This site is not going anywhere. Yahoo has been rather vague about the details, but apparently, if you have been paying for your site, your site will get switched over to their new Yahoo service (which is not free, hence the demise of all free Geocities sites) as of tomorrow. Old links will take you to the new addy which I don't know yet because they won't let me pick it until tomorrow. Yep, that's right. I've been paying for this site for a while. My bandwidth kept getting blown through the roof, so I had to upgrade a couple of years ago. Who knew that would turn out to be a good idea? So, this site, at least, will still keep chugging along as always.

Ciaran Hinds (left) as Preceptor Brian de Bois-Guilbert and Christopher Lee (right) as Grand Master Lucas de Beaumanoir in A&E's Ivanhoe (1997). Hinds wears standard battle dress for a Templar of knight's rank. Lee wears standard convent dress for a Templar knight (except for the gloves, which are symbolic of his rank as Master of the Templar Order).

This web page is devoted to some personal and professional interests of mine:


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