To keep things simple, I'll leave all moving parts (i.e. graphics) off this page (Except for Christmas and awards graphics). This page is an archive for Valerie's (AKA Nightbird and Night) Star Trek and Jericho stories, which have been posted on the ASC and elsewhere.

Most of the stories will be listed in chronological order, except where they belong to a specific subgenre (i.e. parodies) or a series. All of the current stories are set in the DS9 series, and center around the character of Dr. Julian Bashir.

Valerie has just won third place in the DS9 Author's category for the 2003 ASC Awards. Her stories Missing and Legacy, Year 1 have also won third place in the DS9 Featuring Bashir and DS9 General Story categories, respectively. Congratulations, Valerie! You can also find here Echoes of Truth and Memories of Truth, Valerie's companion stories to Meghan Elizabeth's "Pain of Truth" (Meghan Elizabeth's Fan Fiction Archive). Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns all of the Star Trek characters and situations. Since I don't, I'm not making any money off of these stories. Neither is Valerie. No infringement of Paramount's license is intended. However, they're still Valerie's stories. So, if you want to use them for some purpose, email her at:

WARNING: Some of these stories are rated R or NC-17. This is mostly for violence and gore rather than any explicit sex. Some stories, however, will discuss sexual issues very frankly. If you're under the age of 18 and the rating says R or NC-17, this means that it's not for you. So, don't go there, kiddo.


Star Trek

Winner, Third Place, DS9 Authors, 2003 ASC Awards.

The Destinies series

Surrender. Winner, First Place, Incomplete DS9 Story, 2000 ASC Awards.

The battle over Cardassia ends in an allied defeat and the beginning of the end of everything. When does survival cross the line to collaboration? Posted on the ASC in 61 (including part 0) parts. R.

Part 1-Captivity. Chapters 1-8. Posted as parts 0 to 16 on ASC 1/26/2001

Part 2-Necessary Compromises. Chapters 9-14. Posted as parts 17 to 28 on ASC 1/28-1/30/2001

Part 3-Slavery. Chapters 15-20. Posted as parts 29 to 40 on ASC 2/1/2001

Part 4-Madness. Chapters 21-24. Posted as parts 41 to 48 on ASC 2/1/2001

Part 5-Endgame. Chapters 25-30. Posted as parts 49 to 60 on ASC 2/11/2001

Legacy. Winner, Second Place, Incomplete Story, 2002 ASC Awards. ,
Winner, Third Place, General DS9 Story, 2003 ASC Awards.

Tyranny isn't always delivered at the point of a rifle. Sometimes, it comes at the tip of a pen and a form left incomplete. PG-13.

Part 1-Flight, Chapters One and Two Posted as parts 0 to 6 on ASC 1/2/2003

Part 2-Transience, Chapters Three, Four, Five Six, Seven and Eight Posted as parts 7 to 10 (revised) on ASC 1/11/2003, parts 12-14 on ASC on 1/9/2003, part 15 on 1/9 and 2/17/2003, and parts 16-18 on 1/30/2003.

Part 2a, Part 2b, Part 2c, Part 2d.

Part 3-Adjustments Posted as parts 19-29 on ASC 1/17/2003, and, as revised, on 2/13/2003.

Chapter Nine, Chapter Ten, Chapter Eleven, Chapter Twelve, Chapter Thirteen, Chapter Fourteen.

Part 4-Interesting Times Posted as parts 31-46 on ASC 2/4/2003, and, as revised, on 2/14 and 2/17/2003.

Chapter Fifteen, Chapter Sixteen, Chapter Seventeen. Chapter Eighteen, Chapter Nineteen, Chapter Twenty, Chapter Twenty-One, Chapter Twenty-Two.

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