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Sci-fi Spoilerpalooza
By Heather S. Vina

Big news: The new Doctor has been cast and it’s actress Jodie Whitaker  (Broadchurch). This makes it the first time the Doctor will be a woman, though not the first Time Lord who has changed into a Time Lady. The last couple of seasons has seen the Master turned into the Mistress (AKA Missy) played by Michelle Gomez. Jodie formerly worked with new showrunner Chris Cibnall on Broadchurch and had been rumored to be one of the front runners for the Doctor in the betting clubs for the past week.

BBC America has posted her intro video and short interview on their website.

Welcome to the world of Who, Jodie!

In some Comic-Con news, BBC is bringing Doctor Who to Hall H in Peter Capaldi’s last year as the Doctor. They are also bringing quirky show Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

Hall H will be busy, as AMC is also bringing their shows The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, and Preacher.

Outlander will be making an appearance at Comic-Con again this year. While HBO will be bringing Game of Thrones for another appearance, and Westworld in their first-ever appearance.

In fabulous news for fans of Netflix’s recently cancelled Sense 8, it was announced that Netflix will be bringing the show back for a two-hour wrap-up special.

San Diego Comic-Con is this week Marvel is bringing new shows The Defenders, The Gifted, and Inhumans, as well as freshman show Legion. Marvel will not, however, be bringing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Warner Brothers is bringing along veterans Supernatural, The Flash, Lucifer, Supergirl and Arrow, as well as new show Black Lightning.

EW has up a list of the movie and television show panels that have been announced so far.

12 Monkeys: The show has cast actor Conleth Hill (Game of Thrones) in a two-episode arc as a character named Bonham.

American Horror Story: Lady Gaga will not be returning for the coming season. Ryan Murphy on his Instagram announced the return of Twisty the Clown.

Arrow: Stephen Amell gave some hints about next season at a recent convention, including the news that Manu Bennett would return as Slade Wilson. EW has up an interview with actress Juliana Harkavy on playing the new Black Canary.

Black Lightning: EW has up an interview with executive producer Salim Akil.

The Defenders: EW has up a breakdown of the series. They also have up an interview with Sigourney Weaver on her villainous character.

Doctor Who: The final ratings came out for the episode, “The Eaters of Light.” The show was watched by 4.73 million viewers, making it the most-watched show for Saturday and the 26th most watched show for the week. The episode, “World Enough and Time,” has overnight ratings out, for a day that had low ratings for everyone that Saturday, the highest rating being four million. The episode had an Appreciation Index of 85. In the final ratings, the show was watched by 4.995 million viewers, making it the 2nd-highest-rated show for Saturday, the 21st-most-watched show of the week, and the 9th-highest-rated show on the BBC.

The finale has come and gone and the last season of Peter Capaldi’s Twelve is over. As revealed at the end of the finale, the First Doctor is making an appearance (albeit not with the original actor, William Hartnell, who passed away in 1975). The Daily Mirror is reporting that Jenna Coleman is set to make an appearance, but that is not confirmed yet. After the finale, the BBC put out a press release and a promotional photo of the Doctors for the Christmas special. The BBC America site has up “Ten Things You May Not Know About ‘The Doctor Falls.'” The episode received an Appreciation Index of 83 and was watched by 3.75 million viewers, a share of 25.3% of the total TV audience. Those numbers will go up in the final figures.

The Doctor Who news site has up the final breakdown of the Audience Reaction for season ten. There was a marked difference in reactions between age groups, but overall, no episode scored less than an 80 for the season. The final ratings are in for “The Doctor Falls.” The episode was watched by 5.295 million viewers, making it the highest-rated show for Saturday, the 16th-highest-rated show for the week and the 8th-highest-rated show on the BBC. According to the site, the average final rating for this series is 5.45 million viewers. Last year’s average was 6.03 million, leaving this season with a bit of a drop all together.

The Exorcist: Actor John Cho (Star Trek) is joining season two as a series regular. He will be playing Andrew Kim, a “former child psychologist who runs a group home for five at-risk foster children on a secluded private island off the coast of Seattle.” The show has also cast Deadpool actress Brianna Hildebrand as a new series regular for season two.

Fear the Walking Dead: Post the midseason finale, both EW and The Hollywood Reporter have up interviews with Dave Erickson.

The Flash: Candice Patton won a Saturn Award and gave an interview to With An Accent about Iris in season four. TV Line has up an article on the possible DC comics story the show could be modeling its fourth season after. Actress Britne Oldford will be appearing in the premiere as Peek-a-Boo. Spoiler TV has up character descriptions for three new characters.

Game of Thrones: EW has up a collection of the promotional photos for season seven. Variety has up an article with “seven things they know” about seasons seven and eight. Actor Aiden Gillen spoke with EW about what is coming up for Littlefinger.

TV Line has up the episode descriptions and titles for the first three episodes of the season. EW has up an interview with Kit Harington in which he lets slip that there will be some tension with Jon and sister Sansa. They also have up an interview with Pilou Asbaek on the “new” Euron Greyjoy and with Nathalie Emmanuel on Missandei’s romance.

EW has up the latest promotional photos for the new season. TV Line has up some photos from the premiere red carpet on their Instragram. Variety has up an interview with Sophie Turner on what is coming up for Sansa.

The Gifted: Superherohype website has up the latest moving posters of the characters.

iZombie: Comic Book.com has up an interview with Rob Thomas on season four.

The Inhumans: The show finally has a premiere date: September 1. It also has a new trailer.

Jessica Jones: The Krysten Ritter Twitter account has up some on set photos of Jessica with a new man. The show has cast actress Leah Gibson as a new series regular for season two. She will be playing Ingrid, described as “street-wise but who also has an education as a nurse.”

Killjoys: TVGoodness has up an interview with Aaron Ashmore on season three. EW also has one up with Johnny’s portrayer.

Legends of Tomorrow: Marc Guggenheim revealed on his Twitter account the title of the first episode, “Freakshow.”

Luke Cage: The show has added two new cast members for season two: Mustafa Shakir (The Deuce, The Night Of) and Gabrielle Dennis (Rosewood). From the Marvel website: “Shakir has been cast as ‘John McIver,’ a natural leader, brimming with charisma, whose mission is focused on Harlem and vengeance … Dennis will play the role of ‘Tilda Johnson’ who is a brilliant, holistic doctor with a complicated history in Harlem where, as much as she tries to stay far from trouble, it seems to always find her.” TV Line is reporting that actress Lucy Liu (Elementary) will direct the season two premiere.

Midnight, Texas: The Syfy site has up a breakdown of the new show based on Charlaine Harris’ book series.

Marvel’s New Warriors: The show has cast actors Milana Vayntrub (This Is Us) and Derek Theler (Baby Daddy) as Squirrel Girl and Mister Immortal.

Once Upon A Time: The show has added six new actresses to its reboot season. Gabrielle Anwar (Burn Notice), Dania Ramirez (Devious Maids), Adelaide Kane (Reign), Mekia Cox (Chicago Med), and English actress Rose Reynolds (Poldark). No word on who their characters will be yet, but reports say Anwar and Ramirez will be series regulars, while Kane, Cox and Reynolds are set to (initially) recur. EW has up a handy page of everything they know for season seven.

Adam Horowitz posted on his Twitter feed the title for the premiere: “Hyperion Heights.” A lot of spoilers came out from the Disney Fan Expo. TV Line and EW have up articles on them. Big reveal is that Henry’s wife and the mother of his little girl is another version of Cinderella, played by new regular Dania Ramirez.

Outlander: It’s being reported that writer Anne Kenney is leaving the show. The show also finally has a premiere date: Sunday, September 10. EW has up the first look at new character Lord John Grey.

Shadowhunters: TV Line has up an interview with Dominic Sherwood about Jace’s romantic troubles.

Stranger Things: The second season has a premiere date: Friday, October 27.

Supergirl: In cool recast news, Smallville‘s own Lois Lane, AKA Erica Durance, will be replacing the unavailable Laura Benanti as Kara’s mom Alura.

Teen Wolf: The second half of the final season finally has an air date: Sunday, July 30. TV Line has up an interview with Linden Ashby in which he states some dire news for some of the characters of the show. EW has up some photos of new Hellhound Halwyn, played by actor Casey Deidrick. There’s also a new trailer out for the final season, showing the returns of Derek and Stiles.

The Vampire Diaries: The show may be over, but TV Line has up an interview with Paul Wesley on Stefan’s ultimate end.

The Walking Dead: EW has up the latest promotional photos for season eight, featuring Carol and Daryl.

Westworld: The show has cast The Leftovers‘ Katja Herbers as a new series regular for season two.

Wynonna Earp: Variety has up an interview with lead Melanie Scrofano and showrunner Emily Andras on the latest show twists. EW has up an interview with showrunner Emily Andras on Wynonna’s pregnancy.

Over at EW, the Spoiler Room has spoilers on shows Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, Shadowhunters, Midnight, Texas, and the Arrow-Flash-Supergirl-Legends of Tomorrow crossover. The latest Spoiler Room has spoilers on shows Teen Wolf, Shadowhunters and Arrow.

At TV Line, Matt’s Inside Line has spoilers on shows The Flash, Arrow, Once Upon a Time, The Strain and Lucifer. The latest Ask Ausiello has spoilers on shows Arrow, The Originals and iZombie.

Supernatural (Thursday nights, 8pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

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Filming for season 13 has begun.

We appear to be done for the summer with season 12 reruns. A summer show, Hooten and the Lady, is currently airing in their place.

This fall, the show will remain at 8pm on Thursdays and come back on October 12. Its lead-out will be Arrow.

San Diego Comic-Con runs July 20-23, starting yesterday. You can find info and pics about con swag here. Apparently, it also now merits actual network social media attention.

The show has another Comic-Con cover this year from TV Guide (you can find the interior articles here). The magazine also ran an article by show BNF S.E. Hinton in one of its regular issues (July 10-23).

The show is back in Hall H Sunday morning at 10:30 (PST). The panel will last an hour and will probably be on the Comic-Con HQ streaming channel, albeit not live. It’s also the last show event of the con. No word yet on guests.

Comic-Con put out its own official art for the show. Said art has a huge spoiler in it for a certain character’s survival. Sam, Dean and Castiel are all in it, though Crowley is not. There are glowing orbs in it and for some reason, Dean’s hand is also glowing. Let the crazy Hellatus spec begin.

Season 12 is available for pre-order on Amazon and will come out on September 5.

There will be three calendars for 2018: two large calendars out on July 1 and two mini calendars on September 1.

I’ve moved my Official live recaps to this site and simul-recapping at Wayward Friends, with reviews to follow. I’m working on the review for the season finale now.

Our latest (and probably last for the summer) ratings for the show’s repeats came in at 0.2/1 and 0.88 million and 0.3/1 and 0.81 million.

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30 thoughts on “Whispers, Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 07/21/17”

  1. I am still not positive Emma was going to kill Dean at the end of TSG. I ‘think’ he was getting to Emma but again not positive.

    I like the whole ambiguous thing.

    1. We will never know because Sam wanted to screw Dean and make a point despite the fact that Amy was killing to feed her monster son and Dean’s DAUGHTER had not killed and truly seemed conflicted.

  2. Watching Time…Time…Time and I wish ‘some’ one had noted that Elliott Ness of the Big BooHoo Speech committed suicide. So he himself did not live the Big BooHoo Speech. Bugs me it was not somehow used in the show.

        1. No worries. It was funny how that story explaining everything popped right up, though. Guess that reviewer *really* wanted to set the record straight.

          Mind you, depressed people can be harsh about other people committing suicide as a way to cope and suicide is not a dishonorable thing. It’s a tragic, desperate thing. And Ness drank himself to death fairly slowly, which isn’t any better.

          But yeah, no suicide.

    1. From the other spoilers I’m hearing, I’m guessing this is a fib on the part of the showrunners intended to piss off fans and get them talking.

      1. I think when S13 begins Dean is gobsmacked and thinks he lost MOM again (as well as Castiel) and ‘then’ goes to ‘kill JACK’ because he think Jack will be BAD. He wants to focus on the business at hand (like fixing the Impala when Cas became “god”) because ‘he CAN.”

        Jack will ‘sense’ this and NOT be a Dean fan. Jack will also sense Sam not being a fan of his ‘in toto’ but willing to give Jack a chance. So Team Sam. Bet Sam t*ies to convince Jack to ‘open’ the gate.

  3. I think we all missed that SPN is now showing on WED at 8pm. It makes little sense, but it is Wed at 8pm. Stupid not to somehow, U know, LET PEOPLE KNOW.

    The show on this week is about Liam and his ghost fiancee and the time line shift.

    1. It makes sense because that’s when Arrow historically has been. They move Supernatural to support shows that need help because Supernatural has the loyal fans base.

      1. Supernatural, I think, is basically getting rewarded for “saving” Riverdale this past spring by not having to lead in to Riverdale, anymore. And Arrow is an older show now, so if it doesn’t already have an audience that will follow it to Thursday nights, too bad.

  4. I think that the glowing orbs and Dean’s glowing hand are reflections from lights in the room where the posters are located. If you look at the posters for Lucifer and The Originals that were also posted, the same glowing orbs show up on them too. Interesting that they put Castiel on the poster. While I didn’t think that he was gone permanently, it would have been nice to leave viewers in suspense until the season started.

      1. There have been rumors. Frankly, Dabb would be stupid not to cook up another Crazy!Powers!Dean mytharc. The last one was a big ratings hit.

        1. I maintain that the hints have been there that we are heading to an Apocalypse with Mary stepping in for Sam.
          In the premiere we have Dean and Mary hunt for missing Sam rather than Dean and Sam hunt for missing John.
          Mary partners with letch/ lol rather than Sam partnering with Ruby.
          Lol tries to kill them rather than hunters trying to kill them.
          Interestingly Crowley and Castiel switched it up with Crowley following Dean’s lead and Castiel in it for personal reasons.
          Trolling some of the old themes. Magda episode references psi kids, reminds us of Chuck (Mistress Magda) and ties Mary to Lucifer (The devil is in Magda/Mary). Mary is possessed in the Foundry, accused of possession in Asa episode, is brainwashed later in the season. Too many female pip are possessed, taken over by Supernatural this season. Also ongoing theme of special blood. Word game where Mary’s letters spell Lucifer. MARY AND LUCIFER TRAPPED TOGETHER IN BIZARRO APOCALYPSE.

          Dean! Michael… at first it was just gut logic telling me we were heading to this then the avalanche of hints. Dean paired with Mary in Foundry. Dean so desperate to save Mary and Sam in Asa episode. Dean quietly apoplectic that Mary is awol/ working with lol. Dean still desperate enough to risk his life. Dean saves Mary from brainwashing.
          The painting, the colt, michael’s Lance,other references to Michael. Lucifer effectively too powerful for anything else to work. A bizzaro Apocalypse that has gone to hell because there were no Winchesters to end things.
          They have pretty much established Dean would do anything to save Mary.
          Anyhoo… I have a pretty good track record of picking up on themes. I said season 11 would end with Amara blowing off enough steam to listen to God’s apology but it would still take a pretty speech from Dean to seal the deal and it would all end up in a garden in my review of the 11 premiere.
          Season 12 seemed to be dropping Apocalypse anvils consistently.

        2. TV Addict is doing a live recap now of the show’s SDCC panel: http://www.thetvaddict.com/2017/07/23/supernatural-comic-con-panel-season-13-spoilers/

          Misha Collins is at the panel. Dabb and Singer are being coy about whether *Castiel* is coming back and that maybe it was time to kill him off. Which means, of course, absolutely nothing with Collins sitting right there. So, Castiel will be back and we’ll probably have some silly reboot thing with his personality. Seems Dabb got bored with the core characters awful quick in his tenure.

          Also, apparently, the rock group Kansas performed live at the panel.

          1. Nothing much. People over at WFB were getting all excited a few weeks ago because someone put in a credit on IMdB for Jensen Ackles that he had played Michael. It appears to have been removed.

  5. Midnight, Texas starts Monday on NBC.
    Dean! MICHAEL. That’s what the glowing hand means. The glowing orbs have to mean fairies. Still mad that Crowley did not get the Charlie treatment.
    Crowley could be back in another meatshit because the spell required a human sacrifice or we get Bizarro Crowley. If it’s the former I fully expect him to choose a Dean appropriate female body and will hit on Dean and bed him before outing himself. That will be worth the price of admission.

    Of course we are getting Mary! Lucifer too.

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