The Official Ladies Drink Free (12.16) Recap Discussion Thread

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Recap of Claire, werewolves (with the usual sad attempt to make werewolves sound “badass”), and Sam’s dumbass decision to join the LoL.

Cut to a girl coming out of a bar and getting busted by her older brother. As they walk home, the girl hears some breaking branches and sends her brother off on a wild goose chase while she walks back toward the bar, smug. But as the brother searches, her hears her scream. And finds her apparently dead. A thing with a mask attacks him and rips out his heart, then concentrates on the girl.

I hope she’s really dead because…yeah. Show’s still not batting 1000 on hiring actresses to play teens.

Cut to a room with no windows in the LoL bunker and a weird map where Dean is pissed off at Sam for the LoL making them wait. Dean says he’s going to wait in the car. Mick shows up, acts all stereotypically British (no, show, Brits are not all psychopaths) about the remaining bloodstains from the recent vampire attack.

Mick gives them the DTG case and wants to “tag along.” Dean is unimpressed.

Dean tells Sam he’s going to have to babysit Mick, who proceeds to brag in the car some more about his knowledge of werewolves and how the LoL killed off all the werewolves in Britain (sure…like the vampires, right?). The Brothers (rather unwisely) mention Garth as someone who has managed to live with lycanthropy, but Mick is not impressed.

Dean starts to like this hunt better when Mick checks them into a three-star hotel. And proceeds to skinny-dip in the pool the next morning. Dammit, Dean, you need to come visit my local YMCA. I could use some of that scenery while I’m doing laps.

At the hospital (the annoying younger sister died), the Brothers won’t let Mick talk to the girl and the mother won’t let them talk to the girl. Mick comes in with a lab coat and sends the mom out. The mom starts to open up to the Brothers, while Mick checks the girl’s bite. Uh-oh. Mick’s probably going to try to kill her, ’cause she’s almost certainly being turned. Sure enough–he lies to the Brothers about her having wounds.

The mother says that there are “Bigfoot truthers” sniffing around the case and mention a young girl with the “Fish and Wildlife Service” who turns out to sound like Claire.

Claire is out by her car when she gets a call–from Dean doing a mean impression of a Canadian park service guy and Yogi the Bear. She meets the Brothers and Mick at a restaurant. Claire is unimpressed. Mick excuses himself early–to file a report, he says–but it’s really to go kill the DTG at the hospital. Which he botches quite badly when she wolfs out in the middle of his sticking a needle in her IV. Loser.

At the hospital, DTG’s body has no wounds. Dean quickly figures out she must have wolfed out and healed before dying. Dean is clearly suspicious of Mick and Mick’s claim that he saw no bites on her, especially after the doctor says she was covered with wounds.

Dean apportions the troops–Sam and Claire to talk to the girl whom DTG was supposed to be sleep-overing with and Dean taking Mick to the bar. They talk to a guy with a tat who was hitting on Claire and DTG. Dean also easily catches Mick out in a lie and slams him for it outside, calling him out on having killed DTG. Mick claims that he and the LoL don’t have the “luxury” of letting monsters go, that they have a “code.” Dean is unimpressed.

So am I, because YOU ARE NOT IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY, MICK. Mick has *zero* grounds for bitching about how well Sam and Dean are doing things in *their* country. The LoL’s attempts to hunt in the U.S. are an invasion, pure and simple. They were not invited, by anyone.

Meanwhile, Claire tries to ditch Sam, whining that Jody doesn’t let her hunt and that the Brothers just pop in and out of her life, that they treat her like a kid. Sam suggests that if she doesn’t want to be treated like a kid, “then stop acting like one.” Go, Sam.

Naturally, Claire goes off in a huff, tries to hunt the werewolf on her own by acting as bait, and gets bitten. Ugh, Claire, come on. That was such a Jo Harvelle move.

So, Claire wakes up and sees an attacker, but it’s Sam, who helps her up. Back at the motel, both brothers are furious with Mick. Sam says they’re “done.” Dean tries to reassure Claire that she can live with lycanthropy, but she doesn’t want to do it. Sam says the LoL have a cure involving the blood from a sire, but Mick insists they’ve only done it successfully (1 in 10) on mice. The one human subject died horribly.

So, I’m guessing Mick is gonna die soon because he’s quite unsympathetic in this and not a learner.

So, the Brothers go to the bar to find the sire’s blood. They leave him with Claire, but Dean warns Mick that if anything happens to Claire, Dean will kill him. Mick doesn’t seem to take this seriously–he doesn’t understand that Dean would torture him first and that Dean is *good* at that.

As the Brothers look for the sire, Claire starts to freak out and asks Mick to shoot her. But Mick is having second thoughts about this whole “code” thing and tries to find ways to restrain her.

And, of course, the sire shows up. He knocks Mick down and knocks Claire out, then carries her off.

Ugh. The writing this season…ugh.

The Brothers come back and find Mick waking up. He says he put a tracker on her (this doesn’t actually make him worth being around because of all the dumb things he’s done that got everyone into trouble).

Meanwhile, at the monster’s pad, Loser Wolf Boy monologues at Claire about losing his pack to Hunters and tries to feed her a human heart. Mercifully, the Brothers show up with Mick. Dean knocks Claire out, while Mick gets the kill of the sire (because it seems that Andrew Dabb & Co. have no interest in giving Dean *any* monster kills, anymore). Then they dart a wolfed-out Claire with the “cure.”

Muting the incessant Riverdale adds because ugh.

Anyhoo, back from commercials and Claire is still going through the “cure.” Dean has to leave because he can’t stand to watch her in pain. She goes into a coma, or something. Sam thinks she’s dead and calls Dea back in. Dean comes in and can’t believe it. But then Claire’s wolf nails recede and she opens her eyes. She survived the cure.

Afterward, Dean thanks Mick for saving Claire, but both Brothers are not quite feeling forgiving. They tell him he screws up again and he’s done.

Claire thanks them for saving her. Sam asks her if she’s going to tell Jody. She says she’s not sure. Over a montage of Claire hugging Dean while Sam looks on, smiling, she leaves Jody a message and tells her she’s hunting alone, but will be back, and thanks her for being a mother to her. She drives off to Joan Jett’s “I’m a Wild One.”

So, you know how Alex got cured of vampirism and that was actually a good episode? Well…not this one so much.

Yay! We have our promos back! Promo for next week. You know how the LoL are supposedly ruled by Evil Old White Men? Try an Evil Old White Bitch. She sics Mick on the Brothers and on Eileen, who returns next week. Guess who’s unlikely to survive next week? I’m guessing Mick. EOWB may make it to the end of the season, unless they have Dean go full-on Styne Hunting in the penultimate episodes.

I’ll also be simul-recapping on Wayward Children.

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34 thoughts on “The Official Ladies Drink Free (12.16) Recap Discussion Thread”

  1. OK: what is EOWL’s issue with EILEEN of all people? I know Eileen is independent but that is just STUPID.

    That EOWL sure looks MEAN to me.

    1. Lady Hell Bitch in Charge looks like yet another Brit stereotype, one as xenophobic and misogynistic (not to mention a tad homophobic) as Toni and her Henchwoman in the season premiere. She doesn’t need a reason to hate Eileen. Eileen’s being an American Hunter and Team Free Will are good enough. Every time I see these Brit characters, I’m reminded of all those upskirt shots of Lilith in the comics Dabb and Loflin did for the show. Ugh.

      I might be okay with Mick sticking around if they disengaged him from the LoL permanently. He probably won’t make it past this week, though.

      1. Mick appears to be a person who ‘thinks’ he knows a whole bunch more than he does. I was expecting a lot more ‘expertise’ from the BMOL. Because all we have seen of Mr Ketch is ‘clean up work’ with no finesse (I mean Magda was an easy kill I felt there was something hinky about the Secret Service kills, I just don’t believe those soldiers had no means to fight back, maybe a weapon which paralyzes people?)

        A couple of weeks ago I suggested Michael getting into Dean after Dean is killed by Ketch (Dean is protecting Garth and his family and locked them in a ‘safe’ room at the bunker); you brought up that Dean died ‘this year’ when Billie killed him. I thought about that and I don’t see that as a true death because their souls were still in their bodies. I considered it a form of ‘suspended animation.’ Anyway, that’s how “I” would work around the contradiction.

        1. No, their souls were not still in their bodies. We already know how temporary death works. We got it in “Death Takes a Holiday.” We got it in “Appointment in Samarra.” And once more with feeling, AN ARCHANGEL CANNOT POSSESS A DEAD BODY. Period. The archangel or angel needs consent. Until Michael gets Dean’s consent, Dean’s body is off-limits to him.

          1. I am not doubting you, Paula. What you say makes sense. BUT it seemed to me that Adam had withdrawn consent so how did Michael get his body?

            You mean in Appointment in Samara, when Dean was spirit-walking?

            I don’t think I agree with you, but I will say you have good points.

            1. Adam gave his consent again at the end of “Point of No Return.” The only thing we heard after that was Michael saying Adam was not in charge when Dean tried to appeal to Adam in “Swan Song.” Adam never withdrew consent and his physical resurrection was absolutely essential to his being present to say yes.

              Dean has spirit-walked in “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” “Death Takes a Holiday,” “Appointment in Samarra,” “PacMan Fever,” and “Red Meat.” The difference is that in DaLdoM, DTaH, AiS, and RM, he was dead and not simply dreaming.

  2. Do you think the BMOL will kidnap Claire to do research on her? I am surprised come to think of it that they never tried to kidnap Samd and/or Dean to study if there are any differences in being an actual arch-angel vessel? I wonder if they would try to infect Sam with Croatoan for instance (‘and’ I wonder if Dean as Michael’s vessel was always immune as well).

    I feel ‘sure’ Mick will tell Lady Hell Bitch in Charge about Claire.

    1. One of the infuriating things about this season’s writing is that it intentionally obfuscates or ignores stuff that would quite-naturally come up, questions that would surely be asked and expected to be answered. Just how much do the LoL actually know about Sam and Dean? Do they even know that the Brothers are archangel vessels? How much do they actually know about angel lore and vessels? Do they know about the Nephilim, the MoC, or Amara? What about Dean’s killing the Stynes? What about the Prophets? These are storylines being kept artificially and hermetically separate from each other in ways that make no logical sense in the plot or worldbuilding.

      1. Ditto. They think they know about Ruby and Benny apparently. They don’t even know how Dean saved the world last season.
        They apparently see the Winchesters as complicit with the supernatural and not really threats.
        They are so dead.

        1. Dean’s accomplishments are on such a cosmic level that Mick et al don’t even register them. Toni, with her wall of obsession, seemed to have an inkling and clearly saw them as a threat, but the others dismissed her as a nut. Even the American Hunters in the Asa Fox episode mostly fawned over Sam .
          The BMOL are clearly intended as a metaphor for pride and we all know what that goes before. That Dean is being set up as their judge, and possible executioner, seems likely. Mick seems to have gotten a bit of a learning curve and might escape but it won’t be unscathed.

          1. The LoL do seem to be quite behind the eight-ball. For example, they seem to be completely unaware that Abaddon was the one who took down the American MoL. And their ignorance about Lucifer is astounding, especially for a group who claim to have angel-controlling spells.

            As far as Dean’s cosmic role, Dean is clearly reticent about it and it’s also possible that Chuck has no desire for his creations to be too aware of How Things Work behind the curtain. Even Lucifer, for all that he senses Chuck favors Dean over him, is a little vague on how important Dean is. Unless, of course, that’s Lucifer being in denial about how he can’t touch Dean directly. It could just be common sense–with how full of selfish a-holes the SPNverse is, making Dean’s role and importance too clear would make him even more of a target than he and Sam already are.

      2. Well, Milady-I-don’t-care had a wall covered with clippings about both brothers (but mostly Dean I think). They may ‘think’ they know the Winchesters and not really know the Winchesters. Like Ketch seemed surprised they wanted the Magic Egg Thingie to kick Lucifer out of POTUS.

        I mean, how could they NOT know that Lucifer was out and about?

  3. While I am enjoying the more mature version of Sam that the show is finally giving us, sometimes I think he is dumber than a box of rocks. Why would he out Garth, even if not by name, to a man who had just stated he kills all werewolves. Who does that?

    Also, why would Mick have the cure on him, if it supposedly didn’t work, unless he was hoping for some poor sap to test it on. Or did he hope to use it on himself if he got bitten? How does that fit in with the “code”. Did he think he should be exempt? Even Gordon understood that if you hunt without mercy, you get no mercy the moment you are turned.

    1. Mick didn’t have the cure. Sam found it in the werewolf research Mick showed up with for the hunt. But yeah, I agree that Sam bringing up Garth was a really dumb thing to do.

      I am not the least bit impressed by the LoL at this point. The things they claim to be able to do make absolutely no sense when so far, we’ve met only a handful of members, and only one of those members actually has any experience hunting things. Maybe the hints are supposed to be that the last time they had to deal with real monsters (that they know of) was fifty years ago? I dunno. The worldbuilding on werewolves in the show has always been poor at best and adding in the weak LoL backstory didn’t help. Dabb (or perhaps the Nepotism Duo are the ones running the writers room this season) is doing a terrible job in quality control this year.

      It’s also way past time Dean started calling them out on coming to America and telling American Hunters how to run things. Go to freakin’ Canada and invoke the Commonwealth; see how that goes. It’s just flagrantly obnoxious for Brits to do that and the Brit stereotypes don’t help. Here’s a show that has had two regular recurring Brit characters for *how* many seasons now and *this* is how they portray an entire organization of British Men of Letters? That’s just sad.

      I have a sneaking suspicion that Toni was originally supposed to be the one working with the Brothers at this time in the season, but they reassessed after she turned out to be so unpopular and brought Mick up from the farm team, instead.

      1. I don’t know. The timing of just being able to produce that cure so quickly still seemed off. I know that Sam was the one that found the research, and it was silver nitrate which I suppose could be obtained at a lab. But she was actively wolfing and that limits the timing to the few hours of the full moon. And they spent part of that night tracking down her sire after the first red herring. I guess I have this picture in my head of Mick doing a bit of off the record research by injecting Hayden without her consent. After all, she would either recover or die, thus fulfilling their code. It seems like the sort of unethical thing the BMOL would do.

        The sheer level of stupidity Mick showed in how he approached Hayden belies the level of knowledge he supposedly had about werewolves. It was clearly close to the time she could be expected to change, and yet he was totally unprepared to fight her. Does he not keep track of the moon cycle?

        There is no way the US government would be unaware of an organization with the resources the BMOL supposedly have, (a compound the size they showed must be seen in satellite footage.) And yet, LOTUS clearly showed they weren’t. This is all making less and less sense.

        Anyway, Dean needs to come give them all a lesson in professional ethics. His wrath is righteous and mighty to behold.

        1. I think that the injection Mick gave to Hayden was to kill her… hence silver nitrate. Silver kills werewolves.

          We weren’t told the other ingredients in the cure

    2. The lol are not to be trusted. The are in it mostly for the relics and knowledge. I think it’s bad writing. Mick was a werewolf expert in his own mind. That may have been his Mick’s Notes Journal of info. He learned.
      Remember when hunter’s journals were important
      I like mature Sam too but he is being written as a dolt.
      Sam should be smart enough to realize Dean is always right and when he’s playing the fool it’s an act.

      1. The BMOL are absolutely untrustworthy. And you would think Sam would have gotten the memo about Dean by now, but he only sees what he wants to see, and that makes him stupid.

  4. I thought Sam was the worst person to tell Claire to act like an adult considering his behavior towards Dean for years. Getting mad and going off alone is classic Sam.
    Yes I know he’s been acting more like an adult this season.

  5. I am thinking we are stuck with Nick for the long haul. The Raid, this episode and the next episode sadly constitute a Mick arc. Nick has realized that hunting skills are an asset and that hunting isn’t as black and white as lol would have him believe. Next week a crisis of faith: duty vs humanity. Obviously humanity wins. It makes me sad that Nick is the character that gets a character arc whilst Sam behaves like a,dolt that never learns and Mary is confused by ch-ch-ch-changes.
    Please no to a Nick spinoff. Yes Sherlock, Tom Mison’s ichabod Crane and Elementary are popular. Mick completely lacks the charisma and acting chops of Mison, Cumberbatch and Miller. Maybe if he were played by Joseph Morgan… I would gladly watch Morgan and Ackles seethe at each other.

    I do like Dean being the smartest tool in TFW and the one that is championing mercy.

    I hate the flashbacks as if we are too dumb to remember that Letch killed Magda on Mick’s orders.

    That mean old madame was so Judy Dench “M”. Remember when the show mined pop culture for humor. Now these riffs hold the show up and bolster poorly terrible writing.

    Dean’s the only one safe this season because he’s been the only consistently smart character, the only consistently right character, the only character that seems to get that Letch and Angry Spice were psychopaths, that the lol were sketchy, and the only character besides Crowley that has the balls to stand up to Lucifer. Lol will have to kill (or get killed) Mary or Sam to pussy Dean off of the deep end. They are clearly in it for the tech per risking Mary et al for the, Colt which is an American artifact of power.

    Hopefully Dean will torture Mick and take out Letch in a nice BAMF brawl. Letchworth makes my skin crawl. I half expect him to sexually assault Mary or sleep with her Bond style to disarm her.

    At least Dagon will break up the lol boredom.

    1. Are you sure Mick gave the kill order to Ketch re Magda? I got the impression Ketch was following them around watching how the Winchesters handled cases and took it upon himself to ‘clean up’ after Magda.

      But I admit I don’t know one way or the other.

      1. Maybe he was told to make sure everything was to code. But yes. Letch knew they let her live and he fixed the problem. I thought there was a phone scene of him talking to someone…
        Really who cares. It’s all so boring and easily forgotten. Meh.

  6. Oh, last thing: was that Justin’s heart in Bartender Wolf’s fridge? Was he going to give that to Hayden to finish bringing her over?


    And Claire could fight the turn in the beginning because she knew what was happening; Hayden woke up with ‘thirst’ and had no reference for fighting it.

    1. Oh. No I don’t think Dean knows Letch killed Magda. He didn’t know that lol was following them which was how Letch knew about Magda. That kill was our big intro to Letch and his psychpathy.

  7. TNT is redoing season 2 this week and the Madison episode was on in which the Brothers discuss something from John’s Journal about the possible cure of a just-bitten werewolf. “Killing the sire” did not work, but the BLOOD of the just-killed sire actually further fills-in for John’s earlier info. (I don’t think that Madison could have ever been cured because as a ‘sleeper’ werewolf she had killed two persons — I don’t remember if she had eaten any hearts, which was brought the Brothers into her story.) Anyway, for once ‘previous’ canon was used and illuminated.

    Again, I liked the acting of the supporting cast. Justin and his mom were really nice people. I don’t know if bartender wolf really a non-hunting wolf with his previous pack or if they were just a low-profile pack. I ‘like’ that Sam and Dean are basically saying that ‘monsters’ are part of the woodwork of ‘life’ in America. They are basically using Eve’s argument!

  8. I am getting good at playing ‘pick out the Canadian actor’s previous part’:

    The Hayden and Justin’s mom previously played the sheriff’s wife in Unforgiven. It is not one of my favorite episodes.

    The tatted bartender previously played the drug dealer from the beginning of The Borne Again Identity (who offered Sam something to help him sleep).

    I ‘love’ that about this show.

    1. Honestly at first based on Sams facial expression I thought Dean went swimming in his possibly turn inside out-possibly not underwear. Then I thought he went sans swimming attire of any kind and couldn’t help but envision the lucky lass that would walk in on THAT.

  9. If Mary ‘does’ sleep with Ketch I will need to get brain bleech.

    I wonder if Mick Davies will ‘mention’ Garth in his report to HBIC (she looks mean).

    That Hayden girl pissed me off, she got her brother KILLED.

    The actress that played the mama (of the dead kids) is familiar, as is tattoo guy. I have to go look them up.

    On another site somebody said that Dean went skinny dipping. I don’t know where they heard that but I just love Jensen’s beautiful shoulders and hope there are outtakes (if he did).

    Do you think Dean understood that the BMOL had killed Magda? I was waiting for him to say something.

    Really good brother/hunter vibes today. I though a person could get ‘wolfed’ by a scratch as well, and Mick got scratched by Hayden.

    Oh her poor mother.

    1. Dean admits he skinny dipped to Sam before Mick shows up.
      I also have a bad feeling about Letch and Mary.
      Hayden didn’t know her boyfriend was a werewolf.

      1. I don’t care about her ignorance, she was just ‘awful.’

        Now she was ‘awful’ in the realm of normal selfish teen with a mother who was working two jobs but I ‘so’ liked brother Ben and believed he was trying to do the right thing by his silly sister.

        He ‘should’ve’ called the cops re underaged girl drinking. At least it would’ve closed down the bar.

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