The Official Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell (12.15) Recap Discussion Thread

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I’ll also be simul-recapping on Wayward Children.

Recap of last week and then of Hell Hounds. Dammit, Dean needs to kill one, already. He needs a little revenge.

Also, a recap of Nickifer’s return and Kelly baby mama because…don’t care. Also, apparently, the waitress was an angel, which I don’t think we saw in the actual episode.

And we’re in Now in Sheridan County, Nebraska. A young woman at a campsite is chopping wood while her boyfriend slacks off with social media. Doomed Teaser Couple Alert!

They cuddle for a bit and talk about how she’s going away to vet school. They’re going to try the long-distance thing. You know…the thing that never seems to work. Unless, maybe, when you’re in the military.

He goes for a walk while talking himself into asking her to marry him. She’s back at the campsite and finds the ring he bought her. She looks…well…not thrilled.

Just as well, since he’s being stalked. And eaten. By something with Hell Hound vision. Right in front of her. It knocks her down and she bops it with a stick. It squeals and runs away.

Cue title cards.

Total Walking Dead joke-the Brothers return with Dean wielding Lucille and covered in Ghoul, Wraith and Siren gore.

Dean comments that Sam knew how much underwear Dean packed and that he’s been wearing the same pair for…a while.

Sam gets call for another hunt. Supposedly, he’s got an algorhythm that hunts up weird stuff. Dean gives him a blank look, even though Dean already knows how to work computers very well. And hack.

Dean goes to shower using Sam’s shampoo.

The Brothers go to investigate Doomed Teaser Guy while talking about a haunting Mary just wrapped up and that Castiel is investigating a case where something’s killing angels (shocker, says Dean). Cut to Castiel interviewing a woman in a diner with an upside-down FBI badge.

The owner intercepts him. He looks a lot like Chuck. He asks Castiel to follow him. The guy locks them both into his office, which has a fan like Bobby’s panic room. The guy mentions a woman named “Sarah.” He says she was killed by aliens–reptilian aliens. Sent by the Queen of England. He has video proof. He’s “woke.”

It’s CCTV footage of Kelly being pushed down an alleyway by a guy (angel) in a suit. Sarah shows up with Yellow Eyes (she’s the one being possessed by Dagon) and kills the angel.

Meanwhile, the Brothers investigate the site and immediately suss out the MOTW was a Hell Hound.

They visit the DTG’s would-be fiancee, Gwen, who is having nightmares. Cue the sneak peek in which Dean points out that lying to her probably won’t make her feel any better than telling the truth.

They’re being watched and followed by the Hell Hound. Remember when Dean could sense/see them?

As Sam tries to explain, Dean supplies that it was a bear and Sam rolls with that. Gwen tells them to get out, Dean snarking to Sam that lying didn’t do it.

The Hell Hound stays inside with her.

So, after the commercial break, the Hell Hound attacks Gwen and chases her around the house. The Brothers bust in and Dean shoots the Hound twice. Even though he couldn’t see it before. [eyeroll]

Over to Crowley’s upstairs pad, Crowley is mocking Lucifer and claiming to be “ten steps ahead” of him. They trade pointless barbs. C’mon, we already know Lucie’s gonna bust out.

A demon bangs at the door. Crowley muzzles Lucifer and then comes out to speak with the demon. Two demons.

They’re asking him to deal with hundreds of overdue Crossroads deals.

Back at Gwen’s, the Brothers level with her. Gwen finally figures out they aren’t FBI. And looks skeptical when they tell her. She asks them why they didn’t tell her the truth in the first place, Dean points at Sam.

Sam delicately brings up the topic of how you get a Hell Hound after you–you sell your soul. Gwen says she never made a deal and her boyfriend never would.

Sam suggests they call Crowley, who is being bored to tears by demon legal briefs. Dean calls and Crowley answers because it’s Dean. Crowley is still pissed about Gavin. Dean says it was Gavin’s call and says they have a “situation.” Crowley is about to hang up when Dean adds, “Hell Hounds.” Crowley forces his demons to admit that the top Hell Hound escaped. Crowley visits the Brothers and tells them that the Hound (named “Ramsey” for some random reason) is Lucifer’s pet, and that all Hell Hounds were previously created by God as pets and then subverted by Lucifer.

They figure out the Hound is coming after Gwen because she hit it. Except that she only hit it because it came after her–oh, never mind. It’s all very stupid.

Meanwhile, the totally predictable happens and Crowley’s minions find Lucifer.

The demons are trying to negotiate with Lucifer, who just wants to be loose and has, of course, no intention of honoring any deal.

They finally let him loose and he kills the demon who was negotiating the most, but dithers slightly over killing the other one–before doing so.

Meanwhile, Castiel is having a chat in a diner with another angel, who is there to kill Kelly and wants Castiel’s help. He’s willing to negotiate Castiel’s return and says that Joshua is the one currently in charge. And, as usual, he’s contemptuous of Castiel hanging out with the Winchesters. Usual temptation crap storyline for Castiel.

In the woods, the Brothers fill Gwen in on how you can see Hell Hounds with special glasses. Bring on the nerd specs!

Loooots of promos later, we get back to the woods. Crowley is complimenting Dean on his hotness in eyeglasses. Crowley repeats everything Dean says, calling him “predictable.” Dean tells him he’s “gone soft.”

Crowley says who knew a few years ago that Dean would have been working with the King of Hell? Apparently, Perez forgot all about Dean working *for* the King of Hell in season six.

Dean and Crowley can’t find Ramsey, while Sam is driving Gwen around. Gee, I wonder where the Hound is?

Gwen is feeling bad about not loving her boyfriend as much as he loved her and lying about it.

Oh, look, Ramsey showed up. The Hound smashes up the car, but can’t get in. Show, if you have Sam kill *another* Hell Hound, I swear….

So, yup, Sam kills the Hell Hound. In the most underwhelming way possible.

Perez just plain needs to go.

Crowley says his goodbyes at the car and returns to get backhanded by Lucifer. Lucifer shines bright and opens his wings.

And then Crowley gets up and kicks his ass. Turns out Crowley warded Nick himself and completely controls him.

Crowley swears to find and rip apart Lucifer’s “spawn” in front of him.

Back at the Bunker, Dean talks to Castiel. Hey, remember when Castiel said the Winchesters were his family? Yeah, about that…he’s off to Heaven again and didn’t tell Dean.

Oh, and Sam gets a call from Mitch and has to ‘fess up. Dean is not thrilled, but Perez forces an “I’m not happy about it, but okay” speech.

The last thing is Sam getting another call from Dean, because now Sam is apparently Mitch’s bitch.

Perez *really* needs to go.

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19 thoughts on “The Official Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell (12.15) Recap Discussion Thread”

  1. Per recap, we did see that the waitress was one of the attacking angels. The show is so boring now it is hard to keep up with the minutia. Sigh.

  2. You know, you’re right about the Alpha Vampire. I hadn’t thought about it at the time, but to just stand there as he did really took away from his gravitas. If he had sacrificed himself for some worthy purpose, like to ensure the survival of his species, I could maybe see it. If this keeps up, we won’t have any classic monsters left.

    1. We will. If seasons six and seven didn’t manage to destroy them, this season won’t, either. And I have a feeling Dabb will have some answering to do if he goes beyond this season.

      One further problem is that the showrunner is usually not the person (on this particular show) who is running the writers room day to day. So, a lot of this is happening probably because the Nepotism Duo are in overall charge of the writing. The more I think about it, the less likely I think it is that they would become actual showrunners because it’s way beyond their skills. If they did, the writing might actually improve–unless we got stuck with Perez running the writers room (God help us).

  3. It is interesting that Dean seems far more comfortable working with Crowley than the BMOL. Better the devil you know, I guess.

    And was it just me, but did that hell hound seem awfully tame? If hitting it with a stick was all it took to avoid it (even temporarily ), we might never have had the entire season 4 storyline. It practically laid down and let Sam stab it.

    1. Well, they’re former lovers. Crowley is a familiar element to Dean. It was a very bad relationship, but it was one, whereas he doesn’t have any familiarity with the LoL and doesn’t want one, either. Retch was self-misinformed on that score.

      The entire Hell Hound storyline was mishandled. A Hell Hound ripped Dean and Jo to shreds, but left the boyfriend largely intact and was driven off by being bopped with an axe? Oooookay. I don’t think Perez quite understands what this show is about.

      For that matter, the Alpha Vampire, who canonically has super-speed and reflexes, just stood there and let himself get shot. Azazel at least at the excuse of being distracted and temporarily disabled by John’s attack from behind.

      1. I love Dean and Crowley however former lovers seems a bit much. They definitely crossed swords a time or too. Crowley is still besotted and Dean knows it.

        1. Well, they’ve been playing it as former lovers. Dean clearly saw it as no more than a fling and ruthlessly twists Crowley around his little finger. But since Crowley is obsessive and more than a bit abusive (or would be if Dean let him), the audience’s sympathy is with Dean.

  4. Got another theory for next episode: I have gathered that the ‘hunters’ for the next episode are Sam Dean and Mick taking on a werewolf pack (Mick may be with them to observe how ‘good’ hunters actually work) when Claire, also there to hunt the pack, gets bit and Sam and Dean try to save her. Mick appears to ok this but notifies Ketch re Claire. Maybe he does not believe the cure works? Anyway, Ketch goes to ‘neutralize’ Claire and Jodi takes him out. Don’t you want to see Jodi take that smarmy hubristic POS ‘out’ like the garbage he is?

    That is my alternative of BMOL plot re werewolves (I have stated more than once I think the BMOL will decide to take out Garth and his family).

    1. I definitely think LOL and Dean will come to odds over their black and white kill policy. This has been set up all season. So yeah Claire getting bit seems likely.

      There is no cure is there… unless maybe they kill the werewolf before she kills. I can’t remember what they have retconned.

      Alex is useless. I doubt Jody will kill a human. Arrest them… possibly. But Dean likes Claire. Dean will be pissed. And Cas too.

  5. Had a thought over night: what if the Angels called Castiel in to try to convince DEAN to take on Michael (he may be fine — Lucifer is a lying liar who lies) because an ‘archangel’ nephil (right spelling for the singular?) might require another archangel to kill it.

    Listen I mentioned this (I love how people giving us what they think might be happening this season): I would ‘love’ for Baby Lucifer to bond with Dean. Michael IN or OUT of Dean, I would love Kelly’s baby to see Dean and refer ‘him’ as daddy. I just want Lucifer to be rejected by somebody else.

    I rewatched earlier episodes and I really REALLY liked Rick Springfield as Lucifer. Especially the speech as Lucifer was kind of melting out of Vince. God ‘ditched’ me again. Oh yeah, Lucifer, ‘your’ help was useless, right? Lucifer now has an outlet for his anger: Dean.

    1. Not sure. The problem is that Dabb isn’t a very good showrunner and some reasonably good things so far this season have been written quite poorly for no reason. This bit with Castiel being wooed by Joshua and Dean being isolated from his friends and family *could* lead to Dean having to say yes to Michael, but I’m not holding my breath.

      1. I think the season has been deliberately trolling the pre-Apocalypse. Why else do it except for Dean Michael.
        Why isolate Dean. Have everyone betray him and think they know better. Why have Lucifer still part of the story and have Crowley mucked their get out of jail hail Mary. The only option left will be Dean Michael. And we all know depressed Dean takes risks and the biggest risks when he feels unloved and worthless.
        It could also explain Sam getting so many minor kills.

  6. Another BTW: the demons brought all the bull-puckey accounting stuff knowing Crowley would get MEGO and leave a the earliest opportunity.

    I saw Sam ‘bond’ with the young lady, but she did not really ‘bond’ with him, no separate good-bye

    Pete (husband) said, THE CAR, THE CAR!!!! Another baby fan.

    I don’t blame Castiel wanting to be part of Heaven again. The angel at the diner was telling the ‘truth’ to Castiel, yeah lots of people are still mad at you but we need your assistance here. I did not think he was lying.

    YAH! Joshua’s back.

  7. When I read this I thought Sam killed ‘two’ Hellhounds.

    I liked this more than you did but I ‘also’ am starting to get pissed by Perez (pissed by Perez!) writing out Dean.

    I ‘am’ surprised Sam lied to Dean. Now I am positive that some Hunter (hey, bring back Walt and Roy so Dean can get REALLY pissed at them) will go after Garth and his family. (My husband got unhappy when I posited this, he does not want Garth and his family murdered.

    BTW, I absolutely LOVED Crowley putting a hurt on Lucifer.
    You know what the problem with Hell is? DEMONS. The two demons were so stupid it was unbelievable.

    1. I’m more mad that Dean keeps completely disappearing from the third act so that Sam can get the kill and that the kills, even for Dean, are so easy, especially for iconic MOTWs. That’s just plain bad writing. Also, Perez keeps getting himself into trouble talking about “balance” in the kills, then Sam gets five kills to Dean’s two so far this season, with Sam getting two *major* kills two weeks in a row.

      The entire Lucifer arc is so stupid that I keep happily blanking it, but I do think one of the few good things about the episode was how Crowley pulled a fast one on Lucifer because that was actually a twist and therefore realistically unexpected.

    2. Why are you surprised Sam lying to Dean. They are revisiting old themes with both Sam and Mary betraying Dean with the pretending to be Good guys LOL, this season’s Ruby and Gordon/Rudy etc Gung ho hunters.
      Now Castiel is also betraying him.

      Dean will end up being right and will be cleaning up their messes. At least Crowley is pretty loyal to him. Yeah he lied about Lucifer and yeah somehow it will go sideways… but come on… Crowley had to get his revenge for being the dog.

      Noting that the Joshua reference and the betrayal of Dean smacks of pre-Apocalypse stuff. We could still get Dean Michael???

      I thought Joshua was declared dead by that bland Faction leader in season 9. Maybe he was just “gone”.

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