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Season One repeats in Canada Friday nights on Showcase, starting with part one of the pilot on August 30 at 7pm EST.

Intelligence has been renewed for a second season of 12 episodes, as reported by lead Ian Tracey in a recent interview. The show will be moving to Monday nights at 9pm this fall, with season two starting on October 1. The pilot repeated at 8pm on June 7, 2007 (thanks to ghostjmf for the info), with season one repeating Fridays thereafter throughout the summer. Season one will also start showing (pilot first) on Showcase in Canada this fall and should appear on WGN in the U.S. late in the year, as well.

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Crime-and-politics drama Intelligence, Chris Haddock's latest drama, with Ian Tracey and Klea Scott, is a Canadian thriller with a brain (more than you can say for most American offerings these days). Made by the same people who created Da Vinci's Inquest and Da Vinci's City Hall, it has a somewhat different focus than either one. Da Vinci's Inquest was a straight up police procedural about a Vancouver coroner while Da Vinci's City Hall moved the same characters into a political thriller centered around City Hall.

In contrast, Intelligence is a closely focused Canadian spy thriller about the head of a single Vancouver crime family who works for the government--and also about his government handlers. It boasts much of the same cast as Da Vinci's Inquest (though, alas, Nicholas Campbell, Donnelly Rhodes and Venus Terzo are so far MIA), but in very different roles. If you ever hoped to see Ian Tracey lead in his own show and see him do it well, Intelligence is definitely for you.

Intelligence is Haddock Entertainment's latest tv series through CBC, premiering last fall on 10/10/06, with the pilot reairing on 9/26/06 (and again on 6/7/07). In Quebec, it showed on Series + from February 22, 2007 at 9pm (thanks to Kim for the info). Season one aired Tuesdays at 9pm and 12:30am, with an encore performance at 11pm on Fridays, ending in late January 2007. In Britain, it appeared on the Hallmark Channel from 1/5/07 onward (thanks to Lynne for the info).

The pilot for Intelligence aired on 11/28/05 and CBC ordered a 13-episode series on 2/13/06. The story revolves around Jimmy Reardon (Ian Tracey, currently filming Chinese-Canadian miniseries "Iron Road" with Sam Neill), a Vancouver pot baron, and the cops who are trying to bust him--notably, Mary Spalding (Klea Scott) of the local Organized Crime Unit and her second-in-command, Ted Altman (Matt Frewer).

In the pilot, Jimmy got the drop on his pursuers after a briefcase of files of OCU informants was stolen from a car and fell into his hands. But events soon spun out of control for all concerned. As the series begins, Jimmy has established an understanding with Mary that suits them both, but it makes for an uneasy working relationship on both sides, one fraught both with suspicion and mistrust and with the odd moment of camaraderie and even chemistry. One misstep could get Jimmy killed and destroy Mary's career. In fact, as the credits rolled on the season finale, it looked as though Jimmy's last misstep had come. We'll see how that plays out in season two.

In Intelligence, nobody is perfect: Jimmy Reardon is a crime boss who has to ride herd on underlings ranging from the hardheaded and macho (but loyal) like his second-in-command Ronnie Delmonico (John Cassini) to the bone-stupid like his addicted-to-everything ex-con brother Mike (Bernie Coulson). He is also a paranoid but loving father and brother to his young daughter Stella (Sophie Hough) and sensible sister Maxine (Sabrina Grdevich), while supporting his coke-addicted ex-wife, Francine (Camille Sullivan) and Mike's wildchild daughter Lila (Taylor Hill).

On the cop side of Intelligence, Mary Spalding is single-mindedly using her position to get a better one with CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service). But she's also a tough and supportive mentor to both her female underlings and her snitches (like Russian pole dancer Kristina (Lauren Lee Smith)), while dealing with the discovery of her husband, Adam's (Michael Rawlins), infidelity and a long-term mole in her wire room. She also proves an able recruiter of new informants like Katrina (Ona Grauer), a local madame who is very grateful indeed for Mary's help with Immigration, and new allies like Martin (Eugene Lipinski), an experienced OCU operative and handler who's in bed (literally) with Katrina.

Meanwhile, Ted is a scuzzbag who cleverly undermines Mary in the boys' club that is the OCU, talking her down with the likes of former crony Martin (Eugene Lipinski) and Mary's creepy predecessor at CSIS, Roger Deakins (Tom McBeath). Ted is hell-bent on taking Jimmy down, though why (aside from seriously misguided ambition) remains a mystery. But Ted also has an absolutely terrible sense of timing, no morals whatsoever and very little diplomacy beyond backroom backstabbing. And a fateful non-meeting in the pilot with a street person named "Bootsie" puts him in a position that should have cost him his job. His continued dalliance with the DEA may yet cost him more than that.

The title of the page is pretty self-explanatory. If you don't like spoilers, don't go clicking on links that say things like "synopsis" and "review". Don't expect virtuous language, either. This show won't use it. Neither will I in my reviews. If anything, I'll be cleaner; even with CBC fuzzing out most of the f-words, the pilot for Intelligence still sounded like a Canadian version of a Brit gangster flick. Being Canadian, though, it has other things on its mind than your average Brit gangster flick.

Season One (Official synopses can be found on the CBC site for the show, but no longer with individual URLs) CHRISTMAS BREAK

Season Two

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