Supernatural: Season 14

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28 thoughts on “Supernatural: Season 14”

  1. Yeah. At the end of last season I thought that they had to go with our Michael and Dean against AU Michael. Unfortunately the new weapon negates that as a necessity and Faux Kaia is a match for him in fighting skills. If Michael!Dean manages to get it they may need an alternative plan.

    I would love to see Jensen play a non psychopathic version of Michael although if Lucifer was actually telling the truth he may be a different color of crazy.

    1. At the moment, I’m handwaving EVOL!Kaia being able to take on an archangel in single combat by saying it’s the weapon, not the girl, because EVOL!Kaia without her spear got knocked out by Dean pretty easily (of course, it was incredibly stupid for her to leave the spear anywhere, anyway, but there you go). It also would make sense that a weapon anyone could use would have the added feature of giving the person a few extra powers that would allow them to get anywhere near their super-powerful, super-fast target.

      1. So one of the episodes coming up is titled The Spear. I’m assuming they are referencing Kaia’s spear but it would be interesting if it was the Spear Of Destiny. Aka Gods Toothpick. Or Michaels lance which Crowley broke. Maybe they could make it into a spear.

        I still hate the whole DarkKaia/Super Special Spear storyline tho. You mean Michael couldn’t do the Glow Eyes on her? Or TK her into a tree? Or TK the spear away from her while she’s distracted eating her beans and S’mores by the fire? Love Michaels style. Ackles always outdoes himself with fight scenes.

  2. Michael!Dean is Hot. I am leaning towards him still being there all of the time on the Downlow. His powers are exponentially more powerful than any other we have seen.

  3. Where did you read this Alycat?
    They have set up AU Michael as the big bad and his plan is to successfully destroy humanity/put humanity in its place/build “a perfect world” via hopped up monsters; ie. “doing it right this time”…
    Per all of this Dean is not off the hook. “Scar “hinted at more than the oh so predictable guilt and angst at having given evil psychopathic AU Michael this opportunity operate on this world. IT IS ALL ON HIM this time.

    I have to say HMMM… maybe you are right Alycat. Jensen surely played Dean with more than his typical edge, almost as if he were still under Michael’s control. So is it mind control, has Michael left a piece of himself or is hiding in there hence that split mirror shot or is Dean a secret Jefferson Starship and hence controlled that way for some reason because part of his monster origin juice is Michael’s grace…
    But yeah, this probably means Lucifer is not gone either… :(.

    Interesting twist that Faux Kaia was protecting Kaia. Yeah Dean was totally out of line when he forced kaia to help at gunpoint. In addition to his behavior in Advanced Thanatology his actions in The Bad Place signaled how off of the rails be had become in his desperation to save family, clear precursors to his desperation and recklessness in the finale.

    A bit weird that she wanted Claire dead though.

    1. “A bit weird”? As played and written, she’s a murderous psychopath who perceived her double as a possession, much like that stupid spear. I wouldn’t believe her if she said the sky was blue. Of course she perceives Dean as “weak.” Psychopaths don’t understand or respect love, let alone its power. She’s sure gonna be awful confused when Claire starts hunting her.

      I didn’t have any problems with Dean’s actions regarding Kaia. He’s supposed to have rough edges and be violent, and “our” Kaia was a selfish coward. Maybe make her a bit more sympathetic, Show, and I might care.

      As for saying yes to Michael, Dean had no choice. The situation wasn’t anything like the one in “Swan Song,” where the Brothers could have looked into other solutions, but Sam was absolutely convinced he could control Lucifer if he murdered a bunch of demon hosts, drank gallons of blood, and said yes. Dean didn’t do any of those things. As Michael himself admitted, Dean didn’t say yes out of pride. He said it for love. And as his own, special brand of psychopath, Michael doesn’t understand that, either. Might even fear it. And, of course, there’s the thing that Dean only said yes conditionally, which had to have weakened Michael’s hold on him, for all Michael’s boasting.

      I get that you don’t like Dean, anymore, but considering that if Dean hadn’t said yes, there would be no SPNverse (and possibly no multiverse at all), and therefore no show, I don’t see how the show is actually saying he was wrong. It’s fake drama, as usual. Dean’s decision was a desperation move that still left a major villain on the table, but it wasn’t the wrong one. Michael’s going to take a lot longer to screw up the SPNverse than Lucifer would have. Dean bought TFW:TEP a lot of time.

    2. Sorry CC I thought I had answered your query. I’m not sure where I read it, it was just one of those interviews with Dabb. If I remember right he said something about or insinuated something like Michael and his plans may cause a situation where a Bigger Bad is spawned/created. Probably Dabbs usual spewed crap. I’m sorry, I meant – cool crap. The coolest. Pffft.

      I’m upset with myself because I am actually dreading this Thursdays episode. Not that I think it would be bad necessarily being that it’s a Halloween type episode. I think it’s more that I don’t think I will be able to stand another disappointment.

      1. As I recall, it was Eugenie Ross-Leming who claimed alt-Michael was not the Big Bad for the season. Then the very next week, Dabb said he was.

        Clearly, these folks need a writers room so they can start being on the same page about spoilers, for once.

        1. Didn’t she also say Sam wasn’t going to be driving the Impala. No one was? Is she that clueless over the actual episodes or does she think she’s being clever by misleading us?

  4. I read that Michael is not going to be this seasons Big Bad. I also read something about the Empty? So will they come up with a new character or use an existing? Dark Kaia? The Empty Entity? Adam? Yeah. They go to pull our universe Michael from the cage to somehow pit him against AUMichael and inadvertently release Adam who is crazed with only thoughts of revenge. Deriving his powers from all that hate and rage. It’s UberAdam.
    Seriously. If it isn’t Michael maybe he inadvertently creates the new Big Bad without realizing what he’s done. Or he realizes it and that is his plan.

    1. Michael is so powerful that in order to keep him around, they’d need to make him a temporary ally, like Lucifer last season. I think we will see an ongoing battle between him and Dean for control over Dean’s body. I’m fine with that as long as they don’t screw it up. If they give him even the minimal script time, Ackles can make that work. Throw in Dean saying yes to Our!Michael to fight alt-Michael and I’m all for it. Ackles getting to play three different characters all season? Yes, please.

      I have no interest in seeing Dark Kaia. Nor do I have any interest in seeing Adam as a Big Bad. Resolve his storyline, by all means, but he wasn’t very impressive as Michael in the first place. Also, the current canon is that the archangels can’t be in the Cage with a vessel, so Adam really should be in Heaven.

      My money’s on the Big Bad being the entity from the Empty.

  5. Okay .. I do concede that your point in regards to Crowley’s tinkering with the Nick meatsuit is sound. Also I think the storyline will be a Dean made the wrong call, fell bigtime, chose family over the world thang which will generate big angst and character growth/change via a redemption arc.
    Therefore having Lucifer survive would be the ultimate rub Dean’s nose in the selfishness of his decision way to go. From that standpoint I can definitely see Lucifer a go go. And the writers fo love Luci even if we think he is played out.

    All of the faux Crowley action just makes Dabb seem petty and dumb. I want real Crowley.

  6. If I was not clear… I think Michael must have infected Dean. There is no other reason to abandon him for Sam and co. to find.

    The enhanced camps were all failures. He needed the werewolves for phase two however the enhanced werewolves were also killable just immune to silver. Ergo, Dean must be the final solution. The hunters were meant to find him. That much is clear. Michael took vamps, werewolves and his own grace and infected Dean… that is my guess. Otherwise there was no reason to lure Sam and co. there.

    Dean maybe infects others but himself is immune. I don’t know. Whatever Michael cooked up it was not those werewolves. It has to be Dean.

    1. Interesting. Another call back to the Jefferson Starships. Does anyone else wonder if the pinky ring will hold any significance? Michaels words to Dean – “I own you”. So chilling. I hope Dabb doesn’t puss out and leave that hanging. God I am sick of vampires and werewolves. I pray Dabb is more creative than that. Dean as the silent weapon could be cool. So Michael winds him up, bails out and lets Dean go. But where then is Michael? Ah I know…he’s hiding in the pinky ring…now Dabbs ripping off Harry Potter! Kidding. Sort of.

      1. If there’s one thing Michael is wrong about, it’s definitely that he “owns” Dean Winchester. Even John couldn’t entirely rule his son and he had an entire lifetime to do it. As for the rest…spoilers. Though they come from the Nepotism Duo, so huge chunk of rocksalt there.

        The werewolf leader was okay, but I’ve never liked the way the show does werewolves and I’m really tired of the Nep Duo, especially, constantly trotting out the TVD-ish Eurotrash stereotype.

  7. I find Jack’s SL a non starter and I’m sorry to say I find Alex’s acting blend to say the least. Everytime I see his scenes I think… this is what we got instead of Crowley? Also as much as the first epi was Sam centric I think Dabb did a number on him. It felt very patronising to his character. I mean demons, vampires… he and Dean can sort that out in their sleep. If you want me to see Sam in charge, in Dean’ absence give him a proper challenge. He’s a seasoned hunter. As for the angels. Why would Dabb portray Cass as a useless, limp, character. I’m confused.

  8. Loving evil Michael!Dean. Loving Jensen’s performance. Thinking he was turning out to be the biggest bad the show has ever had. His uber monster plan season 6 2.0, one up’s Eve… pure evil okay and clearly he had daddy issues. Remaking a perfect world. Totally f’d stuff.

    So… yeah… just randomly about it st the end of the second episode without an all girl musical in sight.
    This makes no sense even if one smells a twist down the road. Writers… this was gold. Sam with big boy p as it’s worked. Jack being scary pragmatic worked.
    Everything dark worked.

    It actually seemed really good.

    So Nick is a psycho killer now… Qu’est-ce que c’est.

    1. Ok not sure how I feel about this one. So many questions. Observations. I’m going to jump around on this so bear with me. I’ll put up spoiler so that I won’t ruin it for anyone. First off. Two words. Jefferson Starships. There is no way that Sam in all his (and Deans) experience that he would not have put two and two together. There is absolutely zero chance he wouldn’t have remembered Eves attempt to create the perfect monster. I do appreciate how they toned down Super Sam this episode. Thought Jared did a good job. Do I have to spoiler every time I break into a new paragraph? Better safe than sorry.

      Jacks scene between he and his unawares grandparents ate up too much screentime. Cas and Jack connecting for the umpteeth time over basically the same crap also burning up too much screentime. And it’s painful because everytime Cas talks about his experience it makes me remember that mind numbingly boring storyline and the pimp mobile road trip to nowhere with the other boring angel, Hanna. I’m sorry but anymore Cas makes watching paint dry exciting.

      I would almost expect that Lucifer would still be residing in some form in Nick. Think about it. The Archangel blade is for killing an Archangel. Not a Uber Nephilim powered archangel. Also let us not forget that Crowley engineered Nicks vessel to permanently contain Lucifer so that may also play a small part? The twist with him killing the neighbor? Unexpected. Could it be that Nick was the one who originally killed his family? Or did his neighbor. Or are we to believe the neighbor was covering up for someone else? Where’s Hotch, Garcia’s and Derek (mmmm…Derek) when you need them?

      I still think Dabb is ripping off the end of the BTVS series. Vampires. So Michael perfected. Did he mean he was finally successful with the experiment with the vamps and was moving on to perfect the werewolf crew next? Or did he mean he’d perfected it and the vamps were the expendable mistake. And what was with the sneak attack? Three. Three. Granted more impervious to the usual means but they could still be killed by beheading. Really? That’s it. They could always be killed by beheading. Is Michael doing a fake to get Sam and Company to think they’ve got this? Better break out the grenade launcher Sam.

      Dean. Dean, Dean, Dean. Two episodes. Two. Thanks Dabb. So looks like it will be a lot of flashbacks. I’m confused. Supposedly Dean is going to have a terrible time getting past what Michael did while Dean was his powerless co pilot. When was this horrible stuff done? How much time expired between Michael telling him to enjoy the ride and Dean showing up and collapsing next to that pillar/column calling out for Sammy? And how ominous was it when Michael told Dean to get used to it because “I own you.” Does that mean Michael may still be there just laying low inside his perfect vessel with the pretty face? Or does it mean that Michael can jump aboard and take a cruise on the S. S. Dean Winchester when ever he wants? Is the best yet to come or is this the most we are going to get from Dabb? I read that Jensen said it took until the fourth episode? for him to feel that he had Michael/Dean where he wanted. I am liking MichaelDean tho. His speech. Tone. Cadence. “You have no idea”. I’ll be in my bunk. 😉

      1. If people want to have general season discussion on here, that’s fine. I mainly put the season pages up so that people could more easily access recaps and reviews, but I’ve got no problem with discussion on them, too.

    2. I tried to respond to you CC. I wrote a Magnus Opus. Well, not quite. Actually not even close. But it was long. Maybe magnum opus. ;). Anyway. It disappeared. And when I did a followup to advise Paula to be on BOLO for – that disappeared. I bet this will too. It’s a conspiracy y’all!

      1. Y’all. Chill. Your long comment is safe. I’m not always right there to approve comments and if I let everything through, we’d be smothered in spam.

      2. Yeah obviously they are retooling season 6 and Eve. I got that vibe in the premiere and they double downed in this one. And yeah… Dean appears to be patient zero or Jefferson Starship zero in this reiteration.

        I think Jack’s comment about needing to kill Dean may apply to his current enhanced status.

        I actually did not mind Sam last week. It is about time for the character to man up. It worked for me.
        Not enough Michael!Dean is/was mu main complaint. Lord did Jensen rock that. Very messed up, f’d character.

        So he found out Angels lacking in commitment, humans weak and dishonest and appreciated monsters for their purity of purpose but found them to be too inefficient at killing to serve his purpose of anhiliating humanity. Ruthless, cruel, psychopathic. To use Dean in this manner is especially heinous.

        As for Nick… not sure Lucifer is still there. First the grace is Jack’s not Nick’s so Jack would be the one to regenerate it I think. Stolen grace burns out and does not regenerate, a major plot point last season, so this would be a superspecial retcon. But… who knows.

        My guess Nick is a mirror storyline for Dean being affected by Michael. We see Nick is f’d and suspect Dean is too until the reveal. Nick is also a mirror for Jack who was shown to be veering towards dark impulses in the first 2 episodes because he feels powerless and weak. Last night they connected both characters closely via their connection to Lucifer, their outsider status on the team and their need for “babysitting”.

        The uber werewolves were the distraction for the viewer. The real experiment is what was done to Dean because finding Dean is why the hunters were there and why they were brought there really.

        Michael is devious and diabolical. I really loved

          1. Yeah. I admire The actor for digging deep last season but seriously the character is played out as far as the writing goes. Psycho killer Nick is fine. No more Lucifer.
            It is the dawn of psychopathic calculating Michael… the other brother.

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