Whispers, Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 06/02/17

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Sci-fi Spoilerpalooza
By Heather S. Vina

The 100: The show has promoted actress Tasya Teles (Echo) to series regular. Following last week’s season finale, TV Line has up an interview with executive producer Jason Rothenberg. The Hollywood Reporter has a version as well.

American Gods: TV Line has up an interview with Emily Browning on last week’s Laura Moon-centered episode. EW has one with the actress as well.

American Horror Story: Ryan Murphy posted a photo of Billie Lourd in the new season.

Arrow: John Barrowman has confirmed that he will not be returning to the show next season.

Doctor Who: Doctor Who News has up the promotional images for this past weekend’s episode, “The Pyramid At the End of the World.” The official ratings for “Oxygen” are out and the show was watched by 5.27 million viewers, making it the 26th-most-watched program for the week. Last weekend’s episode “Extremis” had an Audience Appreciation figure of 82 with the overnight viewing figures clocking in at 4.16 million viewers. BBC American has up “10 Things You May Not Know About ‘Extremis.'”

Fear the Walking Dead: TV Line has up an interview with showrunner Dave Erickson about what’s coming up in season three, which premieres June 4.

Game of Thrones: There’s a new trailer out for season seven. It’s been confirmed that season eight will only be six episodes long. EW is also reporting that several of the actors will be having more to do in season seven! EW also has up some photos from their Game of Thrones photoshoot with the stars. They also have up the latest promotional photos for the season. TV Line has up the latest promotional poster for the season.

Legends of Tomorrow: Brandon Routh posted on his Twitter account some new promotional art for season three.

The Originals: TV Line has up an interview with actor Daniel Gillies about Elijah’s latest death.

Shadowhunters: TV Line has up a preview for season two’s second half.

Supergirl: It was announced that actress Floriana Lima will not be a series regular next season. She will be reduced down to recurring.

Wynonna Earp: Variety has up the promotional poster for season two.

At TV Line, the latest Ask Ausiello has spoilers on shows Twin Peaks, Supernatural, Lucifer, Arrow, Once Upon a Time, Fear the Walking Dead, and The 100.

Supernatural (Thursday nights, 8pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

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The repeats of season 12 continued this week with 12.03 and 12.04 and will be back next week with 12.05 and 12.06.

This fall, the show will remain at 8pm on Thursdays. Its lead-out will be Arrow.

For those following the repeats or otherwise trying to catch up, here is the Season 12 line-up (23 episodes): “Keep Calm and Carry On” (12.01) official photos and press release; “Mamma Mia” (12.02) synopsis and photos; “The Foundry” (12.03) synopsis, official photos, sneak peek, and promo; “American Nightmare” (12.04) synopsis, official photos and promo; “The One You’ve Been Waiting For” (12.05) synopsis, promo and set photos; “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” (12.06) synopsis, photos and promo; “Rock Never Dies” (12.07) synopsis, photos and promo; “LOTUS” (12.08) synopsis, photos and promo; “First Blood” (12.09) synopsis, photos, promo and sneak peek, as well as an extended promo; “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets” (12.10) (this is the one with Alicia Witt) synopsis, photos and promo, and sneak peek; “Regarding Dean” (12.11) tech survey card, synopsis, set photo, promo and official photos; “Stuck in the Middle (With You)” (12.12) tech survey card, synopsis, preliminary photo (this one’s directed by Richard Speight Jr.), and official photos and promo; “Family Feud” (12.13) synopsis; “The Raid” (12.14) tech survey card, synopsis, and promo and official photos; “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell” (12.15) tech survey card, synopsis, official photos and promo; “Ladies Drink Free” (12.16) tech survey card, synopsis, photos, sneak peeks, and promo; “The British Invasion” (12.17) synopsis, photos, mini-doc, promo and tech survey card; “The Memory Remains” (12.18) tech survey card, synopsis, photos, promo, sneak peek, and title; “The Future” (12.19) tech survey card and partial title card, showing the director is Amanda Tapping, and the writers are Robert Berens and Meredith Glynn, and synopsis and promo, sneak peek, and photos; “Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes” (12.20) tech survey card, showing Richard Speight Jr. returning to direct and synopsis; “There’s Something About Mary” (12.21) synopsis, photos and promo, tech survey card, and directed by John Showalter; and “Who We Are” (12.22) and “All Along the Watchtower” (12.23 – season finale) synopsis, photos and promo, tech survey card, and directed by Robert Singer and written by Andrew Dabb.

The big (really, the only) news this week is that the other main character death of the season finale (i.e., Crowley) will stick. And it also appears that this is because there’s bad blood between Mark Sheppard and the show. Sheppard tweeted repeatedly that he was not returning to the show in any form and even corrected Jim Michaels when Michaels tried to imply that Crowley might come back. Support from other actors indicates the dissatisfaction may not be limited to him. Hmm.

I’ve moved my Official live recaps to this site and simul-recapping at Wayward Friends, with reviews to follow. I’m working on the review for the season finale now.

Ratings for the repeats of season premiere “Keep Calm and Carry On” (12.01) and “Mamma Mia” (12.01) were 0.2/1 and 0.76 million, and 0.2/1 and 0.67 million respectively.

In DVR+7 ratings, the show popped up with an increase from 0.5 to 0.9 and 1.420 to 2.272 million for “There’s Something About Mary” (12.21).

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14 thoughts on “Whispers, Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 06/02/17”

  1. Just saw that the kid who was in Thin Lizzie is one of the Stranger Things kids. Finn Wolfhard. So I looked him up and he is going to be in the new adaptation of IT (the Harry Anderson part). AND Emily Perkins our not-so-beloved Becky played young Beverly.

    He shone in his part (Jordie?) in Thin Lizzie.

  2. Watching the fight on TNT: when did they stop using Krav Maga or whatever the Israeli fight style is? Golly, this is a good fight.

    1. Short answer? Kripke didn’t like it. He didn’t think it was blue collar enough and that they should just be doing roughneck-style fighting.

      Since he left, the martial arts have made a slow comeback, especially for Dean.

      1. When you had said they used krav maga (SP?) I went to youtube.com for videos. It just appears to be super-fast street fighting.

        It appeared in Reichenbach that Cole was using ‘martial arts’ and Dean was just ‘stopping him’ by using strength moves to just block him. I don’t know enough about fighting in reality to know what the heck was going on.

        The fight in Skin ‘appeared’ to me to be something more than two guys duking it out, faster than most people could move.

        Do you know when they switched to ‘street brawling’? Does they still attend classes in ‘screen fighting’? It just intrigues me.

        1. Krav Maga is a form of martial arts made by and for the Israeli military. It’s very fast and precise. What you see in “Skin” and in the Pilot is Krav Maga–definitely not street fighting. Street fighting is messy and doesn’t use blocks or the antagonist’s weight against him/her.

          Cole was using, at the least, Kung fu (Dean recognizes Cole’s stance and comments on it). The blocks could be Kung fu, though considering Dean is simply acting defensively most of the time, I’m inclined to believe my eyes that there’s a fair bit of Aikido in there, especially when Dean disarms Cole of the knife (that’s a classic move). Aikido is mostly defensive.

          They switched pretty early, probably by the end of season one. I honestly don’t recall if either of J2 ever took any stage fighting classes, but they have definitely trained a lot (including weapons training) with the stunt coordinators. And, of course, there’s that story (apparently from season two) of the two of them getting attacked at a bar in Vancouver by some drunk idiots, some of whom Ackles put in the hospital getting them off Padalecki.

  3. I did a rewatch too.

    WHO do you think drove from The Bunker to Jody’s? I believe the Impala is stick shift so Dean would’ve needed his left leg to shift gears. They showed them driving up and then it showed them walking away from the car. But not them getting out of the car.

    I know this is a stupid thing to wonder about. But neither my husband not I can figure out if they were ‘implying’ Dean was driving. Heck. Who drove ‘back’ from Jody’s to The Bunker? I guess that has to be Dean. I mean Mary was brainwashed and Toni was always a threat.

    I did like watching leg-messed-up Dean beat up Ketch. Good fight scene.

    Tomorrow Skin is on TNT and I find that one uncomfortable (how good Jensen Ackles is at portraying that hideous ‘Shifter person) but the fight at the end is just levels above anything else shown on tv. The guys are ‘so good’ at their fighting each other scenes. Sam is so much bigger than Dean but it is always believable to me that Dean would win any hand-to-hand fight.

        1. No worries. It’s an old style of automatic (the handle’s on the steering wheel) that many people wouldn’t recognize nowadays.

          Personally, this girl drives standard, which is why I looked into it in the first place.

  4. Crowley could be back with another meatsunit if the spell death requirement was human and smoked out or through a bizarro Apocalypse Crowley in a different meatsuit.
    Mark brought superlative acting skills to the role and like Jensen managed to maintain character integrity despite the bad all over the place writing. I thoroughly enjoyed every scene with Mark this season especially when he was paired with Jensen or Misha. Sheppard carried the weight of the continuation of Crowley’s human arc solely through his acting choices. It wasn’t in the writing for sure which is why the character’s sacrifice didn’t work. Yes he came whenever he was called but one knew there were reasons other than being Team Dean that made helping out an obvious choice for him. I wish they had given more to the storyline.

    I doubt that they can cast his equal if they go this route but they did surprise me with Rick Springfield who brought the scary back to Lucifer and even made his usually sparky shtick menacing. Rick is my favorite Lucifer. Pelligrino just doesn’t bring his A game anymore.

    As far as the rewatch, the first 4 episodes are far better than the back 19 with few exceptions. So sad. So bad. So Covfefe.

    1. I don’t think bringing Crowley back played by another actor would work. It would only piss Mark Sheppard’s fans off even more and cast an even more glaring light on the writing flaws.

      1. I don’t want it. I can see them doing it. I think Dabb is tragically inept, a man walking with an enormous shoulder chip.

    2. I totally agree. Rick Springfield really brought the whiny to Rock Never Dies. He was ‘so’ similar in that to Jared’s Lucifer in The End. No matter what Lucifer is so whiny.

      I wondered if at the end of last season when Chuck put in a safeguard so Lucifer could not kill Sam/Dean that it was permanent. He could interact with them physically (ie beat the crap out of somebody) but not do ‘angel power or magic.’

      1. It’s implied there’s still a safeguard (Chuck put one in last season, but it was never said if it was still in place after Lucifer got blasted by Amara), but apparently, Dabb is too lazy to say that.

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