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Sci-fi Spoilerpalooza
By Heather S. Vina

For fans of ABC’s primetime lineup, Variety has up a list of premiere dates for several of their shows.

In a blast from the past, EW spoke with Tom Welling about his “suiting up” – or lack thereof – for Smallville.

In a lovely thank you video the cast and crew of Sense 8 thanked the fans for their devotion to the show and helping to bring it back.

It was revealed at the Television Critics Association event that there will be another four-way crossover between all of the CW superhero shows. The crossover will kick off Monday, November 27 with Supergirl, followed by Arrow (temporarily moving to Monday night for the event), and will finish on Tuesday, November 28 with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow in their regular timeslots.

The 100: Comic-Con brought out some spoilers for the show and who is in the ship seen by Clarke at the end of last season.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Deadline is reporting that actor Jeff Ward (Manson’s Lost Girls) has been cast in a mysterious, recurring role for season five.

American Gods: TV Line has up an interview with Ricky Whittle on season two.

American Horror Story: EW has up some new promotional photos for the season. Variety has up some season details from showrunner Ryan Murphy. Lena Dunham (Girls) will be joining the show in a mysterious role.

TV Line has up the latest character-driven promotional posters for the new series. Emma Roberts will be back for the new season. Kathy Bates, however, will not be back.

Spoiler TV has up the latest promotional posters for the new season. Deadline has up some details on the new season from the show’s panel at the Television Critic’s Association event. Sarah Paulson revealed that her character and Alison Pill’s character will be a couple. The Hollywood Reporter is trying to decipher the clues of the new season.

Arrow: The show has cast actress Sydelle Noel ( GLOW) as Samanda Watson, an “FBI agent who will be investigating Oliver Queen’s connection to the Green Arrow.”

Black Lightning: The show has cast rapper Marvin “Krondon” Jones III as villain Tobias Whale. He will be a regular in the series.

Dark Matter: Spoiler TV has up an exclusive interview with Co-Creator/Executive Producer Joseph Mallozzi.

The Defenders: EW has up some details from Sigourney Weaver on her villainous character, Alexandra. Variety has up a video interview from Comic-Con with Charlie Cox and Krysten Ritter. EW has up promotional photos for the new series. The Hollywood Reporter has up an interview with the cast at their New York premiere.

Doctor Who: BBC America has put up the entire Comic-Con panel on their YouTube channel. Anglophile has a good page worth of links to video interviews of the cast and writers are Comic-Con. The Blastr site put up video of their Comic-Con interview with the cast and crew.

The BBC site has up an interview with Jodie Whittaker on how she feels about being the new Doctor.

The Exorcist: TV Line has up some highlights from their cast video interview during Comic-Con.

The Expanse: Syfy’s Blastr site has up video interviews with the cast and crew from Comic-Con.

The Flash: Grant Gustin spoke with EW about Barry returning a changed man. The show has cast actor Hartley Sawyer ( Saving the Human Race) as the Elongated Man and actress Sugar Lyn Beard to play Rebecca Sharpe, AKA Hazard, a new villain.

Game of Thrones: EW has up an interview with Gemma Whelan on Yara’s tense situation. The Hollywood Reporter has up an interview with Indira Varma on Ellaria Sand’s fate. EW has up an interview with onscreen sisters Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner.

The Gifted: Showrunner Matt Nix spoke with TV Line about how Amy Acker’s character is more than just the Mom character.

Gotham: The season premiere date was Thursday, September 28.

The Inhumans: Scyfy Wire spoke to the cast at Comic-Con about their character’s powers. Deadline has up some details from the show’s TCA panel.

Killjoys: TV Goodness has up an interview with Thom Allison about the recent Pree-centric episode, as well as an interview with actress Mayko Nguyen about her character Delle Saya.

Legends of Tomorrow: Showrunner Phil Klemmer spoke with EW about new teammate Zari Adrianna Tomaz and the Team’s attempts to repair time. Deadline has up details and spoilers from the show’s appearance at the Television Critics Association event. TV Insider is reporting that actress Joy Richardson (Holby City) has been cast in an ironic role as an ancestor of her daughter Maisie Richardson’s character, Vixen! The show has also cast actress Jes Macallan ( Mistresses) in a recurring role as Special Agent Ava Sharpe, an agent for the Time Bureau.

Legion: The Hollywood Reporter has up some details on season two.

Midnight, Texas: TV Line has up an interview with the cast at Comic-Con. It’s a funny, cheesy show.

Once Upon A Time: EW has up a lot of new details from executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis on the coming season. Carrying on their tradition, EW has put up a new “Hot Seat” with Horowitz and Kitsis. EW revealed that Emilie de Ravin will be making a return appearance to the show for at least one episode.

EW has up some season seven details on where Rump and Belle will be. EW is reporting that actor Giles Matthey will be back as Gideon next season. The show has cast actress Emma Booth (Underbelly) in a recurring role as “The Witch.”

IGN has up an interview with showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis on the new “requel” show. TV Line has up some details from Adam Horowitz on the new season. Deadline has up some details from the show’s TCA panel. EW has up the latest promotional photos for the new season.

The Originals: With the show coming to an end this season, CW president Mark Pedowitz has admitted that there has been some talk of a spinoff centered around the character of Hope.

Orphan Black: TV Line has up an interview with actress Maria Doyle Kennedy. Tatiana Maslany spoke with TV Line about the end of the show. EW has up video of the cast saying goodbye to the show.

Outlander: TV Line has up some details from showrunner Ronald D. Moore on when Claire and Jamie will reunite. They also have up a breakdown of the new trailer.

The Runaways: IGN has up some details from Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb on how the show connects to the Marvel universe.

Star Trek Discovery: IGN spoke with the cast at Comic-Con about their characters. You can see the videos here, here and here. EW has up an interview with Bryan Fuller about his exit from the show. And don’t forget the big news that came out of Comic-Con: Lead character Michael Burnham is Spock’s adopted half-sister.

Variety has up an interview with executive producer Alex Kurtzman about the delays the show has gone through. EW has up promotional photos for the show.

Supergirl: The show has cast 24 alumnus Carlos Bernard to play Maggie’s father. TV Line has up an interview with producer Greg Berlanti on what Floriana Lima’s recurring status means for Alex and Maggie. EW has up their own version of his comments.

Teen Wolf: TV Line has up an interview with the cast from Comic-Con.

Van Helsing: There’s a new trailer out for season two. Syfy Wire has up video interviews with the cast from Comic-Con.

Timeless: Syfy has up some quotes from the show’s Comic-Con panel about its surprise cancellation reversal.

The Walking Dead: At the Television Critic’s Association press tour, executive producer Robert Kirkman spoke about the “old man Rick” scene in the new trailer.

Westworld: The show is adding three new cast members to season two: actors Gustaf Skarsgård (Vikings), Fares Fares (Tyrant), and Betty Gabriel (Get Out).

Wynonna Earp: EW has up an interview with showrunner Emily Andras about last week’s episode. EW has up an interview with showrunner Emily Andras on the latest episode.

The X-Files: Mitch Pileggi AKA Skinner will be returning for season 11. After the outcry over no women writers or directors, the show has added two female directors and writers to the staff. Directors Carol Banker and Holly Dale will be joining the show. In front of the camera, it’s being reported that Annabeth Gish will be returning for season 11, as well.

Over at EW, the Spoiler Room has spoilers on shows Supergirl, The Defenders, The Flash, Teen Wolf, The 100, Midnight, Texas and the Once Upon a Time.

At TV Line, Ask Ausiello has spoilers on shows The X-Files, Supergirl, Black Lightning, The Originals, The 100, Twin Peaks and Supernatural. Matt’s Inside Line has spoilers on shows Arrow, Lucifer, Supergirl and Once Upon a Time.

Over at EW, the Spoiler Room has spoilers on shows Legends of Tomorrow, Shadowhunters and Once Upon a Time.

Supernatural (Thursday nights, 8pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

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The show returns this Thursday night at 8pm.

Okeydoke. To be honest, I haven’t done spoilers columns since Comic-Con in July partly because I’ve been very busy, but partly it’s because they’ve been thin on the ground until recently and rather … awful.

Further, as it happens, I don’t currently have cable (though I do have reliable access to the show the next day), so I won’t be doing my live recaps until Friday at 8pm. I can do reviews probably by the end of the weekend.

Anyhoo, let’s do an overview of what we’ve got.

Season 13 so far: “Lost and Found” (13.01), synopsis and photos, promo, preview, and Shaving People, Punting Things; “The Rising Son” (13.02) synopsis and photos; “Patience” (the first spinoff set-up episode) (13.03) synopsis; “The Big Empty” (13.04); “Advanced Thanatology” (13.05); “Tombstone” (13.06); “War of the Worlds” (13.07); “The Scorpion and the Frog” (13.08); “The Bad Place” (13.09); “Wayward Sisters” (13.10); “The Midnight Train” (13.11); “Various and Sundry Villains” (13.12); “” (13.13); “Untitled” (13.14); “Untitled” (13.15); “ScoobyNatural” (13.16).

Alexander Calvert (Jack) is being listed as a regular for the season. Don’t get too excited – Lauren Cohan and Katie Cassidy were listed as regulars for season three, and see how that turned out. Being a regular Not Named Sam, Dean, or Castiel means pretty much nothing about one’s chances beyond the end of the season, let alone the number of episodes one gets. Bela didn’t even make it to the end of season three.

From what I’ve seen in the promos, I’m deeply underwhelmed by this character. The premise, of course, is pants. It’s basically Dabb trying a redo of Jesse (from season five’s “I Believe the Children Are Our Future”) with an adult actor, without understanding why the character didn’t work for anything more than a one-shot in the first place. Jesse – sorry, Jack – is far, far too powerful (ludicrously, unrealistically so) to generate any kind of decent drama in the MOTWs, so he’s basically like Castiel in season four in terms of “How do we fit this character into our story on a weekly basis?” Short answer: You don’t.

And don’t get me started on how often insta-grow, superpowerful Kid Trick characters don’t click with audiences.

It doesn’t help that every instance of Calvert in the promos indicates he will be going full robotic with the acting. As past examples like Gadriel indicate, this show’s audience really dislikes that sort of thing.

In random casting news, Chelsey Reist from The 100 will guest star on the show at some unspecified date.

Castiel won’t be back with TFW until 13.06 (though the title for “The Big Empty” (13.04) indicates we’ll see a good bit of him in that episode wherever he currently is). The showrunners keep saying he’ll come back changed. I’m sure that will go down well with the fans. [/extreme sarcasm]

The show is either totally BS-ing about bringing back Crowley to avoid the fandom backlash or they’re planning to recast him, especially since they’ve already written in a new ruler in Hell (confirmed by the episode synopsis for 13.02 as the last YED, Asmodeus). Either approach sounds … ill-advised. In the same TV Line article, Jensen Ackles gave some brief spoilers about “ScoobyNatural” (13.16). Basically, the Brothers will be animated and there will be a live-action frame to explain how they get into that ‘verse.

Mary appears prominently in the photos from 13.01 and 13.02. Her fate has officially been left up in the air, but I doubt she’ll be killed off or over in Fake-SPNverse for long.

The show keeps emphasizing that Dean’s emotional arc this season will be dark and depressing. It seems he will call on God for help in resurrecting everyone, will be ignored, will try to kill Jack, will fail at that, and then will become dark and cold. You know a season’s spoilers aren’t wowing you when you hope all of this will actually happen because the only remotely exciting and emotionally real thing coming out as a spoiler is the prospect of Jensen Ackles portraying Dean embarking on his 19th Nervous Breakdown and then going nuclear.

Oh, and Sam’s going to be … uh … helping raise Jack, which already has Sam fans less-than-thrilled (it’s almost as if they’ve watched this show before and know how vague a non-story that is). It’s possible this will turn into something more Sam-oriented (and that Dean’s “dark” arc will be forgotten, as that’s happened, too, in the past). But considering Sam’s craptastic track record in helping other kids with powers, and the near-certainty a superhuman character who manipulated his mother in the womb and then murdered her upon birth will turn out EVOL (and that this show continues to struggle with including superhuman characters in the week-to-week MOTW narrative), Jack’s chances of making it past the resolution of this season’s ending cliffhanger without getting killed off or otherwise summarily written out are super-low.

It doesn’t help that current showrunner Andrew Dabb thinks the Brothers actually had it easy last season and that it was necessary to take everything away from them for dramatic effect this season. Remember the last time the show did that? That was season seven. Remember how thoroughly loathed that season (and its showrunner Sera Gamble) was by many fans? Yeah. You’d think Dabb would remember that, too, seeing as how he’s been writing for the show since season four, but apparently, that’s part of his general amnesia about show canon.

More of a concern is the lack of showrunner interest in Sam and Dean – you know, the show’s actual protagonists. Mind you, after eight and a half seasons of SamSamSam every time we had a mytharc, I’m okay with Sam taking a backseat for that (especially after the lame attempts last season to hand him watered-down “epic” kills and hook him up with the LoL). But somebody’s gotta carry the mytharc in this duo and dear Lord, Show, half of season nine through the end of season eleven for a Dean mytharc is not even close to balance. Plus, the MoC plot was very popular and did very nice things to the show’s ratings.

It’s therefore quite annoying to see the Alt-Michael be cast with a black actor, notably because it has very Unfortunate Implications for ignoring the entire vessels premise for season five. It also ignores Dean’s entire season five storyline and it’s become a huge cliché to have the EVOL powerful bad guy get played by a PoC. Come on, show. You’ve already gone to that well enough times to contribute to making EVOL, Articulate Black Guy a cliché (yes, I know it was a lot fresher in season two, but that was a long time ago). Knock it off.

It’s non-news, but also an indication of how thoroughly the Brothers are being sidelined on their own show, that Dabb had to come out and tell us that no, they won’t be getting any new love interests any time soon.

Warner Bros has announced details about the upcoming Wayward Sisters spinoff. As we already know, it will star Kim Rhodes (Jody Mills) and the rumor that Briana Buckmaster (Donna Hanscum) is in it was confirmed. Also starring will be Kathryn Newton (Claire Novak) and Alex Jones (Katherine Ramdeen), as well as new character Patience Turner (played by Clark Backo). Another new character, Kaia (Yadira Guevar-Prip), has been added to the main cast list. Kaia’s “gift” will be the ability to spirit travel.

The spinoff premise and new characters will be introduced via several episodes in season 13. Patience will be introduced in “Patience” (13.03), which also brings back season one character Missouri Moseley (who is Patience’s estranged grandmother and from whom Patience has inherited her psychic gift). Reportedly, the actual backdoor pilot will be “Wayward Sisters” (13.10).

I’ll say up front that I want to like this spinoff. I really do. The idea of an all-woman spinoff headed by Jody and Donna sounds great, and it’s rather nice to see Dean pairing off with Jody to find Patience in 13.03 (though if they must bring back Missouri at this point, I hope Dean gives her a piece of his mind).

But watching the preview reel for the season, listening to the Nepotism Duo go on and on about the spinoff (making it clear they will be involved in it up to their hairlines), just has me cringing. How has no one at the network yet noticed that these two are astoundingly tone-deaf on the issues of race and gender, not to mention completely out of touch with the younger fanbase the network desperately wants to attract? Why, oh, why, is the network letting two writers who gave us a black woman in a dog collar who was romantically involved with her master (and who even turned into an actual dog) anywhere near a show with two teenage Women of Color in it? That just makes the signs this could all go horribly wrong (like, say, how Kaia sounds an awful lot like the stereotype of the Spicy Latina) that much scarier. And it’s not as though either Dabb or Singer are any better. Every storyline Dabb touches as a showrunner seems to turn to utter bilge.

So, yeah, definitely hanging fire on looking forward to that.

Season 12 is out on Amazon.

There will be three calendars for 2018: two large calendars out on July 1 and two mini calendars on September 1.

I’ll start doing ratings news again when the season starts up.

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51 thoughts on “Whispers, Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 10/09/17: We’re baaaaaack”

  1. Oh Paula, if this is improper please let me know: I was watching a special on youtube.com re ‘all’ the kings/queens of England and they got to the part about Edward VI and how he put out a new missal and that THAT missal got rid of the transubstantiation. I was taken aback; I thought that Anglicanism was ‘mostly’ the same as Catholicism and that Anglican priests can directly become Catholic priests if they convert. So I thought Anglican priests were saying ‘mostly’ the same Mass I have always lived with. You said you just got confirmed in the Anglican faith (which I assume is much like Catholic confirmation) so I figure you know the catechism right and left. DOES the Mass you celebrate have the transformation of bread and wine to body and blood as its centerpiece? I tried to look this up but I am afraid I am missing a nuance or two.

    1. As I recall, Edward has been said to have been a bit of a fanatic–or, at least, his advisors were, and he was weak and went along with it. But how much of what Edward put into place remains is debatable. As far as I can tell, the Anglican/Episcopalian view steers a middle course between literal Transubstantiation and Memorialism, and leaves it up to the believer.

      And yeah, it’s basically the same Mass. I’ve got several friends in the congregation who are ex-Catholic. Technically, so am I.

  2. Oh The Exorcist was quite good last night. I thoroughly enjoyed Father Marcus figuring out it was MAMA who was ‘crazy’ not the DAUGHTER who was possessed.

    And how he figured out they had to be at little girl’s house to go over to John Cho’s house to help HIS kids.

    And then Marcus fighting off Mama, and little girl knowing that there was finally somebody to end her agony. If I were her I would be a Father Marcus fan FOR LIFE.

    I have never been around anything spiritually scary; I appreciated the one bible-quoting kid pointing out that MAYBE the dead Alicia Witt character was killed by ‘whatever’ was doing weird things (that flock of birds freaked me out). Anyway, a well-written drama and thank you for directing me towards it.

    1. I’m still about two episodes behind on The Exorcist. I’ve been so busy that TV hasn’t been a huge priority. I’m all caught up on The Good Place, though.

  3. No this week’s EW has a cover of Supernatural. It has 3 different covers: One of Jensen with the kitten, one of Jared with a skull and one of Misha in a floral Dolce and Gabbana jacket (very dashing). I was going to buy all three.

    I am a subscriber to EW, so I will get ONE of them in this weekend’s issue. I know there was one last month as well but again it was sold out. OR maybe I ‘will’ pester husband Petey to use his Amazon prime and buy it for me. I am an OLYMPIC whiner when I choose to be.

  4. Well, pooey.

    My car was in the shop until yesterday; this morning I called our closest Barnes and Noble re the EW Supernatural covers and was told they got them on Thursday and sold out. Now I’ll wait to see if I get the SPN cover (any of them) today or Monday.

    Again, pooey.

      1. Oh I just reread this comment: I misunderstood. Yeah, I was ticked off about missing it last month BUT I do not get ebooks (he has a kindle but I kind of like dealing with books). Maybe I’ll do a whine about THIS as well.

  5. Last week was NY Comic-Con. Does Supernatural have a presence there or is the leads’ contract with Creation Con such that they can NOT show up for NY Comic-Con.
    I have not heard any stories about Supernatural so that is why I am asking.

    1. The leads are contracted to Creation con alone in the U.S. I don’t believe they can appear at any Comic-Cons besides SDCC.

      1. Doesn’t that seem counter-productive to you? NYCC is now very big and it seems that would be GOOD for SPN to go there and get publicity.

  6. What time are we supposed to get together tonight — using EDT?

    I really liked the episode last night. That business with Jensen praying to God/Chuck was just the best.

    My husband said that the directing style was different, I said it was Phil Sgriccia who has been directing for years. But I did note that most of the scenes were daylight scenes. I would like to read anybody else’ comments on the ‘style’ of the episode last night.

    1. It incorporated one of those useless flashbacks that I hate.
      Perhaps your husband is responding to the fact that the episode centered on Jack and had jack pov whilst the Winchesters plated catch-up.
      The extremely rude badass angel was new too… and sadly yet another faction.

      Dean really anchored the episode. Jared was good in parts too. Jensen conveys Dean’s grief so well.
      Dean! MICHAEL. That’s where Dean’s grief and correspondent need to fix what he can will lead us.

      I found Jack to be low rent Cas. Not great I am not interested in him. If they want to do a Cas and son spin-off sure. Just don’t waste too much of Supernatural getting there. He’s a walking Cas wannabe horror trope. Not in a good way. Obviously he is here until he reopens the void for worse. The actor sucks.

  7. Okay, I am watching Ghost Wars. And there is a scene which does a set-up and there is the Hotel Chieftain! The Hotel Chieftain was where Sam and Dean stayed while the action of Wishful Thinking happened! I remember when I saw that episode in Season 4 that it was such an idiosyncratic name for a hotel I loved it. And here it is again. Of course, shown from a different angle. But I love it.

  8. Guys, don’t forget that I don’t have live TV right now, so my live recap of the season premiere won’t be until 8pm tomorrow night.

  9. I finally watched the promos. The unofficial trailer is great as always.
    The official trailer sure wants us to believe the black clad walking figure is,Crowley. Fatter than old Crowley. If it’s Shatner plating Crowley I will be passed because getting rid of Sheppard to stunt cast is despicable. I am holding out for cockroaxh Crowley back they way I like him after a brief sojourn in a Dean friendly female suit
    The Jack stuff is so seventies with the yet overkill.
    Asmodeus fun but I don’t understand why he would come out of the shadows now as a grand showman terms.
    Eh. Hope for the best and expect meh.

    1. If they bring back Crowley in any form, I’m going to be pissed. Commit to freakin’ *something*, Dabb.

      The Jack stuff is SuperFriends levels of bad.

  10. In Season 11s PLUSH there was a character called Chester; today on TNT Season 7 RIF there was an angel named Inias. I thought Inias was cute so I looked him up: Inias played Chester. I did not think Chester was cute. It is interesting what an actor can do with make-up and a menacing mien. I mean, I found him not cute in ANY scene of Plush. Now they ‘grey-up’ actors playing ghosts, but even as a human I just did not like him.

    PLUS I could never figure out why he had any success as a kids’ party performer because every animal head was creepy.

    Back in Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid the set-up victim was a dude with a mullet and a goatee. OKAY. Turned up last night as a dude with a mullet and a goatee on Riverdale.

    I love Canadian actors.

  11. It has the longest url I ever done seed so I don’t know if this will work:


    boy, I bet that won’t go anywhere. I bet you can get there from hitting ew.com and find it.

    1. Try this: ew.com/tv/2017/10/11/supernatural-season-13-cover/. Social media shares add a lot of unnecessary code and it can be hard to tell what’s the original URL and what’s not.

      LOL! Must get that. I’m torn between the chainsaw and the kittens and OH, MY GOD, THERE’S VIDEO.

      Always suspected Ackles liked cats. Also, Padalecki and Collins rock the vamp teeth and skull. Wish the show’s writers were still that creative. At least they still have a rockin’ crew.

      1. That shot with him and the kitty is just the best. I got a picture that said ALL available at Barnes & Noble this weekend so I got someplace to drive 120m roundtrip this weekend. I love where I live but I am in the middle of NOWHERE.

  12. I just found out SPN is going to be featured on Entertainment Weekly this next Halloween Special (double magazine). There is a cover of Jensen with a kitten and it AWESOME (quoting Dean).

  13. Oh I had to put my name and email address in again.

    Now I see.

    Anyway, we were not injured in OUR fire at the end of June. We had a 3-day evac and nothing was destroyed in our area. Knock on wood.

  14. If they are going to focus on angels, I hope they manage to convey the sheer alienness of angels again. They started that way in season 4, but somewhere along the way, that got lost. Maybe due to sheer familiarity, although hints of it still come through, most notably in the Lily Sunder episode. It gets tiring watching endless angel wars, when the angels don’t seem much different than demons. And demons are just distillations of humans down to their worst qualities.

    1. As much as I am not into this whole alt-verse cheat thing, I’d love to see an alt-verse Ishim.

      While I agree with you that Depressed!Dean is as depressing as anything else depressing on the show, Ackles does rock Crazy!Dean and that kind of arc is wildly popular.

      1. Castiel dead. MARY trapped in crap alternative universe with Lucifer. Uber powerful Lucifer spawn walking and talking. Get out of whatever card Crowley dead. Sam not on the same page and another Apocalyptic scenario to weather ….

        My God. How could Dean not be depressed. All he had to deal with in season 7 was the loss of Cas and those egotistical leviathan.

  15. FYI, everyone, I’m currently working my way through editing the SPN season one reviews. Not sure if I’ll get done in time for a Kindle version by Halloween (depends on my learning curve getting it set up for Kindle), but it should be on track for a Kindle and print version by Christmas.

  16. I will be there, that is until the Exorcist starts!

    I am hopeful that Jack will be resolved early and quickly. The only reason for the character was to create the rift, Jack up the tension between Lucifer and the Winchesters (totally unnecessary) and of course as part of the rebooted bells and whistles all season long that led us to the new Apocalypse.
    The episode titles suggest a lot more focus is on the AU than Jack. And the AU, basically a real-time It’s a Wonderful Life is a great addition for various reasons. And Mary is stuck there and Lucifer is stuck there. And who knows who else lives there. And Angels are evil there.

    Still banking on Dean!Michael with our crazy Michael. Mary!Lucifer is still possible because that’s the most effective way for Lucifer to f@#! The Winchesters.

    It’s AU so our universes ruses don’t necessarily apply there. The demons have horns and angels,are evil too. Dabbler and Hacks for sure did not think very hard about ramifications of a black Michael.

    And they hit heavy the importance of Bloodlines last season in our universe. We are getting Dean!Michael.

    1. The Big Empty does imply that Cas will auto-resurrect again. However I am holding out for Evil AU Cas and please give him a goatee!
      I think it’s a given that Crowley gets a new meatsuit.
      They totally disrespected Sheppard in the writing last season and by considering him replaceable. Sheppard, like Jensen, Sam and Misha and even Jared at times elevated Crap dialogue. The actors are keeping the show going. Sheppard kept Crowley interesting. Shepoard’s acting made Crowkey’s human arc continue to work this season.

      1. Heh. You might be right. That’s in both of their natures. Now if Sam became jealous, and then dealt positively with that jealousy, that would be ok. Sometimes I’m not sure the writers realize what an ass they make Sam look like.

        Is Shannara chronicles any good. Fantasy novels don’t always translate well to screen, and I’ve been hesitant to try it. But I’m looking for a new show for my alternate evenings.

  17. Rebekah, I wonder how long before a plot line rolls out that Sam is jealous that Dean is reaching out to Jack? I know, snotty of me.

    I am also looking forward to Thursday. The first episode of the season tends to have a LOT of action.

    Oh, I just found out Shannara Chronicles season 2 premiers tomorrow, so I went to a website about the show (it’s going to come back one year into the future) and a new character I think is going to be played by Tamara from Season 3 Episode 1. I have not seen her around but I did like her when I saw her on Supernatural.

      1. I live in NM and ‘we’ got evac’d for the first time this year, but only for 3d. “Never” happened before. I am watching the Cali fires. Pretty scary.

  18. Streaming is totally the way to go. I’m currently juggling two and a half positions at work, and I like watching on my own time, since my free time is seriously limited. For the past year I’ve just purchased the season from Amazon. Consequently I won’t be watching until at least Friday myself.
    We have been without cable all summer long, thanks to a sewer project that is going on all around our house. (We have also been losing our water intermittently all summer and they cut our gas line once .) Seriously, they need to wind this up soon, because snow will be here in a few weeks.

    I can’t say I’m looking forward to a dark and depressing emotional arc for Dean. I get the mental illness angle and the cyclical nature of depression etc., but I like seeing progress made with him dealing with this. I’ve thought that Dean had shown evidence in making a bit of peace with himself since the resolution of the MoC, and I hate to see that lost.

    As for Sam and the parenting thing, I’d go for anything that gets Sam to think about someone other than himself. And an actual legitimite accomplishment on which to base his self esteem, instead of his usual arrogance would be nice. That said, the indication is that he is doing this due to identifying with the monster, and that makes it all about him once again.

    Sorry about above rant. It’s been a trying summer.

  19. I thought Dark Matter was cancelled.

    I thought Midnight, Texas was still up in the air.

    Or were the links discussing cancellation/possible renewal? Just confuses me.

    I am pretty excited for Thursday’s show and Friday at 8pm to discuss is fine by me.

    1. Heather’s spoilers were from a little while ago. My fault, not hers.

      If there’s an audience for a Friday livecap, I’m happy to do one. Truth is, if it weren’t for Supernatural, I’d be happy to cut the cord and go full streaming with my TV. I like being able to watch my shows whenever I want. SPN’s the only one that I still would prefer to watch live. Alas, the CW is not yet being carried in my area by any streaming providers, though I understand Hulu’s moving in that direction.

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