This page is divided into four categories: Sites related to Star Trek (including Fan Fiction), general SciFi/Entertainment, Zoos/Nature, and Travel. These are sites on which I've wasted many a happy hour when I should have been working on my (now PhD) thesis!

Star Trek

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These are sites which I use to get Star Trek news. Warning! These sites are spoiler and graphics heavy. If you don't like either, avoid them.

I am also trying to build up a semi-comprehensive list of fanfic sites. At the moment, I'm concentrating on DS9. It's my favorite show, and focussing on one series helps me organize my acquisitions a little better. If you have a Star Trek fanfic site (DS9 or otherwise), or know of one, that you would like to add here, please e-mail me at

Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction Archives

Other Joe stories

Other Methos series


The Original Series

The Next Generation

Deep Space Nine


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This section is a bit of a grab-bag of guilty pleasures. Seriously, though, what female Star Wars or Indiana Jones fan could resist a site called The Harrison Ford Worship Page?

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All of these sites concern nature and science. Some are magazines. Some are cable network homepages. Some are webpages for zoos, aquariums, or environmental organizations. What can I say? I'm a sucker for environmental causes.


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