot mess.

Back to the Brothers (finally), who are on the dead witch case. Dean has already figured it’s not Hunters. Sam has found some CCTV footage near the time when the last witch was kidnapped and killed, and Dean spots someone on the monitor who looks familiar – it’s Ketch. With a beard.

CW, you need to just go away with these endless Riverdale ads. They actually make me want to watch that show even less.

While the Brothers argue (in broad daylight) over how Ketch can be alive and why he would be killing witches, they’re approached by a woman named Daniela, who is a witch and (obviously) knows who they are. Sam is actually handed the Idiot Ball long enough to ask how she knows. Sam, come on, really?

Anyhoo, she figures they may not like witches, but they do help people and boy, does she need help.

Back in Stupid Alt-World, Kevin is cooking up the crossover spell, while Lucifer and his guards look on. Lucifer actually tries to talk Kevin out of it by saying it’s evil. Alt-Kevin, to his credit, calls Lucifer out on the hypocrisy of that, but then kinda spoils it by saying alt-Michael will take him to “Paradise World.”

So, anyhoo, the spell works fine, but it only works for one person (as alt-Kevin tells alt-Michael after Lucifer breaks free and escapes through it). Alt-Michael tells Kevin to fix it. Also, Mary is apparently still trapped there. Yay.

Lucifer lands back in our world, but he’s mistaken for a crazy homeless person because he now has no powers.

If you think that’s excruciatingly lame, wait until you check out the next scene where Colonel Sanders is interrogating a motel clerk who had the misfortune of checking in the Brothers and Jack one day recently, then senses something. He says it’s not Jack, so it must be Lucifer’s return through the portal.

Lord, this episode is really quite bad.

Cut to a creepy house in the middle of the woods, a “safe house” where Daniela has taken the Brothers. She shows them scars and says she was caught by the “serial killer” who has been hunting witches. Sam gets her to identify Ketch as the one. She says she managed to get free and disable him temporarily with a spell.

Sam asks her what Ketch wanted. She says he’s looking for Rowena. Dean notes that Rowena is dead. Daniela agrees and says that’s what everyone is telling Ketch, hence the trail of bodies.

Daniela is fearful and says she wants to hide until it’s all over. Instead, Dean suggests they use her as bait.

Later that night, she’s sitting at a table, playing Tarot cards, when she hears a noise and then a smoke bomb crashes through the grate and she passes out. A figure in a gas mask bursts in and shoots up the place, but as he turns around, he gets dart-gunned by Dean. The Brothers come in from outside. As Sam helps Daniela out the door, Dean pulls off the intruder’s mask. Yup. It’s Ketch.

I don’t really see the point of having killed off a bunch of characters last season, only to bring them back. And I sure didn’t miss Ketch.

As Dean interrogates him, Ketch claims not to be Ketch. He doesn’t have his old tattoo and he claims he’d never get one. I roll my eyes pretty hard. Please tell me, Show, that you’re not going to dumb down the Brothers so much that they buy this even a little.

At least somewhat to their credit, they laugh outright at Ketch’s claim that his name is Alexander and they’ve mistaken him for his psycho brother Arthur (how this is supposed to explain his attempt on Daniela’s life I really don’t know).

Anyhoo, Ketch claims he chickened out of the LoL “initiation” and ran off to become a Hunter-for-hire. He’s just killing witches because they’re bad and doesn’t really have a good reason for looking up Rowena except that she’s a witch.

It’s like these two writers don’t even try, anymore. If they ever did.

So, Sam finds a paper trail that looks pretty convincing, but then, the Brothers have pretty convincing paper trails, too. Dean is unconvinced. The writers get in a little dig at the Brothers being *really* stupid by having Sam say they dumped the body rather than burned it (which would make it very hard for him to resurrect). They would never just dump the body. They *always* salt and burn.

Anyhoo, Dean is not buying it at all. I’m so proud of you, Dean.

Ketch continues to work on Sam, who is the one who is buying this a tiny bit. Sam says some nasty things about “Arthur,” which provokes “Alexander” to defend “Arthur.” Uh-huh. Sure, Ketch.

Via his Alexander persona, Ketch claims to “regret” some of what he did to the Winchester family. He’s lucky he’s talking to Sam. Dean wouldn’t care.

Meanwhile, Castiel is meeting with his contact, Duma, who predictably betrays him to the other angels. Seems they have this daft plan to capture Jack and force him to make new angels, since none have been made “since the dawn of time.” Yeah, let’s totally forget that bit where Castiel is only about half a billion years old.

Anyhoo, there’s a fight and it’s broken up by Lucifer. Lucifer does red-glowy eyes and the angels flee before they see that Lucifer doesn’t have his full powers.

After exchanging Cliff’s Notes on why each is not dead/in another dimension, Lucifer forestalls Castiel stabbing him by explaining that WE ARE ALL IN DANGER. AND IT’S NOT ME THIS TIME.

Over beers in a bar (I’m not kidding; that’s the least-daft thing about this whole episode), Lucifer explains that alt-Michael is much more powerful than his brother in this reality. Which makes no sense, but whatever. Lucifer wants Castiel to help him find Jack so they can form their own version of TFW and kick alt-Michael’s ass when he comes through the portal (which, if course, he will, because why waste any time on introducing him, otherwise?). Personally, I remain quite salty about what this show has done to this reality’s Michael, but there you go.

Castiel, to his credit, is totally unimpressed and pretty hung up on the part where Lucifer killed him the last time they met. They trade a few insults and Lucifer tries to schmooze Castiel. He keeps banging away at how God is not there.

Castiel insists he has to talk to Sam and Dean. Lucifer says they’d just put him back in the Cage. Castiel points out that’s exactly what he wants, too. Lucifer finally clues in that Castiel doesn’t know where Jack is.

Back at the Bunker, Dean gets a call from a contact he made (the motel manager whose clerk Asmodeus just wasted). He puts two-and-two together, especially since Asmodeus was stupid enough to show up personally at the motel, and comes up with Asmodeus looking for Jack.

Meanwhile, Sam is letting Ketch wander around the Bunker in manacles. Because Sam really is written that dumb this week.

Ketch keeps up with the charade. Dean doesn’t buy it. Ketch unwisely asks about Mary, but Dean refuses to give him any info.

He gets a call from Castiel, but Castiel is caught by Lucifer, who walks off with Castiel’s phone. Dean realizes something odd is going on and heads off with Sam to meet up with Castiel. Dean is unhappy about the idea of leaving Ketch locked up in the Bunker.

At the bar, Lucifer is having a hissy-fit once Castiel brings him up to speed. All he cares about is whether or not Jack is powerful, and he assumes that Jack tortured the Winchesters.

Before Castiel can set him straight, Asmodeus and his crew show up. Bleah. I am so over this guy. He just needs to die. Also, I really, really hate his henchdemons.

Lucifer insults Colonel Sanders. Asmodeus instead decides to defy Lucifer and does so successfully. I roll my eyes really hard.

The Brothers enter the bar, only to find it empty and dark. The bartender has been smoked by Asmodeus, so he can’t help.

Fortunately, Asmodeus has left behind his henchdemons to take out the Winchesters, so there’s a fight (where, it must be said because there’s an important plot point here, Dean does better than Sam). One demon is about to take out Sam when Ketch shows up and kills her, while Dean takes out his last demon.

Sam is actually dumb enough to ask how Ketch got out. Dean isn’t as dumb as Sam, though, and pulls a gun on Ketch, having finally found the evidence he needs to confirm it’s really him.

Ketch admits that the whole “twin brother” thing is just his cover. He’s on the run from the LoL as a deserter and works on the downlow as a sort of enforcer in the magical world. Sam asks how he’s alive and he says Rowena was captured by the LoL once and he helped her escape in exchange for her giving him the same charm she used to resurrect. After Dean tells him Lucifer killed her (and Ketch acts skeptical), he admits that he has to recharge the “device” and tries to snow Dean a bit, which Dean doesn’t buy.

Ketch: Did it ever occur to you, Dean, that I might actually be one of the good guys?

Dean: No. Not even once.

When Ketch realizes Dean is going to kill him – again – he throws down a smoke bomb and flees, but not before Dean gets a shot at him and wounds him.

Later, Dean gets a call from “Castiel,” who claims everything is fine on his end, now. But of course it’s Asmodeus. Asmodeus then monologues to Ketch (who is working for him) that he’s keeping Lucifer and Castiel on tap for now, and that he needs “that nephilim” if he’s going to beat alt-Michael. Ketch replies, “You really needn’t worry.” Yeah, this show really didn’t need this character back and it sure as hell doesn’t need Asmodeus. What a way to reduce the impact of the original YED.


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71 thoughts on “The Official “War of the Worlds” (13.07) Live Recap Thread”

  1. Paula, will I be able to order this from you? I would love to get pages or a place I can run off pages. And, of course, pay you. Let me know how to handle it.

    1. Yes, you can. I’m just trying to figure out how to get a galley proof so I can look over a real copy, then I will put up the print version. And yes, I will order copies for inventory, so you can order one from me.

  2. It’s always seemed to me like the supernatural beings, especially the high powered ones become obsessed with Dean, for good or ill, while humans are impressed by Sam. It’s like humans just aren’t capable of grasping the larger picture he inhabits.

    Demons are an interesting exception. As former humans, they don’t usually understand Dean’s importance. I think they gravitate to Sam because they get him better. Of course, the occasional demon, like Meg and Crowley, retain enough intelligence to see the big picture and understand Dean’s role. But most demons, like most humans, are relentlessly small picture.

    1. Yes. +1
      Dean is a major player. Even Lucifer recognizes this whereas he is just over Sam
      I liked Bart as a character… better than your average demon and far more interesting than Asmodeus who was fun for one bot minute.
      A good group of actors in this one.
      A strange mash-up of Indian Jones and Ocean’s 11.

  3. There is no place to hit reply when you responded to me re Castiel’s most recent death.

    I did not think of THAT one because nobody seems to think Chuck was the one who raised Castiel from the dead and we were discussing Castiel getting ‘upgrades’ or ‘factory resets’ every time he dies.

    It appears however he came back this last time that he has not been either enhanced or weakened; my argument was that he will never be ‘full’ on again because Metatron took a goodly portion of his Grace for the Angel-Expelling-Spell and while he got ‘back’ his Grace he only got a small portion,

    1. I get that. I just think that Chuck WAS behind this resurrection, even though the characters aren’t aware of it. I think the big blue cross in the scene was meant to tell the audience that. I think Chuck answered Dean’s prayer. That is just my interpretation.

      1. It does seem that Chuck has been answering Dean’s prayer – in however a sneaky and underhanded way. I’m a little disgusted with Dabb, though, that he couldn’t wait to get rid of Crowley, but then is already trying to bring in a new Crowley lookalike. Dude, if you’re done with the character, be done with the damned character.

        I’m also pretty over demons snarking about how Sam is more intelligent than Dean, when they’re actually being thwarted by Dean’s smarts and want to do an end run around him by appealing to Sam’s gullibility. It’s bad for both brothers.

        1. Eh… demons are manipulative bastarfs tha t prey on the morally weak. Sam is fair game. At least he didn’t shoulder shrug off handing over the bones because he needs to find Jack. However he really should have been grabbing gir th he spell without prompting from Dean. Snatch was more in tune with Dean’s playbook sadly.

          Once again heavy trolling of the first Apocalyptic mytharc with wannabe Crowley , crossroads deals, shout out out to Dean in hell and emphasis on the importance of Dean’s blood and Dean being the key solution.
          Once again brothers separated with Dean carrying the supernatural storyline.

          Do I need to say it again…. we are so getting Dean!Michael.

          The acting was better than the writing, especially Jensen.

          Sam just comes across as clueless . Smart Stanford same has left the building
          As far as Dabbled and Hacks go… NOT bad.

          1. Getting ready to do the recap in a bit, guys. Hold on. Just got home a little while ago from an event and I’ve got to put some groceries away.

            1. Sorry, guys, I’m super-tired tonight and it’s very late. I think I’d do a much better job tomorrow of recapping. Have a good night and see you then.

              The free deal for The Supernatural Codex is still on for about the next 45 minutes on Amazon, if you haven’t yet picked up a copy. After that, it goes back up to $2.99 on Kindle.

              The print version is all uploaded. I just need to order a galley proof to check over before I go live with it.

        2. I like Bart despite him being Crowley 2.0. His manner towards Dean was all kinds of creepy.
          Cherry pie?!!!
          The actor was better than most they get to play demons, Abaddon, Crowley, leg, Azazel, Caseyand Alaistar being the truly outstanding examples.

  4. Paula, beginning next Wednesday there is going to be a series on The Templars!

    I already set up my tv to dvr. I never got into Vikings but people have told me it was good. Just excited about watching Templars on my TV.

      1. I’ll let you know if I like it.

        Now this is about the ‘fall’ of the Templars, I would love to see a show about them in their floruit.

  5. Early heads-up for you guys: The Supernatural Codex: Season 1 is finally up on Amazon on Kindle (working on formatting the print version now) here:

    There’s a free promotion for it starting tomorrow through December 1. You can get it then if you want it no-cost.

    Let me know if you have trouble with the link. I used the Smile charity link. For me, that’s Snow Leopard Trust.

  6. Patch may get redeemed along with Lucifer. He loves Mary and did try to bond with favorite son Dean.
    Sure he is a sociopath and climbs over the bodies of everyone however he may die saving Mary or some such and be a frenemy.

    What speaking of frenemies… any chance Crowley pulled a double cockroach and is WEARING Letch theme his obsession with finding Rowena.

    I mean logically one assumes human Letch had quid pro quo with Rowena for resurrection spell. Crowley also had qyid pro quo dealings with BLOL… it is a possibility…

    If Dwasn says Crowley always comes back like a cockroach it is pretty much gospel.

  7. We know that good humans like Bobby kill angels on principle and that the angels wear baby ear necklaces.
    Also AU Michael is a sociopathic militaristic motivated zealot.
    Sounds way more dangerous than teenager Lucifer pissed about God preferring humans. Lucifer really wasn’t a zealot of goal oriented. He just wanted to throw a major tissue fit and get out of the cage. Very little follow through.

  8. I just found out Traci Dinwiddie (an actual ‘fan favorite’ from SPN as Pamela Barnes) is on The Walking Dead. She plays Regina, one of Negan’s lieutenants; wow, did not recognize her at all with the haircut she has, or her voice. She is playing an ASSHOLE on TWD.

  9. Yeah they are totally rehabilitating Luci… pretty obvious as soon as evil alt Michael showed.
    Why is L uci delivered. Did Michael take some of his grace. I asm telling you we will see Dean!Michael.
    They are already giving Sam busy work, caretaking duties.

  10. I just thought up that IF Our Michael is really catatonic it might lead Dean to think he can say YES and get the power and have a
    ‘sleeper’ on board.

  11. OK I got ideas about how B/L could’ve taken the 85 things that Singer insisted they put in the script and made it better.

    First off I liked the Witch. I don’t know if she was a 1st level witch or whatever Rowena called it, but she did not appear to be one of those people who look to harm people (no dead bunnies in HER house). Now “Alexander” was TORTURING witches to death, that seems SO Arthur I can’t stand it. He wanted Rowena he said for the spell-implant. I would have gone with Asmodeus resurrecting him like Grandpa Shady and they are looking for Rowena (and the Book of the Damned and the Codex) for some spell-work. Rowena is ‘surely’ hiding ‘really’ good.

    AU!Kevin was OK; I hope he gets to Our Earth and he gets put with Mama Tran. “She” will straighten him right out.

    All the stuff with AU!Michael being even ‘worse’ than Lucifer: NAH. We don’t know what happened to AU!Earth.

    It should be that Rowena comes back to open the Adjacent Cage again so that Dean can get to Michael and says they need him to stop AU!Michael. I get the confusion if we ‘want’ Dean!Michael or not; but I could see LUCIFER trying to get to Michael to steal HIS Grace and Dean trying to get to Michael to save the world. I think AU!Michael is ‘way too strong for Lucifer but would never be able to take on ‘our’ Michael in his True Vessel.

    I have read speculation that what the Angels want to do with Jack is find out if creating Nephilim is a good idea or a bad idea. They have always acted like it is awful but maybe now there are so few they are going to go out and either get female vessels so they can be impregnated (maybe a female-vesseled Angel has a shorter gestation? I don’t know, just an idea) or if they need male-vesseled Angels to impregnate human females. I know, yuck and YUCK. Mary is not a Winchester so I can’t see Michael trying to knock her up to create another Nephilim so that he could get to Our Earth, but hey, then Sam and Dean would have ‘another’ little brother.

    I did like that Dean (it seemed to me it was Dean) was kind of being Watcher Central now. I also wonder if they got a good bank account when they took out the BMOL; they have been staying in a better class of hotel/motel this year.

    1. Jack is as powerful as God so the angels may want him to make angels, wake dead angels, get their wings back…
      I feel like Cassandra oh ye of little faith.

      Why doesn’t anyone listen to me. After 11:1 I said Amara was angry, would pitch a fit blow off steam, God would apologize but it wouldn’tbe enough then Dean would give a pretty speech and she would listen and it would happen in a garden. That is how I said the season would end and that is how it ended.

      Yes as soon as 12 started I said we were heading towards an Apocalypse. There is an Apocalypse. I said L uci was not in the cage. Luci was not in the cage. And yes weirdly I started screaming Dean!Michael before we got the repeated shutouts, his lance, an evil Michael. But as soon as Billie asked about the AU and told,Dean he had work to do…. come on. It was obvious that AU Michael comes here and Dean says yes to Michael and repairs the lance to kill him. Then we get crazy Dean!Michael.

      Sigh. I still think Mary! Lucifer because that was the most obvious gaslighting Dabbled and Hacks did.

    2. We know that good humans like Bobby kill angels on principle and that the angels wear baby ear necklaces.
      Also AU Michael is a sociopathic militaristic motivated zealot.
      Sounds way more dangerous than teenager Lucifer pissed about God preferring humans. Lucifer really wasn’t a zealot of goal oriented. He just wanted to throw a major tissue fit and get out of the cage. Very little follow through.

  12. It’s also funny how Ketch, while trying to pass himself off as a hunter, missed the whole point of hunting, at least as Dean would see it. And calling himself a “loyal company man”? There are viruses that are more loyal to their hosts. The one thing that did make sense was his interaction with Rowena. She was the ultimate survivalist, and as for him, if you’re trying to kill and/or screw your way to the top within a corrupt organization it might do well to have a bit of protection.

    But what about the tatoo. I presume it was some kind of protection akin to their antipossession tatoos. Did season 12 ever state it’s purpose? Ketch wasn’t rebuilt à la Dean season 4, so the tattoo should have still been there. I’ll bet Rowena made it disappear as part of the charm, as a failsafe of some sort in case he came after her. If he’d been at all smart, he would have learned how to make the charm himself, instead of relying on her to do it for him. Ketch, old boy, you are seriously outclassed.

  13. So is the limiting of both Castiel’s and Lucifer’s powers (Castiel can’t heal, Lucifer can’t destroy) to allow Asmodeus to really compete with them? To showcase Jack’s “greater powers”? Because we have yet to see a reason within canon for this, sensible or otherwise. And it’s pretty sad to have to take away canon abilities just to build up your new hero and villain.

    1. When Metatron took Castiel’s Grace he used quite a bit of it to power up the Spell that kicked the Angels out of heaven. I’ll say 3/4 of his Grace was used, he got back 1/4, enough to be an Angel again but not enough to bring back from the dead, which I gather is a REALLY intense thing to do and needs high-level Angel power.

      Same thing with Lucifer. In his case I don’t see ‘how’ he could ever be as powerful again, it appeared what AU!Michael did was about the same thing as using the Giant Needle to remove his Angel Grace (which Sam and Dean wanted to do to Jack before he was born).

      Lucifer’s Grace, like Castiel’s, was ‘used’ in a spell so we won’t ever see Lucifer at full-power again. Like Castiel, still an Angel but diminished.

      1. I see where you are going with Lucifer and that makes sense, especially since he didn’t die and resurrect after alt Michael took his grace. It must have been a shock to realize how much he was diminished.

        With Castiel I’m not so sure. It’s true that Metatron had taken his grace and left him diminished. However, he has since died and was resurrected, presumably by Chuck, if that cross was any indication. This means that he could have been returned to factory settings if Chuck chosen. By his actions, it is plain that Castiel expected to be able to bring the security guard back. His inability says to me that Chuck does not want him to have the capacity to resurrect others anymore.

        That said, it’s still sad to see older characters diminished to build up new ones.

  14. This is the seconomy episode that has referenced Rowena. Maybe that means well get to see her again. I wouldn’t mind that.

    It’s interesting that Dean can recognize a person based on fighting style. He really is a virtuoso.

    1. Dean is very, very smart. What’s annoying is that even though Sam-being-knocked-senseless-by-plot-stupidity has been canon more than once, they *really* overemphasized it this week. Maybe he had a concussion, or something.

      Spoilers indicate we will see Rowena pretty soon, though rumor has it it won’t be until the new year and the writers are being cagey about what form she’ll take (so likely, it will just be Rowena back from the dead).

    2. Dean catalogues little bits of info and always comes to the rightconckusuon quickly. He is far more observant than Sam.

    3. I like Rowena and for sure she did a second resurrection spell and doubled down on the mojo because she knew L uci would kill her if he could.
      L uci has huge ego for someone often outfoxed.

  15. Anybody know ‘why’ CW would’ve burned off NEW episodes of SPN and Arrow on Thanksgiving? Everybody HAD to know it would get those ratings. THAT is malpractice imo.

    1. Nobody knows for sure. It could have been holiday counterprogramming, though apparently, Arrow also needed to air an episode this week so they’d be in sync with the crossover next week. I think it’s kind of funny they deep-sixed a Nep Duo ep.

      Riverdale and Dynasty weren’t on this week, probably because they would have tanked miserably and that would give the lie to Riverdale being a “hit” and make people question even more why Dynasty got a full season.

      1. Yeah, I think it was because SPN is ‘companioned’ with Arrow. They had to ‘get’ to the DC Crossover. Of course, it would’ve been ‘better’ if the CW had had last Thursdays episode include all the stuff leading up to the DC Crossover and then skipped Thursday.

        I wonder if SPN will go up with the +3 or +7?

  16. OK, what I got was the episode was chaotic.

    Too much was going on. It was like Singer told wifey/partner all the plot points he needed in this episode right now PRONTO and there were so many plot points the story was confusing.

    IS there an Alexander or is Arthur pretending to be somebody else? Another viewer suggested that Arthur died and ASMODEUS resurrected him because he would be useful to his plans (like Crowley and Grandpa Shady) and thus the Rowena-spell story was a con. The BMOL ‘or’ hell’s minions might’ve known that Lucifer killed Rowena and then she came back and found out about the implant-spell.

    Part of me likes that Sam and Dean despised the BMOL so much they did not give either Lady Toni OR Ketch a hunters’ funeral. They threw the bodies in industrial waste, they should’ve decomposed DAMN quickly.

    So let’s blame Asmodeus for Ketch, works better for me. Hey, it’s funny to read everybody’s notes on what would’ve worked better. I will spend the evening thinking on how “I” could’ve arranged for all the plot points Singer seems to have wanted included and write a better through-line. I’ll try to post tomorrow.

    1. It’s Arthur. There was no twin. It was just his new alias now he’s supposedly on the run from the LoL.

      It’s possible he was lying even about his resurrection, but the story as we know it right now is that when Rowena was the LoL’s prisoner, she struck a deal with Ketch in that she taught him how to do the spell that resurrected her. The reason he’s looking for her is that the spell (he called it a “device”) needs to be recharged to work more than once, so he’s fresh out of resurrections for the moment. He indicated she might still be alive.

      I don’t think Asmodeus is bright enough to bring Ketch back. He’s a whole lot of hot air. Just look at how he lost a bunch of loyal henchdemons in his failed trap against Sam and Dean. And having Ketch as a mole with them didn’t work, either. Aside from capturing Lucifer and Castiel (who, show history indicates, will be far more trouble than they’re worth), Asmodeus’ venture has so far been a complete failure.

      It’s possible the Nep Duo might retcon even that, though it would render the whole witch subplot senseless, but for now, that’s the story with Ketch.

      1. But leaving the demons there to get massacred might’ve been a way to ‘cement’ Ketch into Team Free Will 2.0? Like Ruby was always fighting to save Sam from demons and cemented herself with Sam as somebody who really ‘was’ on his side? At least that was what I got out of Ruby’s Big Speech in Lucifer Rises. Lillith and Ruby conspired to put Ruby in place to turn Sam by having them attacked by LOTS of demons but just not the right amount. I ‘never’ figured out why ‘somebody’ in Season 2 or 4 did not just KILL Dean so that Ruby would’ve been the only one there to ‘help’ the distraught Sam. I mean they supposedly ‘were’ trying in Season 5, right?

  17. Too many storylines, none of them developed. And would it hurt to actually feature the protagonists in the majority of the action.

    1. About the only good thing I could say about that was that at least Dean remained smart throughout the episode. The rest of the knuckleheads…jeez.

      I kinda miss Crowley now because at least he didn’t intentionally underestimate the Winchesters.

      But yeah, it’s become a hallmark of a Nep Duo script to overstuff their scripts, basically so they don’t have to develop any of them indepth.

      1. You know what I liked about the Dean/Sam/Ketch dynamic? It was Dean said, It’s Arthur; Sam said, It ‘may’ be Alexander; blah blah blah whole scenes happen. They get t the bar, Ketch shows up (and I am sure he was trying to sneak his duplicitous murderous ass into being a “Bunker Buddy” in case Jack came back), Dean watches Ketch mix it up, says Now I KNOW and Sam moves away from Ketch (JUST LIKE he did with Possessed!John in Devils’ Trap) and stands behind Dean. Sam KNEW that Dean KNEW and that Dean was right. But then the monologuing broke out and Ketch got away. Boy, that was one over-stuffed episode! (Like I have said, I blame Singer in this case because he gave B/L at ‘least’ 85 things to put into the script.)

        I got a thought on Kevin: IF they bring him here would they give AU!Kevin to OUR Linda Tran to take care of? Because AU!Kevin needs to get off the sauce.

        Did Kevin use ‘all’ of Lucifer’s stolen grace to open the rift? We have not heard what happened to AU!Raphael or AU!Gabriel. Will Michael steal everybody’s Grace? Doesn’t Lucifer now know the ingredients to open up the rift? Is he going to try to steal Michael’s grace for himself or for the spell? Will we get Michael!Dean to fight AU!Michael?

        This is making my head hurt and I just woke UP!

      2. I loved humanized Crowley and his Dean crush.
        That episode with the telephone the Dean and Crowley moments felt like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
        Please Crowley be a cockroach and come back to us as Dean candy. I just want Crowley to sex Dean up and then let it slip.

        1. You want girl-Crowley? I think the woman (who had been in It’s The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester as the woman whose husband ate the razor-candy) in 11.1 was ‘great’ as Crowley, had all the voice and mannerisms DOWN.

          I also would like to see that. (What was the episode with the phone? Blade Runner when Crowley was butt-dialing and drunk dialing Dean?)

            1. I wish! But I have a feeling Beharie won’t be touching any horror/dark fantasy shows with a ten-foot-pole again for a long time.

  18. I would LOVE for Dean to find Castiel in Hell and ‘grip him tight and raise him from Perdition’ that would just tickle my fancy.

    I wonder if putting Lucifer back into the Cage would backfire: could he steal Michael’s Grace? Or are we working up to have Michael!Dean fight AU!Michael who hurts me he is such an a-hole. I wanted a ‘pure’ type Michael who believed. John!Michael was my ideal, I wish I had seen Dean!Michael in that rendition, you know?

    Again, do not want Redeemed!Lucifer. Unless he dies protecting his son from his brother. Because he’ll be ‘redeemed’ but he won’t be on my screen anymore.

  19. I don’t want Lucifer to be redeemed. Nope.

    I gather ‘everybody’ liked to work with the actor who played Ketch so they brought him back. I ‘loved’ that Dean never ever bought Alexander as not being Arthur, and the way that he does, when he sees him fight, he KNOWS the guy’s moves and knows that Ketch is Arthur. Was Arthur trying to infiltrate them, finally figuring out how efficient they are at getting things done?

    BUT the writing was so muddy I have no idea if there IS an Alexander (fake paper trail) or if there ARE twins.

    THIS time I will give Buck Lemming a pass: it appeared to me they were given a bunch of things to include in a script. Ketch and/or his twin! Kevin! (and I loved Lucifer describing him as ‘meth-head Kevin’ because DAMN he was a bit crazy acting)! And Rowena might still be alive even if burnt to a crisp if she got a new implant! I like Parisse as an actor but BOY does Asmodeus piss me off. If you are going to bring back a Prince of Hell, I want AZAZEL. The weasel-y guy who played the priest in Lucifer Rising and got possessed by Azazel was so loving and respectful towards his ‘lord’ it reminded me how much Meg loved her father YED. If we needed an Azazel and Fred Lehne is not available, bring back weasel priest.

    1. Have not seen it.
      If he is looking for Rowena I am guessing he Ahmad her do the resurrection spell on him which is why he resurrected. (LAlalala … Don’t think about the fact they didn’t burn him.)
      So he either wants a new spell done so he doesn’t die or he wants to kill her so she does not talk or he is trying to get Mary back because he loves her.

    1. Trust me, you didn’t miss much. About the only thing to recommend it is some Smart!Dean, good acting from Jensen Ackles, and no Jack. Otherwise, it’s a dull, turgid, busy mess.

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