The Official “Lost and Found” (13.01 – Season Premiere) Live Recap Thread

Sorry, guys! Starting a little late. I had to do some chores ’cause I’m getting up early tomorrow for work.

Anyhoo, recap of season 12 to Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” that shows how poor season 12 was. Not the first time they’ve tried to hide terrible writing with an expensive song.

Cut to Now. Sam confronts Jack, who has glowing eyes and calls Sam “Father?” Sam, like a moron, says he’s not Jack’s father.

Cut to Dean kneeling beside Castiel, then getting up to go in the house and kill Jack. The shot doesn’t hurt Jack, who then responds with some showy sound FX and throws them into the wall. Expect that not to get repeated much. It looks really expensive.

Cue title cards, which are a glowing, Sauron-like eye.

Flashback to Mary attacking Lucifer, which segues into Mary burning on the ceiling in the Pilot. Dean wakes up (it’s a dream). He and Sam were knocked out until dawn. Dean storms out of the house, asking if Jack has wings. Sam says he doesn’t know.

Cut to Jack walking around naked and then two losers at a fish fry restaurant seeing him outside, naked, asking for his “Father.” They call the one slacker dude’s mom, who is a cop.

In the car, the Brothers argue over what to do with Jack. Dean is all about the holy oil and “hitting him with everything we got.” Sam is all about understanding him and figuring out if he’s EVOL or not. ‘Cause Sam was all about being understanding when the Darkness got unleashed–oh, wait. Sam does ask about whether Castiel really is dead, too. “You know he is,” Dean retorts.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff of North Cove (AKA Slacker’s Mom) is meeting Jack. She introduces herself as Christine Barker and says she’s “just here to help.” Jack smiles a very-much-not-nice smile.

Castiel’s body has been retrieved in record time and put on a table under a sheet in the cabin by two angels, one PoC male who is angry and obnoxious and “racist” about Kelly’s body, and one blonde female who claims to feel sorry for Castiel. Stay classy, show.

Cut to the police station, where Jack is one step away from a psych eval. He’s got clothes, now. Very unimpressed by him, so far. He’s basically a walking plot point.

The Sheriff asks him some questions that go rather poorly, while Slacker watches, mocking. Jack says Kelly is “in Heaven” (rather doubt that, dude) and is looking for his father.

Jack starts talking about “the bad woman” (Dagon) burning and “the universe screamed.” I’m glancing at the clock because damn, this is dull so far. Let’s get back to the Brothers, please, Show.

When she goes to check his fingerprints, Slacker asks him “how high are you?” Jack doesn’t understand his question. And realizes he is hungry.

Meanwhile, I’m discovering the exciting world of drying paint.

Back to Sam and Dean, pulling up (so coincidentally) to the fish fry joint where Jack appeared. Sam wants to go eat something. Dean wants to call Jody and get her to put out an APB on Jack. It’s a topsy-turvy world when Sam wants to eat fried food and Dean wants to work.

Inside, the other Slacker is dealing with an annoying drunk customer. Sam asks the guy if he saw anyone naked wandering around the guy says that why, yes, he did. Sam makes a call to the Sheriff, impersonating an officer, and she is shocked by Jack’s blank slate of fingerprints.

Outside the Pirate fish fry, Dean is walking back to the car with bloody knuckles when he’s accosted by Annoying Drunk Girl who was inside when Sam went in (dear God, woman, GO AWAY). She notices his bloody knuckles, but not that he is retrieving a flask of booze for a drink and to dump on his knuckles. She tells an annoying story about a college roommate called “Becky” (apparently, not Becky Rosen), while Dean coldly eyes her up over the roof of the Impala. Sam comes out why she’s still going on. Sam brings Dean up to speed and they leave while she smirks. Maybe she’s a demon. I don’t and don’t care. Hope she’s Monster Chow soon.

In the station, the lights start fritzing badly and the Sheriff can’t find anyone. Pulling out her gun, she enters the Locker Room, from whence comes creepy laughter. Inside, though, it’s just her son and Jack, eating food from the food dispenser. Jack is discovering nougat. Or something. The light-fritzing turns out to be Jack making the food dispenser operate with his mind. Then he hears angel voices. When the Sheriff tries to stop him leaving, he accidentally shoves her into the machine and bails.

As lights explode, he gets to the squad room and sees Dean, but gets Tased by Sam. The Sheriff, who was unconscious just a moment before, comes into the room, gun drawn, looking fine. Nice lack of continuity, there, Dabb.

I miss when this show didn’t bore me.

So, we need a third act, I guess, so Sam is tossed into a cell, while the Sheriff interrogates Dean. Dean tells her what’s up, the Family Business. Rather than get pissy, the Sheriff asks Dean what Jack is. Dean says he’s a Nephilim.

In the jail cell, Sam talks to Jack, who tells him about hearing the angel voices. Jack asks Sam to tell “them” that he’s “sorry.” Whatever, show.

Sam asks Jack how he knows English. Jack says he talked to her, “I *was* her.” (very much not reassuring). Sam then asks Jack how he got his powers and if he remembers opening the door to the other world. Jack doesn’t know. He says he has to find his father, that his father will protect him.

Sam says that Lucifer doesn’t protect people. Jack says no, his mom said that Castiel would protect him. Sam tells Jack that Castiel is dead.

Outside, Slacker is lighting a cigarette. He’s confronted by Annoying Drunk Girl and the two angels. So, is she an angel, or is she in league with them?

Inside, Dean is releasing Sam, saying the Sheriff believes them. Then they hear Slacker outside scream. As they and the Sheriff come out into the squad room, they see Annoying Drunk Girl with an angel blade to Slacker’s throat.

The Sheriff starts to raise her gun, but Dean warns her not to. Annoying Drunk Girl Angel/Demon wants the Sheriff to shoot Dean to let her son go. Sam is still in the cell.

But it’s mostly a distraction so the other two angels and come in and attack Sam and Jack. ADGA stabs Slacker, pretty much just for kicks, as soon as she hears they’re in. Sam gets his ass kicked and the other two angels take Jack as Dean gets the drop on ADGA. He interrogates her and she smacks him in the head then enters the cell. Sam has blasted the other two angels away with a sigil that almost blasts Jack away, too. She stabs Jack, and gets stabbed by Sam, but only Jack survives. So, that happened.

Outside, the Sheriff goes off with her son in the ambulance, while the Brothers have a talk about Jack. Dean agrees with Sam’s plan to bring Jack back to the Bunker, to minimize the damage and find a way to kill Jack.

Dean chooses to burn Castiel’s body. Sam says maybe they can ask Chuck. Dean says he already tried. That’s why his knuckles are bloody. He prayed to Chuck to bring all of them back and then smacked a restroom wall (repeatedly), and cried, when Chuck failed to answer.

Not sure why the show has decided to forget all about Amara. She might answer Dean’s prayer.

Anyhoo, Dean is now going to burn Castiel and nobody is stopping him: “God’s not listening. He doesn’t give a damn.”

Oh, they also burn Kelly, by the way. Let’s not speak of that drippy, nothingburger character again, Show.

Dean has a moment alone with Castiel to cry over him. Later, Sam talks Jack through a Hunter’s funeral. Dean says goodbye to them all, including Mary. Sam says she may not be dead, but Dean refuses to entertain what he sees as false hope.

Boring music for this. Not very Supernatural.

Over in Alt-Verse, Mary is getting stalked and chased by Lucifer, who is playing with his food. Mary says what, is Lucifer going to kill her now? Lucifer says maybe or maybe not. Maybe he needs her. Whatever, Lucie.


Okeydoke, that’s it for tonight. Not the greatest of episodes. Pretty much pointless aside from Dean’s cold, hard turn at grieving.

Expect my review by Sunday night.

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14 thoughts on “The Official “Lost and Found” (13.01 – Season Premiere) Live Recap Thread”

    1. Castiel is definitely coming back, reportedly in 13.06, but they’re being cagey about what nonsense personality they’ll give him this season.

      Mark Sheppard has sworn off the show very publicly, though Dabb has claimed they could always bring back Crowley. Jury’s out on that.

  1. I was on and their scuttlebutt was that Osric Chau was coming back. I assume in the AU. Listen, give me Ellen back and I will be a happy camper.

    1. Yeah, there’s an article that came out since my last spoiler column that said he would come back as an AU Kevin.

  2. It was not much of an episode. Jensen’s acting saved it. Sympathetic Sam is going to get old. I thought low rent Cas was horrible. The actors sucks.

    Dean seemed a lot like season 5 Dean when he nearly said yes… but with more angst, more layers. Dean!Michael. That’s where we are heading.

  3. What I want to know is, how is an all or nearly all powerful creature who can blast you by just looking at you get affected by a taser.

    Also, how does it work that an angel banishing spell only affected some of the angels. Although that does say interesting things about Dean’s strength of will, that he can override this spell because he wanted to interrogate the angel he had hostage.

    It was nice to see somebody, the sherriff, for once take Dean seriously.

    It is to soon to tell if Dean’s prayer will be answered, even if he perceives nobody is listening.

  4. I liked the episode a lot. My husband liked the Metallica music at the beginning. A lot.

    Jack-actor was decent in his part. When you mention the bizarre-smiles Jack had, I thought of the Tarzan with Christopher Lambert in which it was clear he was mimicking Ian Holm’s facial movements. I thought Jack was ‘learning’ how to smile.

    I thought Jensen was so ON in his response to Castiel’s death. That scene was so heavy with grief. Dean was seriously prostrate there. Yet he got up to do the job. When he went upstairs after Sam and saw grown-up Jack he thought Sam was in DANGER and that’s why he immediately thru the blade (or was it a gun).

    Angry Drunk Girl Angel (henceforth ADGA) was a hoot. She was SO BITTER about Dean and Castiel, breaking the world again and again and again. Mostly I think angels like to do nothing but contemplate their perfection. I liked the whole different aura about her. She was pissed and she did not care who knew about it. I did not know why she stabbed Sheriff’s Slacker Son (I did recognize him from Riverdale as Joaquin the Serpent who dated Kevin the Sheriff’s Son). I was surprised Jack did not try to heal the first person who was friendly to him.

    The fantasy Dean had of Mary on fire again I think is like the core of his being: it’s why HE became a Hunter, that nobody else’ family would suffer what he had. We all discuss ‘what’ was Dean’s ‘secret guilt’ in Bloody Mary: my opinion has always been that Dean heard a noise, saw YED, got scared and went back to bed and then came out and saw mommy burning on the ceiling. I have no canon reason for this, just that we see DEAN seeing it again and again.

    On another site I read speculation that part of why Lucifer is keeping Mary alive is that he might want to make another Naphil. Because a Naphil has extra oomph or something and anyway, Lucifer might want to create another “archangel” to help him with AU!Michael.

    I tend to think that in the show’s ethos Kelly was ‘good’ because Jack knows she did not want him to be with Lucifer. He felt her ‘love’ so I will give her credit for being good.

    1. I thought in 1.03, Dead in the Water, Dean pretty much stated to Lucas that he had seen his mother die. I guess that supports your theory.

      1. It would be GREAT to have Michael!Dean face off with Mama!Lucifer. THAT circumstance would get Dean to say yes.

        But what would get Mary to say YES?

        1. Lucifer is fucking with her. We have seen him disorient and lie to his chosen Vessels.

          Dean may say yes for reasons other than Mary too. He really wants to kill Jack. He is obsessed with it as way to fix things and deal with his grief. Remember him taking the Mark to kill Abaddon.

          Or if jack opens the rift and the very bad AU angels decide to bring their Apocalypse to us. Dean!Michael for the win. Maybe Mary!Lucifer helps because he hates AU Michael more than the Winchesters.

          Everything I saw tells me Dean is primed to do something big and drastic for a win.

          1. It looks as though we’ll be getting some alt-angels coming through and allying with (or taking over from) the ex-winged idiots on this side. After all, the former can still fly.

        2. I’d love to see Dean negotiate a timeshare with his ‘verse’s Michael. Michael is crazy and desperate, and so is Dean. It’s a lethal combination.

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