The Official Supernatural: “ScoobyNatural” (13.16) Live Recap Thread

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In case you’ve been under a rock all day, the show got renewed.

We begin with Dean getting tossed around a shop by a giant, possessed … uh … green dinosaur. Really. We know it’s possessed by something because its eyes keep glowing. Sam jumps into the fray and tackles the dino. As Sam pins it down, Dean pours holy oil on it, then yells at Sam to get out of the way as he tosses a lighter on it. The dinosaur thrashes around, burning, then explodes into a shower of green and white confetti. Just in case you were expecting this to be a serious episode.

As the Brothers get their breath back, the shopkeeper (named Alan) stands up from behind his counter and asks if it’s over. Sam says yes and apologizes for the mess, but Alan heads him off at the guilt pass.

Alan: You guys just took down an evil plushie that was trying to kill me. We’re all good!

Another guy comes in, whom Alan introduces as owning most of the real estate in the general area. The guy is suspicious of the Brothers, but this doesn’t stop Dean from taking Alan up on his offer to give them anything in his store. Dean chooses a large screen color TV, around which he creates a “Dean cave” back at the Bunker, while Sam tries to research how and by what an evil stuff dinosaur could have been possessed.

When Dean shows Sam the Dean Cave, Sam asks how Dean found the time to organize the room. Dean tells him that you just make time, which probably translates to Dean being totally sleepless and wired on something. But let’s not go down that rabbit hole.

When Dean hits the remote on the TV, something strange happens. The same violet light that appeared in the dinosaur’s eyes lights up the TV screen and then flashes out at the Brothers. They disappear …

… and reappear inside a cartoon.

After an initial mutual freak-out, Sam starts to dither a bit more on his own that maybe it’s a dream. Dean slaps him (leaving a literal, if temporary, handprint) and tells him to focus. Sam’s still stuck on whether they’re inside the TV or what. Dean says that maybe it’s an angel thing, or the Trickster.

Sam: But he’s dead.

Dean: Or … is he?

Obvious foreshadowing is obvious.

Dean quickly boils it down to: In order get out, they have to forge on, so when they discover the Impala right next to them (when Sam questions this, Dean suggests it’s because the keys are in his pocket), they get out on the road and drive to the tune of “Dean’s Dirty Organ.”

They soon arrive at a malt shop, which Sam is rather sarcastic about. Dean says they should just pull in, go inside, ask some questions, and get their bearings. But then they see a shocking sight. The Mystery Machine is parked outside. They are inside a Scooby-Doo cartoon.

Cue animated title cards with the title “Scoobynatural.”

[sigh] We’re gonna get a cartoon spin-off now, aren’t we?

The Brothers enter the malt shop and Dean immediately spots the Scooby Gang dancing, while Scooby himself is drinking a series of milkshakes. Dean fanboys, but Sam is more skeptical. Why would Dean care so much? Dean points out that they watched Scooby-Doo their entire childhood. He calls the Scooby Gang “our role models.”

Dean: Just think about it – we do the same thing. We go to spooky places. We solve mysteries. We fight ghosts.

When Sam points out that their ghosts are real and dangerous, and they don’t have a talking dog, Dean compares Castiel to one.

So, the Brothers introduce themselves to the Scooby Gang and try to get through to them that they’re famous. The Scooby Gang respond rather blankly to this, especially Daphne, who acts like a total airhead when Dean hits on her relentlessly right in front of Fred. Actually (spoiler alert), Daphne acts like a total airhead the entire episode and Dean hits on her relentlessly the whole time, and I can’t say I’m wowed by that dynamic at all, even if Dean is up front about his contempt for Fred.

So, the Scoobies are on a case. It seems Scooby-Doo just inherited a fortune from a mysterious Southern colonel (even in a cartoon episode, we just can’t escape the suckage that is Asmodeus). He saved the guy from drowning, but now the Colonel is dead and they’re off to visit his creepy old house. The Scooby Gang senses a mystery.

When Sam grumbles a bit too loudly about this, Dean pulls him aside for a much-needed attitude-adjustment chat. Sam complains that the cartoon world they’re in is so shallow that there isn’t even any print in the newspaper article about the Colonel’s death. Dean reminds him that the last time they ended up inside a TV (“Changing Channels”), they had to play along until they could get back out. So, he’s playing along. Sam reluctantly comes with as Dean easily weasels his way into riding with the Scoobies. But not before some road food involving Shaggy, Scooby – and Dean – eating their signature absolutely enormous sandwiches. Reportedly, this was Jensen Ackles’ favorite bit to voice in the episode.

Outside, Dean challenges Fred to a drag race, which (alas) the Mystery Machine easily wins when Fred beats Dean on the draw. Sam asks Dean why he hates Fred so much and Dean’s response boils down to “He’s perfect.” Oh, Dean.

Sam: Let it go, dude.

Dean [after a moment of apparent defeat]: NO.

At the creepy old mansion, Dean realizes they’re in the episode, “A Night of Fright Is No Delight.” This is a real episode, btw, from season one.

At the reading of the will (which is on a vinyl record), the Colonel tells his various heirs that each one will inherit a million dollars, but only if they can stay the night at his mansion. If any of them leaves, their share will go to the others who don’t. There’s one catch – the house is haunted. The startles Sam and frightens Scooby.

Sam complains that the conditions are ridiculous and can’t possibly be legal, causing Velma to tell him that ghosts don’t exist and these kinds of situations happen all the time. Sam starts to blurt out that sure, they happen inside a cartoon, but Dean stops him. Dean tells Sam that the Scooby Gang are “pure and good,” and the Brothers aren’t going to blow that for them by messing with their minds by telling them they’re inside a cartoon.

Sam grumbles that Dean just wants to get with Daphne. He has a point (Dean’s obsession with Daphne is pretty messed up), but so does Dean. There really isn’t any positive or beneficial point to destroying the Scooby Gang’s sense of their own reality, any more than Sam and Dean can just skip to the end of the story. After all the fantasy worlds they’ve been in, Sam should know that by now, but maybe Dean’s just more of a veteran of this multiple-worlds deal.

The lawyer, Cosgood, tells them he’ll be back in the morning and leaves with a creepy laugh. Dean tells Sam Cosgood is the bad guy of the episode. Sam rolls his eyes. If they watched Scooby-Doo their entire childhoods, shouldn’t Sam have a good chance of remembering this episode, too?

Anyhoo, one of the side characters (an heir) suggests they all turn in at 10pm, which gives Dean the chance to creep on Daphne some more. Sadly, she notes that “girls and boys don’t sleep together” and goes off to sleep with Velma. In the same bed. Oh, the possibilities. But since it’s written by two straight guys who totally didn’t see the #Metoo movement coming, that doesn’t go anywhere.

Dean and Sam have to sleep in the same room as Fred and Scooby (not sure where Shaggy is). As usual, Dean finds perks to their current situation. He loves wearing a nightshirt. Sam is in pajamas. So is Fred.

Meanwhile, the girls are talking about the Brothers. Daphne likes them and Velma thinks Dean is okay, but thinks Sam is an idiot for believing in ghosts. Daphne calls her on this, pointing out that Sam is just Velma’s type, and Velma blushes.

Meanwhile, what looks like a ghost is roaming the halls, cackling. One of the heirs is brushing his teeth when the lights flicker and his breath fogs up. He turns around to see the ghost, which goes after him with a knife while flaring pink light.

Meanwhile, Sam is complaining about Dean eating another sandwich while the others sleep. Dean uses his knowledge of the episode to note that in a minute or so, someone will go missing and “the Scoobies are gonna think that it’s a ghost. But really, it’s the lawyer, Cosgood Creeps, in disguise.” At that moment, they hear a scream. “Toldja,” Dean says.

Everyone runs toward the room from which emit the screams (note: The animation for this episode is better than the rather bare-bones animation of the original; Hanna-Barbera wasn’t known for sparing no expense). Inside the heir’s room, Daphne finds a body soaked in blood. Dean is confused, saying the “dummy bodies don’t show up until later,” but when Sam pulls off the blanket, the heir is really dead, stabbed to death. The Scooby Gang is shocked.

Fred utters the classic Scooby phrase: “Well, gang, it looks like we got another mystery on our hands.” The Brothers are flabbergasted at how cold-blooded the Scooby Gang is about the murder, as the Scoobies stroll off to look for clues, utterly unconcerned by what they’ve just seen.

Dean is confused, saying that nobody ever dies in Scooby-Doo. Sam worries that if the rules have changed so much that a character has died, they can, too. Dean is more worried about Scooby dying: “I’d take a bullet for that dog.”

In the drawing room, Shaggy and Scooby are frightened by the possibility that ghosts really exist, while Fred and Velma pooh-pooh the idea. But as Velma is taking a page from Sherlock Holmes, a creepy figure creeps past the window behind her. The Brothers get into position to ambush it as it opens the window, but Fred grabs it first, throwing it to the ground wrapped in a curtain. When Dean yanks off the curtain, it’s … Castiel.

Startled, the Brothers help him up and Dean introduces him to the Scooby-Gang. Shaggy and Scooby come right up to welcome him, prompting Castiel to note that Scooby talks. Apparently, the show writers forgot that Castiel can talk to animals and doesn’t find it strange in the least.

Dean asks Castiel how he got into the cartoon. There’s a flashback of Castiel returning from Syria with “fruit from the tree of life.” He recounts an amusing tale of killing most of the djinn who were guarding it, before striking up a bargain with the survivors and accidentally marrying their queen.

He entered the room where the cursed TV was, saw the Brothers starting their drag race with the Mystery Machine, saw pink and purple sparks, and was dragged into the cartoon. There’s previously been a creepy figure as the Impala roared away in the drag race. It turns out that was Castiel.

As the Brothers bring Castiel up to speed, Velma listens in, then mocks Sam for his belief in ghosts. Gotta say that even for simplistic cartoon characters, the Scooby Gang are annoyingly broad here, with the exception of Shaggy and Scooby, who are criminally underused so far. The voicework for them is great, though.

Suddenly, there’s a distant roar, the lights flicker, and the room turns cold, scaring Shaggy and Scooby. Cue a montage of lit lamps and flashlights, and ghost hands on window glass, as everyone investigates. The Brothers hear a side character getting sliced and diced inside a room, and investigate. But all the doors in the very long hallway slam shut and when Sam reaches for a doorknob, a ghostly hand slaps his flashlight aside.

Then the ghost makes its appearance. Shaggy and Scooby jump into each other’s and then Castiel’s arms. Fred tackles the ghost twice, which doesn’t help when the ghost disappears into the wall. The Brothers duck. There’s some discussion from Velma about how this couldn’t possibly be a ghost, then they all open the door to the room and find a side character ripped apart inside, with half of him tied to the ceiling. Dean nearly throws up. The Scooby Gang walks off, totally unfazed.

Sam asks Dean if the Scooby Gang is always this cold-blooded about dead bodies, but Dean is more concerned about the obvious signs of a real haunting. He thinks the cartoon itself is haunted.

Back downstairs, Fred’s plan is for everyone to split up and “go looking for clues.” The Brothers and Castiel think this is a terrible idea and Sam tries to tell the Scooby Gang that he and Dean can’t protect them if they do that. Velma calls Sam “chicken.”

They compromise on Dean going with Daphne (and, unwillingly, Fred), Velma off with Sam, and Castiel guarding Shaggy and Scooby. Up in the attic, Velma both insults and hits on Sam something heavy. Sam tries to give her The Talk, but Velma will have none of it, not even when they find a chest of possessed toys, covered with ectoplasm, that attack them and drive them out of the attic.

[will finish this tomorrow night]

[Back. Sorry, but I just got 12 trees from the Arbor Day Foundation and the only time I have to plant them as they merrily sprout from twigs is after I get home at dusk. It’s been kind of a busy week.]

Anyhoo, in the library, Dean is hitting on Daphne again and asking her what she likes in a man. She says the usual and then adds “an ascot,” which leaves Dean rather taken aback. Not lovin’ this subplot at all, but I do like when Dean notices a book standing out from the bookshelf (all the other books are painted on the background) and calls this to the attention of Daphne and Fred, who are dismissive about it, at least until a trapdoor appears underneath them and throws them down a long, twisty shaft to a cellar. There, in the dark, Dean thinks he’s talking to Daphne, but it turns out to be the ghost, who chases them.

But then, the ghost is also stalking Scooby, Shaggy and Castiel upstairs. And while I don’t mind at all that Castiel is in this story, why have Scooby and Shaggy been relegated to comic relief with Castiel when Scooby’s the actual star of the show? Why all the focus on Fred, Daphne and Velma, who are boring twits because they are the straight-man supporting characters? There’s not enough Scooby and Shaggy in this episode.

Scooby and Shaggy are frightened by the ghost and run from him. Castiel isn’t, at first, but when Scooby and Shaggy grab him, he’s suddenly telling them to run (cartoon logic, I tell ya).

Cue the classic Scooby-Doo theme song (finally), which involves lots of the old running-around gag (Scrappy-Doo even pops up during a run down the hallway through different doors, though the gag is mercifully brief), and Dean alternately protecting and hitting on a clueless Daphne. Think she’s more in danger from him than from the ghost, though she’s kinda into it toward the end of the montage.

The song ends with their boarding up all the doors and tumbling back into the drawing room. But the ghost busts through and tosses the Scooby Gang all over the place. Poor Shaggy even gets defenestrated, though Scooby goes after him and Castiel saves them both. Sam grabs some iron candlesticks, and he and Dean drive off the ghost.

Fred gets a bloody nose and Shaggy breaks his arm, which shocks the Scoobies to no end. Sam’s suggestion to Dean that they give the Scoobies The Talk backfires as the Scoobies totally freak out and turn on each other (Shaggy is especially bitter). Dean is forced to give them a rousing pep talk about how they are “heroes” and have beaten many a bad guy before. They can do this.

They’re game, but Velma points out that the Scoobies know nothing about real ghosts. Sam says that’s okay. And he and Dean show them the Impala’s trunk. Dean is a little horrified, saying giving salt guns and other such weapons to the Scoobies is a “Scooby-don’t.” But Fred finally wins Dean’s admiration when he says that “we have to do something” and that they can help.

Putting a hand on Fred’s shoulder and swearing for only the second time in the episode (at least in the cartoon world,” Dean says, “You’re fucking right you can.”

Cue Fred setting an elaborate, Goldbergian trap in the drawing room. The trap doesn’t quite work as planned. When Scooby, Shaggy and Castiel act as bait, they get the ghost after them, but accidentally get stuck in the trap. But Dean has a Plan B (“Fred’s plans never work”), which involves the ghost chasing the other Scoobies before being distracted by a book-pelting Scooby, who weighs the ghost down with some books and sends it down the trap door.

The ghost finds itself trapped inside a line of salt (there’s a neat effect of the barrier as it thrashes around inside it that the show usually can’t afford to do). After the Brothers and Castiel inform it that it’s trapped, it finally reveals its true form and identity. It’s a little boy. His soul was attached to a pocketknife, which the creepy neighbor guy of the pawn shop owner got hold of. The guy has been using it to force everyone in the area to sell their shops to him for cheap. That’s why he owns almost everything there. It’s why he compelled the ghost to attack Alan, the pawn shop owner, with the green Barney dinosaur plushie.

The ghost is happy to send them back to the real world after they promise to release it once they get there. But first, Dean asks a favor of it. The Scooby Gang is totally freaked out, so the ghost pretends to be Cosgood and the Scooby Gang reveal him. Castiel heals Shaggy on the sly, Velma acts all smug and then kisses Sam, and Dean says a goodbye to Daphne that she promptly forgets as she runs after Fred and the others leave. Then the ghost reappears, and the Brothers and Castiel are sent back to the real world.

At this point, even Sam is willing to admit that they just had a “cool” experience. Dean agrees, though much more enthusiastically, but quickly gets back down to business. He goes out and returns with a blowtorch and a sledgehammer. Smashing the TV, he finds the pocketknife. The little boy ghost reappears and asks if he will be with his beloved father now. The Brothers are gentle with him as Sam torches the pocketknife. The little boy’s ghost disappears in a puff of white light and smoke up to Heaven.

At the shop, Alan is about to sign away his business to Creepy Real Estate Guy (Jay). Fortunately, the Brothers show up with Castiel, Dean wearing an ascot. Sam and Castiel lay out the plan – he used the ghost to scare off all the local business people so he could buy up their property cheap. CREG tries to claim they can’t prove anything about a ghost. Sam agrees, which is why they hacked his accounts and found out he doesn’t pay his taxes.

As they watch him get put into the car, Sam realizes, “Velma was right. It was a shady real estate developer, after all.”

CREG [as he’s being put in the car]: It’s not fair! I’d have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids! [since when are Dean and Sam still kids? Let alone Castiel?]

Dean: [gasp!] He said it! He said the line! [looks straight at the camera] Scooby-Dooby-Doooooooo! [Sam and Castiel walk away in disgust]

Castiel: Dean, you’re not a talking dog.

Credits are in a different font this week and there’s a new theme song.

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117 thoughts on “The Official Supernatural: “ScoobyNatural” (13.16) Live Recap Thread”

  1. Well I got home and I began to watch the recording of Thurs SPN: it went about 40m in and THAT must’ve been where the micro-cell hit. HOW DOES THE DAMN SHOW END?

    Dean just asked Jessica, Where is my brother? (oh yeah, like we never heard him say THAT before.)

  2. Ok, I have a question. At first there were reapers. And then there were angels. And supposedly they were distinctly different beings. Then later we were told that reapers were a type of angel. OK, not impossible, but not what I’d been led to believe.

    Now, in our most recent offering, we are told there are only nine angels in heaven and a couple on earth, but we also see a reaper, evidence of the deaths of couple more, and no evidence from Billie that they are in any danger of extinction. So is there any way at all to reconcile this, or should I give it up as a bad job?

    Also, does Billie as Death have authority over other deaths, such as angel or demon deaths, or just human deaths. Her “big picture” view of the multiverse suggests a pretty wide reach, so what are the implications?

    1. Sadly, the current Reaper canon is a raging dumpster fire. When the angels fell, the writers claimed that the Reapers also fell and were angels. This means they couldn’t clear out the Veil of souls as usual. This caused Tessa to commit suicide by MoC!Dean, even though it appeared later that Old!Death didn’t care.

      Then we got Billie, who appeared to be able to move around as she pleased, ditto this new Reaper, and now it’s as though nobody remembers that Reapers are angels and have lost their wings.

      1. I got another one: if Reapers are Angels how did Azazel possess Tessa in IMTOD? I am stuck on whether Azazel was a Fallen Angel or a SuperDemon (but if Lilith was the first how was Azazel in charge of Hell?) That early stuff confuses me.

        1. Supposedly, Reapers have vessels, so it means Azazel possessed Tessa’s vessel and took over control of her powers that way. Maybe.

          1. Like Crowley did with Sam.

            I just do not get how the Dean becoming Death spec makes any sense at all. Don’t they teach logic in schools anymore. Yet these same folks criticize the,writers over lol canon.

            Not talking about you With at. You blew me away with your post totally convinced Dean is slow no dying.

            1. I definitely think he is slowly dying from the poison the bullet introduced into his system. I’m surprised Cas hasn’t picked up on it. Sam knew he was hurt, Cas was there when he pointed it out but didn’t check him over or offer to heal. I think people are leaning toward Dean as Death because of the suit and the odd pic Jensen posted. I’m leaning toward wanting it to be the Empty entity because it would be so different. 🙂

            2. Huh? Obviously I was referring to Alycat and her great spec

              Anyhow, really confused why everyone thinks Dean as the new Death makes sense when Billie is death and there is no way she is giving him her scythe and she plays be the rules. We just had an entire episode about her playing by the rules. Dean as,death breaks all of the rules.

              Yet somehow Dean as Michael makes no sense despite copious anvils and multiple plot points that independently lead to Dean thinking why not. And why else is Rowena even around? Everyone wanted this in season 5 when he would have been a literal meat suit and now everyone hates it when he might actual retain partial control and/or even be Dean some of the time. Dean can negotiate. It will be a deal.Michael will be as desperate to get out of the cage as Dean is to live/save Mary/save the world…. again.

              And the Michael is a dick argument does not hold water either. We know very little. Michael as Matt Cohen was otherworldly and stilted but not a dick. He treated Dean rather fairly. And he let him choose without punitive repercussions. And he allowed Dean to exact revenge on Zachariah for his actions.

              Zachariah was a dick but we do not know that Michael is.

              I have worked in museums where it was obvious the director had no idea how abusive some of the middle managers were to their staff. They were above the fracas.
              That is how it is.

              I don’t know if folks ate worried because the brothers might be separated for too long if Dean isn’t Dean or what.

              I don’t even think the clothes in that photo necessarily convey time travel. Unnecessarily stilted and fussy. Definitely not Dean’s choice. Probably an angel. They tend to favor suits. But then so do demons.

              Things are going to get very interesting.

              Oh one interesting spec I saw was that maybe Dean!Michael travels back in time to make a change thinking that might fix things… err…. that could be a culling like death said or a major reboot and would rhat not affect WS.
              Crazy talk. Oh wait. L oT does it all the time.

              1. Looking at the photos, I’m pretty sure that’s Michael. He doesn’t look like Death. It’s the wrong demeanor. But he does have the alien, inhuman quality we saw in Matt Cohen’s performance, that Cohen himself said was a result of Ackles coaching him. Michael is a very cold and detached character, which is one of the reasons I’m not wowed by alt-Michael (the latter is too “human”).

                I also think it’s time for Michael to return. Naomi (who I suspect is a fake by either Lucifer or Gabriel–at the very least, she’s not on the up-and-up) stated that the problem was too few angels, but Heaven’s decline began with Michael’s fall into the Cage. There’s a distinct watershed moment between “Swan Song” and season six. It’s just that the damage hasn’t become obvious until now. If God won’t stick around Heaven, Michael needs to be there and none of the other archangels is a good substitute. There is something unique about Michael that makes his presence in Heaven necessary to its (and the SPNverse’s) survival.

                Aside from it being *the* major plothole of the show, I think this new character should be Michael because this is a storyline about Dean that should reveal something important and fundamental about Dean. If it’s Ackles playing (or some other being wearing Dean) another character, it will probably just be Ackles getting to do another role, with no actual ramifications for Dean, who would simply be absent from the story as a character.

                1. I agree. That was my takeaway from Cohen”s performance too… stiff. Otherwordky… above it all. And rhatbis my takeaway from those photos. And yes I agree. Michael and Dean both have have roles and without them the universe starts to unravel. Look at what happened when Dean was in Purgatory.
                  Sam stops hunting. Crowkey goes crazy.
                  Dean stops hunting in 6. Crowley and Cas go crazy. Sam’s soulless. Michael disappears and Angels start killing each other. The constant in the angelic storyline is that they have no fcking clue what they are doing.

                  I half expect Billie to come for Dean except she flat put tells him that she is taking him to Michael because the universe needs him and only a fully powered archangel can save him. The way the writing is going I expect them to out dean as the BDH. Having Chick be God and having God tell Dean that he changed the story in season 5 by going to Stull, answering his prayer in season 11, telling him he was the firewall, letting him decide how deal with Amara, leaving him in charge of the universe… That was all pretty telling but most fans ignore it. Billie telling Dean that he is the hero of rhis,story and he doesn’t get to die because then the universe will die with him is about as big as it gets. That appears to be our set-up now. Thanks dear Any Cat for this insight.
                  The universe needs him and heaven needs Michael.
                  They pretty much spelled that one out this last episode.

                  And no loser self absorbed porn loving Gabriel will not cut it. He is a feint. The proverbial red herring. Just like AU Michael is the Macguffin.

                  Not sure what to make of Naomi. The lights were not doing that previously when Lucifer was there so maybe he has flown the coop. )_( He is a loser baby…

                  1. It could be that up to the point where Dean brought Chuck up against Lilith in TMatEoTB (the first time Dean changed fate), Dean was still fairly expendable to the universe (albeit the Apocalypse Clock started cooking along quite merrily as soon as he went six feet under at the end of season three) and was only critical to the cohesion of his own family. But then, after he changed fate (as Billie kept harping on last week), a burden of keeping the SPNverse in alignment fell upon his shoulders.

                    1. I posted something elsewhere…

                      Short version… in our universe… everything went off the rails when the Apocalypse did not happen because Chuck let Dean change the story by going to Stull which lead to Michael going to the Cage.

                      Everything had been off since.  Every year r here has been another near Apocalypse as if the universe is trying to get back to where it should be.  Every year Dean and Sam have to clean things up again.

                      Chuck answers Dean again. Chuck let’s Dean decide the ending of the story again.  Dean saves world again.  But this time Dean knows rhat Chuck is God and God is a schlub and God has lect him in charge basically and he and his team are all the world has and it sucks.

                      Advanced Thanotology.  So important in so many ways.  Not only a crash course in Dean’s fatal flaw and,basic m.o.  but also Billie tells us that Dean is important.  Dean is the BDH.  The Universe needs him.  Billie don’t reap him.  She knows that he cannot die.

                      My guess is the reset will involve saving him by bringing him to Michael who can heal him or resurrect him.  Dean and Michael can negotiate some quid pro quo arrangement as equals.  Dean is an equal at rhis point.

                      Billie may tell them both that the Apocalypse has to happen on some scale here because everything is out of balance.

                      At least now Dean can mediate it so that the world can go on rather than be paradise.  Lucifer has to go back to the Cage or die.  Michael needs to fix heaven.  Bottom line… everything has been out of whack since the Apocalypse did not happen.  That was on Dean as leader of TFW as the one who said NO to Michael and as rhe one who rewrote Chuck’s story, and he needs to fix it.

                      So Apocalypse Now then reboot.

                    2. Yes. Tbatvwas the first time he changed the story. I think showing up at Stull was more significant.

                    3. Yes, Stull is probably the real turning point, but Dean really changed fate the first time in that motel room and Chuck was right there when Dean did it. Look at it as a test balloon to see if Dean could pull it off. I’m not saying that Dean was a Chosen One from birth (the way Sam was), so much as he was the first person to be able to make his own choices and exercise Free Will, such that he could inspire others around him to do so as well.

                2. If those were the same photos I saw they weren’t terribly clear? I get the “alien” observation. If it is Dean/Michael it will be interesting to find out why the peculiar choice of clothing. 🙂

                  I read a speculation somewhere that it’s Dean/Deans Grandfather. Dean/Henry. Interesting but I see absolutely no reason for Show to go there. Dean/Michael makes the most sense.

                  As far as the entity in charge of the Empty – I think the idea of contacting it to work out a deal using the resurrected to refill Heavens ranks came to Cas while he was letting the sand flow thru his fingers. Hence the ‘everything ends’. That is another reason why I’m leaning toward no Dean/Entity

                  1. More like his great-grandfather or even great-great-grandfather. Those are turn-of-the-(20th)-century-to-maybe-1920s clothes. It’s interesting, though I agree there’s no basis laid for that, yet. Seems clear he’s in “our” time, though, and that he is invisible to those around him.

                    I can see Castiel making a deal to bring back a bunch of angels from the Empty, and possibly some demons like Crowley and Meg, but I think that would be his story, not Dean’s.

                    The pictures aren’t especially clear, but from Ackles’ expression and stance, it’s pretty obvious he is going for Extremely Non-Human here, which would track with Michael.

  3. Just me whining again about my electricity/internet.

    Last night WHILE I WAS WATCHING, about 20m in, the electricity went out. I mean OUT. I got up with the sunrise at 8am and I was ‘freaked’ to find out that we had at least 17 trees torn out by the roots by what is called a micro-cell or a micro-burst. The wind was frightening. Out whole neighborhood lost out electrical infrastructure!

    So the show was all taped and I am waiting to find out how the episode turned out.

    Was Rowena’s bodyguard/ boy-toy called BANE or BERNARD?

    1. Bernard. I rather enjoyed the episode although I am not sure that it made sense in the grand scheme of things.
      Rowena should be a wee more worried about Kucifer alrhough Ivam not surprised she is upset about Feeeerrgus’ totally otc death that meant nothing in the long run because Lucifer did not die/was not trapped AND this better mean thst Crowley is in the AU somewhere complaining about the poor accommodations.
      I thought they made it pretty clear that soul were little generators so now heaven is powered by angels… okay. And Luci just got depressed and ran off. . With Amael… so f’ing weird. Naomi made me miss Metatron… a lot. I found it hard t o cry for heaven since those silly angels kept stabbing each other.
      Dean was magnificent.
      Are Sam and Rowena going to bone. Will she be wishing it is Cas.
      I do love Rowena.
      Dean is just barely human anymore. He already exists on another plane of existence. Rowena sure noticed that Billie gave him the VIP treatment. She woukd be slumming it with Sam.
      Still I kind of liked it.

      1. I’m starting to wonder if the idea is that the entire alt-SPNverse is dying and starting to fold in on itself, and there will be a mass evacuation of any surviving humans and angels from over there (I guess demons won’t get a look-in, but maybe we’ll see an alt-Crowley).

        1. It will be or Crowley because he did not really commit suicide because it served no purpose because useless Luci is still here.

    2. Glad your safe. Microbursts can be really dangerous.

      Bodyguard was Bernard.

      Speculation Time! What if Dean agrees to let the entity from the Empty possess him in exchange for him resurrecting the sleeping angels and restocking a Heaven with same? Why would Dean do this? Perhaps he’s slowly dying anyway from the poisoned bullet and it’s his way of saving earth from the devastation that will occur if Heaven closes down for business and all those ghosts would fall onto earth. Why you ask? Who knows. Why would they be ghosts instead of just souls? Because I said so. But why wouldn’t they be ghosts with souls, you say. Like Casper the Friendly? Eh. Don’t bother me with details! I’m sorry but when I heard her tell Cas about the “ghosts” – I cringed. I actually looked to see if this was a Nep Duo script. There was so much bad scattered in this script it would take a book. Some, like CasCat are convinced it will be Michael/Dean but I’m not so sure. Jensen said it would be someone from the past and I thought he said someone scary. Dean (and Jensen) were always a bit scared of Death. Michaels scary but in a different way. Who else could it be with what appears to be a penchant for nice suits? Crowley? Balthazar? Neither particularly “scary” perse. Cain? Azazel? Alistair? Except for Death or Michael I really can’t think of anyone. You? Of course when you take into account how they run roughshod over canon, it could be anybody. Or anything.

      1. Electricity is on; our Dish satellite had a tree fall on it. Our phone service works for our 25yo Radio Shack plug-in phone (don’t know if anybody else remembers that — the OLD phones that were lead-lined and heavy enough to KILL not the little wall phones. Golly I don’t know what they ‘are’ or ‘were’ called (maybe my husband plugged them in wrong after all this, I am usually the one who changes out the phones). BUT we are making arrangements to get the trees off our land. LORD A’MIGHTY.

      2. POOG is no one from the past and he is not someone Jensenbwould need to do homework on.
        The last time Jensen spoke about homework hecwas taskingvabout studying Matt Cohen’s portrayal of Michael if memory serves me.
        Meh. Not buying it.
        He could be slowly dying from that bullet. Couldn’t Cas heasl him or something. Wouldn’t Cas pickup on it. That would explain Billie’s comment.
        If he were dying why Wouldn’t he just run over to Michael and say hey let’s make a deal. He needs grace. Heaven needs an archangel. Michael needed a body.
        Not sure POOG is somebody from the past we know. No reason to think That was the last death.

        But nice catch about the bullet wound. It meshes with Billie’s comment.

        Dean’s priority is Mary. He made sure to play nice with rowena at the end. He is thinking Michael.
        They are not setting up the Apocalypse chess board to not have Dean!Michael.

        1. A Michael that lost out on his end game and a Dean that losses his mom again coukd be pretty scary.

          Also it occurred to me today they have been recycling a ton of season 6 tropes this season too…

          Please do not let that horrible oily goo God be Dick….

        2. If Jensen’s toying with us the “From the past” could well apply to the entity in charge of the Empty. As far as homework-how much more homework does Jensen need considering we haven’t seen out Michael sine Anna went back in time to kill Sam. Unless you consider the time he was using Jake. I dunno. I’m still holding out that it not be Michael but chances are that’s what we will get. Either way,-you know Ackles-he’s bound to spill the beans like he did with his comment prior to DemonDean.

      3. I love this slow dying thing. Jensen’s performance really suggests this and Billie’s parting words…

        I still think the set-up is there in spades for Dean!Michael and Naomi’s spiel or Dean’s potential imminent death does not change that. 

        Dean’s first priority will be Mary. Everything else will be gravy.  And they have already established that he will be making a quid pro quo deal.  Rowena will want Lucifer dead  and addressing AU Michael will probably be part of it as well.

        I do not know what that thing in the Empty was but it did not act like death. The only oil based things we ever saw were leviathan.  

        Now that would be a twist.  Cas is really Dick come back for revenge.  Naw.  Leviathan don’t get angel powers if they eat an angel do they?  And then we get Dick Dean for real….

      4. I finally watched the fan video of Dean in fancy dress.  I agree that it is not Dean.  Definitely holds the body more stiffly.  I don’t get a past vibe either though. Just a very expensive well tailored men’s outfit.  Angels wear suits.

        Kind of man out of time.  But who knows what the cool kids wear these days.  Not Dean.

        Is Sam following him?

        Not much else to say..  

        Seriously… where is the Death speculation coming From? He is not in black.  No skull tipped cane.  Not a death trope in sight.  

        Dean is going off the rails but he is the ultimate strategist and pragmatic.  He will make his self sacrifice count. 

        Priority 1 is save Mary..  For this he needs an easy supply of archangel grace and possibly a hail Mary resurrection  because he is dying from bullet wound poison.

        Priority 2 is saving world.from AU Michael/Lucifer/heaven’s collapse

        Dean is smart enough to realize that Gabriel is not a sure thing even if he helps them in the short term.

        He is,already desperate enough to try anything especially if it means,risking himself, especially if he is already a dead man. 

        Dean knows that  Michael is sitting in the cage probably jonsing for a way to hurt Lucifer and Rowena is emotional over fergus afraid of Lucifer too. It is just too easy now that Asmodeus,is,gone,and he has nothing to lose.

        And boy Billie showing Dean his shelf of deaths and  talking about choices… and her see you soon… boy… when Dabb does it well it sings.

  4. OK stupidest move EVER (and there ‘have’ been some dumb moves over the years) by the Brothers Winchester was chaining Eldon Styne to the ceiling in their basement by ONE f-ing arm. I know they wanted the visual of the arm dangling but did NOBODY say, that is the stupidest move EVER?

    That one just bugs the DAYLIGHTS out of me. AND then Idiot Styne tells his daddy that LoL has the greatest store of supernatural books/objects/relics and THEN Idiot Styne decides to burn the place down.

    So lots of stupid in that story line. I got the impression there were European Stynes set to come over for ‘ReVenGE’ on old Dean for wiping all these ‘enhanced’ humans out but they never showed up. I wonder if they’ll backstory that the Stynes and the BMOL were in cahoots, IF they ever go back to that story (like The One You’ve Been Waiting For was a revisit of Everybody Hates Hitler)?

    Anyway, Book of the Damned is on TNT this am and I ‘liked’ the first Styne relative we met in this one, but the rest of the family was playing Southern Boob imo and were nothing-burgers.

  5. Personally, I was honestly surprised that Sam stayed back and did as Dean asked when Dean announced his intentions of going after Mary alone. He certainly had the same mulish expression that he always gets when he dislikes something and has no intention of following through. I was sure he was going to find some way to follow Dean, and cock things up even more.

    So imagine my surprise when he stayed behind and at least attempted to do as told, even defending Dean’s plan to Castiel. Character growth for Sam? Gasp* Or is that also a red herring.

    But did Dean really leave Ketch and Charlie in the lurch? I thought they made their wishes pretty clear, and they both obviously knew the risks. Nothing to feel guilty about there, even if Dean did wish things had gone down differently.

    1. He didn’t. He tried to get them to go with him, but they didn’t want to go (a world must really suck if the SPNverse is the best of all possible ones). And they probably figured things would be more complicated than Dean thought they’d be in terms of his coming back right away.

      But that’s never stopped Dean from feeling bad.

  6. I have to say, I read AO3/Supernatural daily and I am getting ticked off at the number of fanfic stories who are mad about ‘bully Dean’ yelling when he got back from Apoca-Earth.


    Dean was upset, they knew he was upset, they let him vent his upset. BFD.

    1. Whatever.
      Dean has been manic on edge about losing Mary. It has been obvious since her return thatvhis,fear of losing her again was paramount and uber obvious that her loss broke him this season and he is barely holding it together. Getting gas back was a bandaid.
      Most fans do not really watch the show in my opinion.

      1. So CC how do you think you’re idea of DeanMichael is going after this last episode? Did you see the pics from set of Jensen as Dean walking on the street dressed in those clothes? Per report of someone there they said it wasn’t Dean. Different walk… Do you think that is Michael/Dean? Others have posited that Dean become NuDeath (tho I think that’s unlikely). Any thoughts there? Also as far as this whole we’re down to 7 angels – either Naomi was Lucifer and he’s lying or it’s true and I’m thinking maybe because there is no one around capable of creating Heavenly Host Part Deux that ultimately (thru Rowena) they will have to raid the Empty ,interrupt their eternal slumber and refill the ranks that way. Maybe that’s what Castiel was contemplating while sifting the sand through his fingers… and didn’t I hear some idiot line in this episode about Gabriel being able to create new angels? I hope I imagined that.

        I’m really curious as to what you think of those set pics.

        Why did Billie tell Dean “See you soon Dean”. Will she be there when he has to make the decision? Will he die only to come back as DeanMichael? Will Sam be on the brink of death and that’s when Dean says yes or asks for Michael to possess him. I can’t see any way this logically plays out if Billie is involved.

        What did you think of last nights ep?

        1. Dean as Death makes no sense. He may try to do a deal with her or maybe she shows up because someone else does or here has to be that culling she mentioned or AU Michael makes it here or whatever… she has already indicated rhat she recognizes his importance and she needs him. No such recognition for Sam last night.

          So yeah it has to be Dean! Michael and wow… I know I sounded like crazy Cassandra last year but they really set it up well, especially this year.
          Dean is already so far gone and so off the rails.

          That photo really had a similar vibe to Amara disappearing into the crowd free. Rather foppish attire too but then the way Cohen played him Michael did seem like a fop.

          As for angels. I would say look to the angel tablet. Michael was first. He might known. A prophet could repair the tablet. Kevin repaired the leviathan tablet. Or get the AU tablet.

          Awaken angels from the empty. Sure but POOG must have done something to resurrect Cas here in vessel with a better wardrobe and attitude.
          Jack only awakened Cas’ consciousness.

          I do not know why Gabriel would know squat. He was the messenger angel. The angel of the anunciation. And then he bagged.

        2. Oh someone on Previously tv suggested that the AU angels would be able to fill up heaven. I suppose they could bow to Dean!Michael when ge beats AU Michael and agree to do that if…
          It is the simplest solution.

          And then Dean!Michael takes a powder.

          1. Yeah, I thought of that option a while ago (may have mentioned it?). It would introduce a whole new group to the SPNverse equation. And it might keep Michael up in Heave (and away from Dean) for a while. Plus, they’d all hate Lucifer.

    2. It’s still the same-old, same-old whining whenever Dean isn’t being exclusively the wind beneath Sam’s wings.

      What I found different this time was that Dean didn’t drown in guilt over leaving Letch and alt-Charlie in the lurch. Instead, he was really pissed off, while Sam and Castiel were fearful. Whether they felt guilty or were scared of him or scared for him, I don’t know, but they did seem to believe they had failed him and I think Dean agreed. Granted, that may not be entirely fair, but considering the way they’ve screwed him over and let him down in the past, Dean not internalizing all of that is actually fairly healthy for him, even if the current mood he’s in is pretty dangerous to the entire multiverse.

      1. ‘I” think it never occurred to Sam or Castiel that Gabriel would ‘bounce’ and not help them. HELL he could’ve left them a couple of vials of his Grace for them to go get Mama for gosh’s sake.

        Now Dean, Dean would’ve had Holy Oil around, he is not a trusting person where Gabriel is concerned.

        So in NOT having the imagination that Gabriel would not help them they ‘did’ ‘fail’ Dean, but Dean was NOT mad at them. He was ‘cursing’ fate or whatever.

        I was thinking about Chuck and the big prize fight with Amara and why Chuck did not get Gabriel or Michael to enter the fight. I think this is upper level thinking, but I now believe Chuck ‘knew’ Gabriel was alive and I also think we will not have a CRAZY Michael. Every statement of fact we get from Lucifer is a lie. Just a HUGE lie. The way Show explained Gabriel’s fake-out, it IS just like him to be a cowardly coward who runs away. As for Michael, we shall see what his true state is I believe.

        Chuck is GOD and GOD knows how everything will turn out. He faced Amara and LET HER WIN. It was the only way to make peace with her. He knew she did not really want to kill him she just wanted JUSTICE. I can’t really comprehend their relationship but I do believe in an omniscient God so that is how I came to grips with this. His traveling with Amara (and leaving behind his beloved Earth and its music and art and beauty) is not his penance but his payment to Amara for permitting the Universe to exist. At the end the love between the two of them was immeasurable (at least I think that was what they were going for) and it makes more sense to me the way I have thought thru it.

  7. Again I am amazed at how well they set tbis up with Roweeeeena so wanting Lucifer dead and being able go open the cage and Dean being so primed and desperate to save Mary and needing archangel grace and sure offing Lucifer and AU Michael and whoever elsecwoukd be icing… And Michael… well I bet he wants Lucifer dead, for starters.

  8. Timeless was really enjoyable last night. I am so glad Kripke has a ‘good’ show here. I know it does not get great ratings, but I look forward to watching it; actually watched it ‘real time’ last night!

  9. I think Asmodeus being dead (and I believe he IS, some character had to get off the screen because LORD is the show overstuffed with plots now) then Hell would be in a real mess. When Azazel died Lilith (both were ‘old followers’ of Lucifer) then Lucifer then Crowley (new style demon); Abaddon was an interloper with no loyalty to anybody; Crowley again; Asmodeus.

    There is no chain of command in Hell. I wonder who will be in charge with Asmodeus dead. (I just believe he is Alycat.)

    1. Asmodeus better be dead. It is way past time for a little board-clearing and he was never the major player he and certain writers made him out to be. Nor was he or any of the other nuYEDs fan favorites. That storyline holdover from season 12 didn’t work. Time to prune it and move on.

      Abaddon was working for Lucifer back in the 1950s, but she was definitely working for herself in the 21st century. Doing a pretty credible job, too.

      I’m guessing the removal of Asmodeus will create chaos in Hell and make it possible to access the Cage again.

      1. The actor was on General Hospital as a hitman who came THIS CLOSE to killing Sonny the mob boss YET AGAIN. And he was ‘great’ in the part. I like him a lot. I think the failure was in the writing/plotting, because having seen him before I know he is a good actor.

        And YES, this week we get Rowena and HER issues and I just bet that Dean talks her into getting him into the Cage.

        I don’t know if I am right or not, I don’t, the show surprises me sometimes by NOT going to where I think it will, but JESU Kohani (POLISH for Jesus Christ) I want Michael!Dean so badly I can taste it.

  10. I still don’t believe Asmodeus is dead. Remember how Gabriel explained how he survived by using a fake and that ‘fakes are everywhere’? And if he is dead, as much as I really didn’t care for the character – nothing against the actor – that would have to go down as one of the lamest deaths for a villain in history.

    And Gabriel, devastated but able to revive himself off of one hit of his own grace? So Show is demonstrating that grace can regenerate. If that is all it took after his level had clearly been siphoned down quite a lot, then why couldn’t he, while imprisoned and regenerating inbetween Asmodeus’s visits, have gathered enough juice to kill him then and escape?

    Also isn’t it bad mojo to use someone else’s grace? Remember back when Cas did it? So now Lucifer can just use Anael like a sippy cup and all is okay? Canon? What canon?

    1. Lol canon.
      Asmodeus is a demon. Archangel grace should kill him.
      I think the deal with Gas was that he had no grace. Lucifer still has a smidge and is recharging so Amael’s makes him feel better until he is fully charged.

    2. Eating another angel’s grace is supposed to be bad because it burns right through the other angel, but eating souls is usually okay because it makes you more powerful. But maybe archangels are on a different level, or something. I dunno. LOL!Canon.

  11. So…. Constantine will be a regular next season on Lot.
    Guess I will have to watch. Would prefer a Constantine reboot.

  12. I think IF we get Michael!Dean I think the battle will be in AU!Earth. I think we get Dean telling Rowena to get him to the Cage. Asmodeus is gone, nobody will be in charge in Hell for a while. I thought it would be a 4-way fight with Asmodeus and Hell’s minions fighting AU!Michael with ‘his’ Heaven’s minions and Lucifer with ‘his’ Heaven’s minions and then TFW trying to prevent Our!Earth from being destroyed.

    But now I think Michael!Dean will go to AU!Earth to get Mary and Jack and help AU!Bobby, AU!Charlie etal against AU!Michael. I believe Dean will be able to maintain a bit of control over Michael, that he ‘sets’ things right. And then we end up with the battle to Michael out of Dean’s noggin. I think Dean won’t say YES so much as make a DEAL.

    The last time we were in AU!Earth it was a desert area; NOW we are in Winterfell? Did not like that.

    1. Bleh. If they do Dean/Michael I’m going to be disappointed. It seems all they do anymore is revisit old storylines. I’d love for it to be someone else. I think part of my hesitation is that they will write it and not be able to pull it off. (Not Jensen – I think he will rock it-it’s the writers I don’t have faith in) Example: “Hey it’s Zachariah! Hey Zach! *Blerg. He’s dead*. Hey it’s Crowley son! Hey Crowley’s Kid! *Blerg. He’s dead*… Why? Why bring them back only to kill them off all over again. It probably will happen tho and with Dean making a deal. He’s got that crazy look in this eyes again. Either CageMichael will be bat shit crazy and Rowena will cure him with a convenient spell or unlike the description Lucifer gave, he will be in fine shape, pissed off and ready to get out.

      I could have lived without AUCharlie. But I did like her better than “our” Charlie. Hopefully they will kill her off. Again.

      Why did Dean say he might as well have stayed over in AU world since they have no way of returning. Was he talking about forever? What would the point be of his staying voluntarily? Sams still back on our earth with a pissed off Asmodeus and the possibility of AUMichael crossing over. Was he just blowing off steam? That made little sense to me.

      I’m waiting for them to bring back Gadreel. Love me some Tamoh!

      1. Dean is on the edge baby. Pairing him with stone cold Ketch was perfect. Dean is so c lose to rthe edge. He is all about saving Mary any which way he can. Losing her is,the origin story of his tragic flaw and he cannot lose her again. Apparently Charlie functions as a,surrogate gor some of that emotion too.
        Yes some of it is tiresome. However in my opinion r Hey have done a masterful job dripping the hints about the impending Apocalypse from 12.1, Dean’s Mary issues from 12.1, Dean’s,manic need tgo save Mary from 12.3, Dean!Michael from the time they started hinting at rthe Apocalypse…. and the build-up to Dean’s total meltdown leading to his inevitable reckless self sacrifice deal making with Michael to save Mary and get a win has been so beautiful orchestrated this season ..
        We had Advanced Thanatology to refresh anyone who hasn’t paid attention to Dean’s m.o. over the years with a callback to season 6.
        We had Amael fckin tell us that desperate humans make quid pro quo deals to save lives ones.
        And Dean has been barely holding it together and running solo Gonzo missions all season.
        I really feel like Carver is on retainer ghost writing all of this stuff.

        It sure as he’ll was not Singer and Dabb.

        1. Michael will be crazy kind of like Dean is crazy now I expect. And I am not expecting a quick fix either because a deal was made. It won’t be the same situation per Apocalypse 1.0.
          Dean may feel he has no choice but to agree to Michael’s terms out of desperation if AU Michael invades or his desperation about Mary overtakes readon nore rthan it has.
          Remember Rowena too us in a similar mindset regarding Lucifer.

          I think things could get very interesting

          Another of my orexicyuons is that TFW will be fractured. I think we are starting to see that.

          Sam kind of lacks Dean’s leadership skills. There is no I in team for instance. Dean says we saved the world. SAM says I saved the world. SAM manipulates people. Dean inspires people.
          Not sure he can hold them together.

          Cas is team Jack now. Pretty sure Fetus Jack altered the programming and who knows what POOG did.

          No Crowkey to come up with a hail Crowley.

          Dean will be very very very rogue.

          Season 14 may surprise us. I really wish they would bring Carver back.

        2. I’d like to see a situation where Dean and Michael are more a blended personality than entirely separate. This would make it harder to kick Michael out and also give Dean more agency. Mix things up a little. Ackles did hint that they’d basically being doing another version of the MoC storyline. Not a shocker, considering that was such a hit.

          1. Well if it is a quid quo pro it could be like that.
            They will be negotiating … Dean will be eyes wide open. If Michael wants to stay he has to negotiate too.
            And we know it will be quid pro quo because this is Dean and Amael already spelled it out.

            It will not be a typically angel possession.

      2. It freaks me out now dishonest Lucifer is about his abilities. HE said ‘he’ was the person who put Amara away ‘without the dead weight’ um NO. He tells the angels he can give them back their wings and start with the create new angels. Um NO. He still never explained if he was the ‘most powerful’ of all archangels how Michael got him into the Cage anyway.

        I was struck by how beautiful Daneel Ackles is. But I am a little grossed by the idea that Lucifer may actual be thinking he and Amael are in a relationship. Um puke.

        1. Michael is more piwerful rhan Lucifer.
          Lucifer is like Sam. All me me me.
          Sam is all I stopped the Apocalypse.
          No Sam. Your weak human brother did by showing the fuck up for you and changing the story.

        1. I’m still fighting it but it looks like I’m going to have to be a reluctant yes soon. I really was hoping they would do something more original and less predictable. Rehash an old story line and bring back an obvious character from the past. Eh. I don’t have enough faith in this current stable of writers much less the showrunner… to pull this off and not ruin it or the character. I’m still resentful that they brought Joshua back only to immediately kill him off .

            1. I’m not saying I didn’t think about the possibility of Dean saying yes to Michael on a second go round as I’m sure others did. It’s kind of an obvious play considering the way they like to redo or revisit storylines. I’m just saying it isn’t something I would necessarily like to see come to fruition. Mainly because I don’t trust our writers or showrunner s to be able to pull it off without completely ruining what’s come before. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of having the past seasons mucked around with. How many episodes do we now have to look at differently because certain people can’t seem to leave well enough alone? And the other reason is I like to see them stretch themselves creatively and think outside the box. Michael/Dean for me ain’t it. Nor would it be if they revisited Sams blood powers. Been there, done that.

              1. I don’t want to see them do anything but DeanMichael for the same reason. At least with DeanMichael, we know Ackles can pull it off, regardless of how terrible the writing might be, to the point where we know he laid most of the groundwork for how we perceived the character in season five. It’s also arguably the largest still-gaping plothole involving Dean.

                I am not confident that they could pull off having Dean become anyone else without blowing canon right out of the water and pissing fans off even further about that plothole.

      1. AU Michael is the Macguffin anyhow. He really doesn’t matter. All he is there for is motivation or to get characters to move to their end game positions.

        IMO The entire point has been to reset everything up for Dean!Michael vs Lucifer I suspect unless wildcard Jack changes things. Luci on low juice has,added some pesky feelings into the mix. Not enough to make him step up for heaven but enough that he has been an ersatz boyfriend to Amael and has not offed her despite her sass. It is,a,bew look for him.

        The question is what will the upcoming confrontation with a very emotional Jack bring. Emotions make both more powerful.

        My gut says if they give us Dean!Michael, he will want to kill Lucifer and Rowena and Dean woukd probably make it part ofcthe deal. Perhaps this will be after a sweet redemptive moment for Luci.
        Didn’t team Angel do that to Lindsay. Allow him be part of the team for redemption then kill him because they didn’t really trust him?

    2. Yes. That my telegraphed that a quid pro quo deal wpyld,be made through Amael’s story akthough it was obvious it woyld olay out that way already. Dean makes deals
      Absolutely Dean will need,Rowena and I said before will be happy to help because she wabts,Lucifer dead as does Michael I imagine.
      Mexican quid pro quo. They all get what they want.

    1. Big Michael shout out during exorcism.
      Pretty sure Dean!Michael might start out as a,way to save family and win against AU Michael but it will probably be mano a mano against Luci soon enough. Dude needs himself a,slapdown. Not kilking Amael is personal growth but…
      Loads of manic must save Mary, Jack, Charlie sekf-sacrificing Dean.
      I like AU Charlie way better than out Charlie.
      Yeah I called Dean!Michael over 18 monrhs but man anyone not thinking it now,after rhat show closing meltdown and classic Dean on the edge face is not really watching the show.
      Yeah I know Gabriel comes back but he is,a,flake and I do not see Dean trusting him or anyone elseto do what needs to be done, especially not in a,season in which Dean has repeatedly sent people away whilst he did things alone.
      Dean and Letch make a good team surprisingly.
      Asmodeus burning up was most satisfactory.

  13. I cannot get over how much fans just hate Mary. I think the writers did a great job with her. She is badass and flawed just like her boys.
    Fans hate her because she is not all about her boys .

  14. I have decided to explore Santeria. I like the idea of a personal relationship and candles. Plus you only see the priest/priestess if you need help. Works for me.
    Husband has been instructed to purchase a,few starter candles that are all Catholic go every which way.
    Also have Lord Ganesha on hand to help.

  15. Stephen Arnell posted a picture of himself online sitting at Baby’s drivers’ seat. BABY!

    And hinted at a SPN/Arrow crossover

    Now I could see a crossover with The Exorcist (I would’ve loved Sam and Dean to show up and save that sweet man’s life just walking thru the door with holy water and EXORCIAMUS TE and then the smoke happens and Sweet Man lives. That demon was hard-core and EVIL.

    Paula, which is more in line with actual Catholic (and I think it is mostly CATHOLICS who perpetuate this stuff) exorcism thinking, what is on SPN or The Exorcist. For instance, WHY does an exorcism which is approved TAKE so long? Why do they have to break the demon down or whatever first? Send them back to Hell.

    Is it the ‘strength’ or the POWER of the exorcist which counts the most, so that Sam and Dean are plugged into divine power in some way? I am just curious how this stuff work in the real world.

    1. A crossover with Arrow would probably destroy Supernatural for good, since it would permanently merge the SPNverse into the DCverse. And I seriously doubt any fan who thinks about it for longer than five minutes would want that. Same thing with The Exorcist.

      The Exorcist is more in line with Catholic theology. In the show, God works through the exorcist, but the exorcist has to work very hard to keep that connection open and pure. The show is more in line with folk and pagan lore, where the power of the exorcism lies largely in physical recitation and the will of the exorcist. This appears to be tied to the power of the exorcist’s soul.

  16. I decided The Purge is my all-time least favorite episode. I dislike on an intellectual level Home (Missouri abuses Dean), Man’s Best Friends with Benefits (man on dog sex even if it is never spelled out is just GROSS in the extreme) and Remember the Titans (I can never figure out what is going on, everybody in the w hole episode is stupid in the extreme, every single character should be dead by the end of the episode including Sam and Dean!).

    I love the first season but it has multiple episodes I just don’t care to ever watch again: Home, Bugs (I don’t hate, just don’t like),

    1. Hey Purge is a pretty good,Motw and introduces both Donna and that sweet thang sge and Dean git going on… plus cute roofied Dean.
      Sam is all sorts of wrong in it… esowcialky the speech.

  17. Oh gag me with a,spoon. Apparently it is our Gabriel and he did fake his,death and has been hanving out with sime demigod and they turned on him and sold him to Asmodeus. So an upcoming episode is about rhe fang hekping him exact revenge on those pesky demigod.
    In a season in which we already have too many friggin plotlines and characters…. this is just the worst fan service. And to have a powerful archangel ridiculed in this way to begin with rhat he can be overpowered by denigods and sold to Asmodeus and act like Renfield (Dracula pet). Pathetic waste of time.

    1. Well, ‘our’ Gabriel ‘did’ get ‘caught’ by Kali’s blood spell. So he was not all-powerful.

      What the issue for me is that Chuck ‘said’ Gabriel was dead (along with Raphael). Did you see Big Trouble in Little China? I loved the scene of the Three Storms descending to fight the guys in the funeral procession, slowly descending showing their powers. I just saw Raphael, Lord of the Air, slowly descending to fight AU!Michael OR Lucifer. I would love the Three Archangels descending to ‘save’ our reality from AU!Michael. I know it’s not going to happen and in the end it will be Michael!Dean (well, I HOPE I am right) showing up at the last minute to settle things down.

      Then next season will be Sam’s attempt to get Michael out of Dean. But the problem (for me) would be that DEAN by showing up at Stull Cemetery and gumming up the works enraged Lucifer and when Lucifer began to beat Dean to death he enabled Sam to come out and take over, Power of Love — Baby.

      1. Because Michael is ‘cold’ and will never make a move against Sam, he’ll just have that calm ‘affect’ that John!Michael had and smile and nod when Sam tries to bring out Dean.

        I just don’t believe Michael is quite as cuckoo for cocoapuffs as Lucifer said; his judgement is just the pits.

        1. Eh. He just may not be the true believer he once was and rogue/off his mission which may seem cuckoo to Lucifer.
          Lucy is a drama queen.

        2. I’d say more that Michael is inhuman. He doesn’t play by human rules. He doesn’t even really understand human rules. And that was Jensen Ackles’ idea because that’s how he coached Matt Cohen to play the role. To say that Michael is insane is…well, it makes no sense. He’s older than the universe. A few hundred years is an eyeblink to him. By human standards, everything he does is “not sane” because he is not human. And of course Lucifer was lying about something. When does Lucifer ever really tell the truth?

          I also have to laugh at the idea some fans have that Gabriel is the most “human” of the archangels. The first few times we met Gabriel, he was screwing with humans (often fatally) just for kicks. He made Mengele look compassionate. People tend to forget this, just as they forgot that Lucifer is a vicious, self-absorbed bastard.

          1. Your point about Lucifer lying was again proven tonight . Lucifer was PURE Lucifer. Will you watch tomorrow night and do a recap?

      2. Gabriel should die quickly again or pretend to because it is,canon rhat he is a capricious coward. I have no idea why he is a fan favorite.

        The difference this time may be rhat Dean actually makes a deal with Michael rather than just says yes to play his part. They are setting Things up for Dean to go to him and ask for help. They are setting Things up for Dean to ask for a quid pro quo arrangement. They mirrored this using Amael’s backstory.

        So…it may not be as simple as Dean regaining control. Dean may have made a bargain.

        If they want the show to go on for a long while longer… and I think they might because once again it is at the top if the leader board… They really have to mix it up at this point. Having Dean actuaslky stay Dean!Michael would do that.

        They have had Dean work solo a lot this season. He has said y’all go home I got this a lot tbis season.
        They are setting us up for separate storylines…. maybe.

        Who knows.

        They are not giving us an identical Apocalypse. And the fact they are setting Dean up to make one of his deals… changes everything.

  18. I’m watching Sharp Teeth. I vote Sam’s most unusual ‘tie-up’ spot is the tractor in Bess’ family barn. I know it’s mostly chairs. Hey, Garth is tied to a ladder. That’s interesting too.

    I told husband that that WHOLE CULT signed their death warrant when they kidnapped Sam and tied him to a tractor: that was the surest way to get Dean ticked off and then…it’s violence GALORE. Destruction wrought by the Righteous Man!

  19. Oh pooey, I just saw the ‘spoiler’ that it is OUR Gabriel.

    Hey, maybe it is AU!Gabriel who crossed over, got nabbed by demi-gods (already weakened because AU!Michael was sucking out Gabe’s grace), sold to Asmodeus and now hanging out with the WINCHESTERS again wants to make some ‘trouble’ for everybody he was ever PO’d at in his entire existence.

    It ‘could’ still work, but I agree it’s a longshot. I just don’t get why Gabriel if he is OUR Gabriel did not betray any recognition when Ketch brought him to the LoL.

  20. Paula, a SHOW question for you: is Eric Kripke involved At ALL in the show anymore?

    Last night I watched Timeless and Amara and Bobby’s Reaper were on as actors. So I wonder if he was ‘aware’ of their work from SPN or if they were just in a pool of actors he uses. Hey, he got a tax cut to move the show from Vancouver to Los Angeles. So maybe not, I am curious if he tracks SPN at all anymore. I mean, the longer it stays on, the more money he gets, right, he is STILL getting money from SPN.

    This stuff interests me, like HOW we end up with certain pairings and plots and certain pairings (I miss you Aileen!) and plots (Michael!Dean the ‘first’ time thru) get dropped.

    1. Since he’s currently suing WB for underpayment of profits, probably not. And until that’s resolved, don’t expect him back, either.

      1. Holy SMOKES! I ‘know’ there has been lots of suits over the years because ONE set of books shows a loss and ‘another’ set of books shows a profit. When did he begin his suit?

        Can you tell me how residuals work? We have four episodes a weekday on TNT. I know the ‘team’ gets money for each showing. How is it figured out who gets what?

  21. Yeah so either Dean comes back alone empty handed and finds Sam in ASMO’S hands or Dean comes back with Mary and,Jack and,AU Michael and it is,a bar room blitz battle do take. All roads lead to Dean!Michael.
    Sigh. I really am the Dabb Whisoerer.

    1. I mean the Thing was just so anvilicuius. Dean beats down a room of hooded goons. Dean is the chosen vessel. Dean races out to save. Jinkies.

  22. I enjoyed it. Fun and throw away. Sam was an annoying that. I loved Dean’s enthusiasm. Nothing made much sense. There were several angels in the haunted house as someone on previously pointed out. Not sure it means much since this,wa, animated a while back even if I was seeing signs of Dean! Michael when it was animated.

    The writing team that did this could be turned into decent show writers I suspect. This had the light tone of a cartoon but they also seemed to capture some key details,of both shows for a,one off episode.
    If they binge watched the full run they might become decent supernatural writers
    Somebody has to replace Perez. He is leaving right. Thank God. I will never get over a demon injecting archangel grace.
    Or a demon overpowering an archangel to rthe extent that he is a quivering mess.
    I cannot wait to seethe explanation for that. I am sure AU Michael is part of it but stil….

    1. Don’t you mean Sam was an annoying TWAT? I read it first and then I said WHA? and then I reread it again and I just laughed.

      I am unsure if Gabriel now in the Bunker is ‘our’ Gabriel. I wonder if he is AU!Gabriel who entered the rift about the time Jack was born and got caught ‘here’ (Heck maybe AU!Michael was holding his prisoner TOO and stealing Gabriel’s Grace and THAT’S how AU!Mike beat AU!Luci in the first place?) and then Asmodeus snagged him.

      It could (have) happened.

      1. Has,to be AU Gabriel. He is nothing like our Gabriel. At Michael must have tortured him and sewed his lips shut and possibly akready harvested grace and weakened him.

        1. The simplest answer is that it is AU Gabriel who was tortured by Michael and had part of his grace removed to weaken him and his mouth stitched shut to silence him and escaped here through a rift.  He may actually be a,spy for AU Michael and playing weak for access to intel.

          1. Wow, that is not a path I would think re Gabriel being a spy for Michael. I just don’t see it.

            But just to out-conspiracy you one, CC, I wonder if Ketch’s fight with Asmodeus IN FRONT of Gabriel was to show a ‘pretend’ rift between them and that Ketch would get with S/D as a spy for Asmodeus.
            THAT would make more sense for me.

          2. Eh. I Don’t buy the Letch spy tbing myself. Letch is off this season. I do not know what is up with Ketch but I do not tbink ge is loyal to Asmodeus abd ge seened orofoubdky shocked by the dude shoorung up archangel grace.

            Everything is,way off with Gabriel. I doubt he is out Gabriel. That saud,there is big reason for an archangel to vegace like that.
            Apparently out old,friend FRIEND from IFP is floating the,theory on her blog that he is,crazy Michael incognito which seems crazy to me.
            I do not see the up side to being out as a weakened losing grace by the minute crazy Gabriel.
            I think Michael appears when Dean makes a deal.

          3. Oh and the two rbings Asmodeus atated he wanted were Kucider dead and rhe rift not opened. Letch”s actions just negated both so Letch is,definitely working against Asomdeus

        2. I ‘got’ that Gabriel was traumatized by what Asmodeus had done to him but CRIPES he was a weenie coward In MY opinion.

          I remembered when Dean when MoC-y after Charlie died: she was the only piece on the board who would affect him like that (except for Sam but then, HELLO, it would be the End of the Show). So yeah, Gabriel even if he had powered up and become ARCHANGEL GABRIEL again he was still messed up (I gather he shows up later to get TFW to help HIM with something).

          Dean’s full face-on camera shot at the end: he is at the END of his tether and I would be willing to bet a Girl Scout SAMOA (love ’em) that he got ‘the idea’ last night that there was ONE archangel still on the board and HE was uniquely situated to do something about it. IF Michael is cuh-ra-zy like Lucifer said (but then again, every damn fact that Lucifer has ever dropped about himself and/or his family has turned out to be a lie) he might be more persuadable. And ‘if’ Michael is ‘damaged’ Dean might be actually able to control Michael with Dean’s IRON WILL. Because Michael-as-Michael is a COLD being and he would never make the mistake Lucifer did: try to beat Dean to death and saying SAM WOULD FEEL IT ALL. What did Lucifer ‘think’ was going to happen? Like I watch an episode, somebody threatens Sam or something (or ties him to a tractor!) and I always turn to hubby and say, yep, mutilation deaths GALORE. (To quote Crowley, don’t worry about Sam; Dean: have you MET me?)

        3. It ‘should’ have been AU!Gabriel; I found it too much of a ret-con that it was ‘our’ Gabe.

          But ‘our’ Gabe never fails to disappoint. (I know he is traumatized, but sheesh, where the heck is he gonna run if AU!Michael gets over?)

  23. I loved arbor day trees. A few years,ago we gotc3 red buds which anchor our front yard beautifully! Over the years I have acquired several cherry, hibiscus and dogwoods at end of season clearance to join them. Passerbys wander into our yard for photo ops.

  24. Since when do ghosts do magic. Aren’t ghosts just ghosts or was the shopkeeper a witch and am evil real estate developer. Purple is for witches.

  25. Net nyet nyet! They already said only a fcking archangel can use an archangel blade so why can Letch use it. And why the gekk can Asmodeus inject archangel grace shouldn’t it kill him. Remember the days when just looking at grace expressed as light killed demons.
    Otherwise fun episode.
    And we are still getting Dean!Michael.
    Dean being chosen for a host was a big ass clue that that was still on track. Just will happen beca use Dean will be wanting that big win.

    1. Only an ARCHANGEL wielding the ARCHANGEL BLADE can kill an ARCHANGEL.

      That is what “I” got out of the exchange. Sort of like the Colt could kill everything except for 5 beings in the Universe (and I wonder if that is Chuck and the Archangels…then we add Amara (equal in power to God) and Death.

      But that is how “I” read it.

      Oh, btw, CC I like your idea that Asmodeus was powering up to kill Lucifer, injecting Archangel Grace into himself.

      Of course, I just think he got a power boost. “My” theory is that the Princes of Hell are angels (regular class) who became Lucifer’s Minions and fell with him; that is why Azazel was not ‘revealed’ by Holy Water when he possessed John in Devil’s Trap. The fact that Princes of Hell were ‘really’ hard to kill seals it for me. When Cas was helping TFW in Season 5 he said he was losing power as he was cut off from Heaven and for me THAT is why PoH had lots of ‘some’ power but not full angelic power.

      Just my thoughts.

      I am hoping for a battle-royale next month and then Michael!Dean shows up to settle everybody’s hash.

      1. Oh it is definitely going to be a mexicaj battle royale wirh Dean!Michael takibg heads
        I like the idea that they are,fallen angels except Lucifer hasvgiven no hint of that. In fact he said that he made them. Lol canon.

        1. He made them ‘what they were.’ I just remember that other angels fell with Lucifer from my youth catechism, now maybe the good nuns were just ‘telling tales’ sort of and that is not true. Heck, I saw a silent film Life of Christ one year and it turns out somebody filmed most of the Infancy Gospel of Jesus (in which Jesus is a brat, doing magic tricks all the time). But Infancy Gospel did not make it into the Canon of the Bible so that makes it Apocrypha. At least I think so.

          In today’s Candida Moss who is a theology teacher at Notre Dame has an article about Asherah and her being found at a temple-related synagogue by archaeologists. Paula, have you got an idea why the show made Amara as God’s SISTER and not a character who had been God’s WIFE at some point in creation? WAS the show going for a Dean-Amara hookup at some time?

    2. Okay I have claimed down enough from my apoplexy to realize that Asmodeus is injecting archangel grace in order to be able to use the archangel blade himself to kill Lucifer, which I guess isxnotca bade plan IF HE WEREN’T A Friggin DEMON !!!! On a on show which demons used to die,at the sight of angelic grace expressed as light. So yeah… that happened.

      I guess that Dean will come back devastated without anyone to find Sam in evil Admodeus’hands and go all Michael.

      I did enjoy Asmodeus putting the beat down on Letch and finally the southern accent had a purpose because finally the show morphed into a monologue from a southern corrupt chaingang/prison movie or somesuch. Why are demon minions so stupid as a rule. Because they all sold,their soul to get Trump elected…. And share drum beat…

      (apologies to my girl Alycat who is not stupid at all)

    3. CC, I felt from last night’s show that the fact that Asmodeus was using Archangel Grace to power up (as he had been the weakest of the Princes of Hell) so it fits with my idea Asmodeus was a ‘lesser’ angel who fell with Lucifer.

      Do you agree it is at least a possibility? I have been advised that superwiki or whatever it is called said they were the ‘first’ demons, but we have WAY too many ‘first’ demons running around now: Lilith was first demon, then Cain became a demon ‘first’ and most power of the Knights of Hell. But Azazel comes in ‘where’ then? So I got MY Lucifer background: God noted that Lucifer was dangerous for his beloved human creations. (I gather Adam and Lilith were First Couple, then Lucifer corrupted her and then God brought Eve into the picture; then Lucifer tempted Eve. At this point God called a meeting and demanded this must stop and stop NOW. Lucifer demurred. God told Michael to ‘cut’ Lucifer out of Heaven and put him in The Cage — I always loved the idea that The Cage was made out of Michael’s Grace and as such was unassailable for Lucifer. For all Lucifer’s talk he was always portrayed as second in POWER to Michael. The four Princes of Hell were cast out with Lucifer. I gathered that Azazel was ‘always’ loyal but that the other three fell away at various times because they saw no way to win.

      Anyway, that’s why I think the Princes were all Fallen Angels.
      I ‘loved’ Gabriel’s wings were undamaged by Metatron’s Spell. I wonder if the spell could/did not affect an actual Archangel?

      1. I didn’t notice they weren’t damaged. I’m going to have to watch again because the first viewing I don’t remember thinking that they looked anything like Castiels full beautiful plumage when Dean first met him.

  26. I think when Sam and Dean were in Scoobyworld they were of indeterminate age. We did not know how old they were, except we KNOW how old they ‘are.’ So I was not skeeved outlike others were/are about Dean hitting on Daphne. He was not ‘out of her cohort’ imo.

    I loved the Scrappy Doo quick run thru the upstairs doors.

    My husband watched the episode with me, and the first scene, at the very beginning, he suddenly cried out Dean Killed BARNEY! They just got the right amount of humor…well, lots of humor.

    I saw it as a loving homage to both shows. I loved the voice actors. This was an inspired idea for an episode.

    1. It was no different from Sam being tongue-tied around the lady-manager of the wrestlers in Beyond the Mat. Personally I found the poster of hers over his bed skeevy.

      And Dean also reacted to her as if she were still a 20yo rather than the 40+yo she was (I assume — haha — that this was at least 20yr after they were kids watching her on The TeeVee). Because altogether she was a DAMN fine looking woman.

  27. So fun to see this up, even if it’s just the first half. I’ve been dealing with our annual inspection at work all week. While that is necessary and appropriate, it’s about as much fun as a root canal without novocaine. So I needed some diversion.

    Personally I enjoyed this one. It was silly and contrived and shallow, but Scooby Doo always was. Two quibbles with it though. They basically reverted Dean back to his first season self in relationship to Daphne, and even then I always had the impression that he’d back off if the woman, or man, wasn’t interested. I’d say he acted like this because she was a cartoon character and he didn’t see her as “real”, except that his concern about keeping the characters “innocent” argues otherwise.

    Also, the sandwich scene was funny but it seemed off. Dean’s obsession with food always seemed to come from a place of neglect, even if the show plays it for laughs. Whereas the Scooby gang sprang fully formed from the mystery van, and Shaggy and Scooby just . . . really like to eat.

    I disagree that there is an inconsistency regarding Castiel’s surprise that Scooby could talk. Of course Castiel can talk to animals. That doesn’t mean animals normally speak English and talk so humans understand them. They’ve always needed magic for that.

    Finally, as someone whose kids watched Barney obsessively, no matter how much we tried to divert them onto something else, killing the Dinosaur was IMMENSELY satisfying.

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