This site is not going anywhere. Yahoo has been rather vague about the details, but apparently, if you have been paying for your site, your site will get switched over to their new Yahoo service (which is not free, hence the demise of all free Geocities sites) as of tomorrow. Old links will take you to the new addy which I don't know yet because they won't let me pick it until tomorrow. Yep, that's right. I've been paying for this site for a while. My bandwidth kept getting blown through the roof, so I had to upgrade a couple of years ago. Who knew that would turn out to be a good idea? So, this site, at least, will still keep chugging along as always.

All stories are either text or html files. This page contains Star Trek stories which I have posted on alt.startrek.creative (ASC). You'll find all of my fanfic in other genres here, as well.

Most of the stories will be listed in chronological order, except where they belong to a specific subgenre (i.e. parodies) or a series (i.e. Split Personality, which has mutated into a four-entry series). Many, but not all, stories are set in the Star Trek: DS9 series, and center around the character of Dr. Julian Bashir. Highlander stories tend to center around the characters of Joe Dawson and Methos, Queen of Swords stories around the character of Dr. Helm. If you can't stand any of those characters, then I guess you're in the wrong place.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns all of the Star Trek characters and situations. Rysher/Davis owns the Highlander universe (although I strongly suspect that the ROG belongs only to himself, somehow). Fireworks Entertainment owns the Queen of Swords universe. Since I don't own any of 'em, I'm not making any money off of these stories. No infringement of Paramount's, Rysher/Davis', or Fireworks' license is intended. However, they're still my stories. If you want to use them for some purpose, ask first, please, at:

WARNING: Some of these stories are rated R or NC-17. This is mostly for violence and gore rather than any explicit sex. Some stories, however, will discuss sexual issues very frankly. If you're under the age of 18 and the rating says R or NC-17, this means that it's not for you. So, don't read it.

Coming soon: the conclusion to "A Sea of Fate"

You can find my SF stories and other writing here.

Table of Contents:

Touching Evil

The Queen of Swords

Highlander: The Series The Armed Intervention Series

And a peek into the future....

Star Trek Winner, Third Place, MIS Author, 2000 ASC Awards; Second Place, MIS Author, 2002 ASC Awards.

The Split Personality Series [DS9]

The Sawalha Series (MIS)

The Cutting Room Floor (DS9 Drabble Series) Winner, Second Place, DS9 Drabble, 2000 ASC Awards.

Six Battles in Search of a War (MIS Drabble Series)

Christmas Stories and Filks


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